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Portals are an experimental pair of physical boxes that allow two people to interact in a virtual but real world.
118 backers pledged $2,853 to help bring this project to life.

Portals is funded!!!

Posted by Jayne Vidheecharoen (Creator)


As of about 9pm today, Dec. 4th 2011 (a mere week and a half after launching) Portals has officially reached its goal which means it will be funded on Dec 25th! Thanks SO much to everyone for the support, it really means a lot to me and I love all of you. : ) The Kickstarter campaign still has 20 more days left to accept pledges, and everything helps, so please feel free to keep spreading the word and sharing the project with friends who might be interested! 

Once it's reached the deadline I'll be able to start collecting information from backers. So on December 26th (if applicable) you'll get a survey where you can fill in your information (like a mailing address) to receive your rewards, which I'll be getting to work on over winter break.

In other news...

I've been busy writing the first draft of my thesis paper the past few days but once I turn that in tomorrow I'm back to working on Portals, developing and experimenting with it a lot more, especially for the next few days as we have a big mid-way review on Dec. 12th.

I got some great comments & suggestions from people through Kickstarter speculating about other possible uses (chess, table top games, etc) which I think are all great. I'm also thinking about other types of applications that would really take advantage of what the system can do and definitely welcome any other ideas. 

Meanwhile, the project has been featured on a few blogs around the internets the past few days:

And I also wrote up a little more about the project on the Near Future Laboratory blog, which goes into some more detail about the ideas this project explores. It also includes some pictures I drew to better explain the words I wrote:

Thanks again, everyone!  



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