Hi everyone and thank you for reading. My name is Jameson C. Montgomery. I am an Author, Life Coach, and Fashion Designer. My most proud and notable accomplishment are my children's books. I have found my passion connecting with the younger audience. As a new Father; it has been a rewarding, yet challenging road. 

I have developed an invention that enhances your ordinary paper plate and bowl. We often get tired in our busy lives and seek to combo things up. I have found that combos save time, resources, and space. I have a pending patent for the design of taking a disposable green friendly plate and shaping it into a bowl. The difference in this idea is that once it is a bowl, it is able to collapse back into a plate. I find myself very often, while at the grocery store, looking for a plate to eat my nachos on; then also thinking, my son likes cereal. Paper plates gives us tired parents a break from loading up dish washers and washing all the time, but it's often a bulky experience buying both paper plates and paper bowls. 

The funds donated here will go towards developing the prototype. Once prototype is developed, I plan to start searching for ways to manufacture the product. Ideas and companies I plan to target will be grocery stores, coffee shops, and schools. I will use the funds to hire the right people to make this dream stay on course. I will need an engineer to make sure the prototype meets criteria, a legal secretary, and a promoter. Together as a team this can become a huge. 

This will help many shop owners monetize their inventory. It's more challenging then it seems having to stock bowls and plates when you can combo them together. What do you all say, let's make this invention unfold, literally. 

Risks and challenges

Challenges would be to get notice. Getting the right attention is key. I plan to overcome it with targeting the right audiences.

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    This will be an amazing, but challenging journey. I pledge to keep my backers informed of the process. I will create a documentary to showcase the process of this journey of making my quest to becoming an inventor a reality.

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