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CableKeeps secure your USB docking cable to the power adaptors of iPads, iPhones, & iPods keeping them tangle free and organized.
CableKeeps secure your USB docking cable to the power adaptors of iPads, iPhones, & iPods keeping them tangle free and organized.
CableKeeps secure your USB docking cable to the power adaptors of iPads, iPhones, & iPods keeping them tangle free and organized.
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Shipping Update + Goldies a bit tight

Shipping Update.  We're shipping out the last wave of units today and to mark this momentous occasion the Seattle Space Needle has been painted "Goldie Orange".  Wooohooo!  (fist pump) It feels so good to get this hurdle behind us even though there is lots more work to complete.  I really appreciate all the thankful messages through email and twitter.  Keep sending and sharing your pics.  We couldn't have done this without your support and encouragement!  Let the world know you helped make this happen. 

Tracking numbers.   Tracking is sent out via email when your shipment goes out.  For International customers this tracking number is sometimes used by your national post, sometimes not.  We'll do our best to help insure everyone receives their reward.  Contact us if your reward is not received.  

Goldies a bit tight.  We've noticed a few Goldies at the end of our production run have extra "flash" (extra material on the parting line) on the inside.  It doesn't help that the Apple iPhone charger acts like a blade if it isn't pushed in straight. (Apple loves those crisp edges). If you are unable to get the little guy on you can lightly scrap the inside "step", and this will help it pass through.  If that doesn't work we'll happily replace.  Our process was to check each Goldie on a charger before it went out, but alas some may have swam through.  Let us know if you come up with a problem.

Actually the Space Needle was painted back to original color to commemorate the 50th Anniversary.  It was originally painted in "Galaxy Gold".  

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We're shipping!

Some of you will start to receive shipping confirmation today or this weekend.  We had a warehouse full of help today packaging up the last units from Production and beginning to start Fulfillment.  Feels like we've only made a dent today (1,061 individual rewards is a lot), but we'll keep cranking best we can and alert you when we've completed probably next weekend.  I have a great video to come of all the activity.  Stay tuned!  


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Production has started!

Great news!!  Thursday our tool was moved to a new facility in order to expedite our production.  Friday I reviewed the first production parts and validated our QC (Quality Control) process with the vendor so we didn't have any surprises.  Everything went very well except there wasn't enough material ordered to do the entire run (seriously).  So green parts were completed Friday and Orange parts were completed Saturday.  The rest of the colors will be done by Wednesday.  

We started packaging this weekend and should be through about 1000 pieces by tomorrow.  We still need to box, print your shipping label, and put in the mail.  You will get a confirmation email and tracking number when your order goes out, that's when you know your CableKeep is on its way.  We'll alert you when they've all gone out.  

Been trying to get iMovie to play nice with my iPhone videos, but that's not seeming to work today.  So here is just a quick unedited clip.  These parts were molded in a smaller facility in Marysville, WA.  I think iMovie only accepts widescreen videos - Doh!

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Wrestling the Bear

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".  

This has been a hard update to write.  Mainly because every time my mind comes around to thinking about this project the anger and frustration kicks in again and I can't focus.  I just want to spew awful, awful words. 

We have not shipped yet and it's killing me.  February 24th I approved parts and our vendor has STILL not delivered our production run.  The shipping boxes sit, collecting dust in our warehouse.  

My original story was about showing the world that the United States of America is a great place to manufacture.  In fact I purposely set my time on designing something that could be done with this vendor knowing their capabilities and reputation for quality.  Their actions on this project have really got me asking where to go next. 

Perhaps when I'm feeling less agitated I'll have the strength to recap. It's taken a lot out of me to finally see something happening.  Tomorrow they will be running our tool at a sister company and then we'll see how things go.  I've been burned too many times to trust them.  Best I can say is "we'll see".  Once production parts arrive I'll update you again.  I hope we get this thing wrestled soon.  I'm having a really hard time moving ahead on anything until it is. 

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