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Portals are an experimental pair of physical boxes that allow two people to interact in a virtual but real world.
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Back in action!

Hello Friends! I'm back in action! Here's a quick little update. On the rewards front, over break I sent out a bunch of postcards for the applicable people. I think I want to use the portal + rainbow + internet diagram for something else down the line as well! Maybe a logo or something? I'll be making some other rewards over the next few weeks as well. After the funding came in from Kickstarter I also started getting some of the supplies (like the lovely 17inch monitors below).

This is the end of the first week of the Spring term and this week I finally got into the wood shop to make another "draft" of the boxes. They're just made from MDF right now but I still think they look pretty sweet already. I still need dive into the technology side of things, but at least now I have a consistant container for these things that I can start building things in. Since these are not the "final" Portals, I was thinking I would make a plaque with the Kickstarter names on it, that way the names could tag along as they got improved.

And here's what they look like together! As always, you can check out the blog for more detailed updates (and read the latest version of my paper if you're into that sort of thing):

And here's some more coverage of the project in the past few weeks:

(a lot of these just sort of rephrase the stuff from the Kickstarter page)

Hopefully I'll have more updates soon!