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CANYON CANDY is an audio-visual collaboration between filmmaker Mike Anderson and Javelin (Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford).

Help us make the psychedelic western film companion to the new Javelin 10" CANYON CANDY!

WHAT: The lone survivor of a brutal massacre, a young girl is plunged into hallucinatory chase through a day and night in the American Southwest. Directed by Mike Anderson and produced by Oscar Boyson, Canyon Candy is unlike any previous Western.  Part poem, part play, a modern silent film wholly created on a soundstage: this is the first western of its kind to be shot in the New York Metropolitan Area since The Great Train Robbery was filmed in Milltown, New Jersey in 1903. Completely handmade, Canyon Candy will employ old studio western methods such as rear-projection, dioramas, and scenic matte painting to create a stunningly unorthodox visual rendering of the American West.  Javelin's original score fuses original compositions with dollar-bin mined samples.  This is a collaborative work unlike any before it - help us make it happen!

HOW: The film will be shot on a soundstage in Brooklyn, New York between April 7th and April 10th. We've already begun the building process, prop construction, and costume design. We will be painting matte backgrounds, building cabins and wagons, outfitting actors, and prepping the set for the next month. The shoot will represent the culmination of a month's worth of building and designing.

MONEY: We've been fortunate enough to secure the time and labor of a great many talented individuals, but we still need space to shoot in, materials for construction (wood, plaster, paint), props (cacti, guns, wagons), costumes (shirts, hats, boots, neckerchiefs), lights for the soundstage, food if we're lucky, and numerous other production costs. If you can't donate, but you've got a horse or some boots or some other useful prop or costume, that's just as good. For those who can donate, we have some of the best prizes available on kickstarter. Please join us on this project and help in whichever way you can!

Javelin's Playbutton (shown above): The entire album on a small badge, complete with a headphone jack. Yours for only a $25 donation.


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    Receive a thank you postcard from Javelin and a digital mixtape of novelties and rarities.

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    Official Canyon Candy Playbutton (, DVD, and the above.

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    Signed copy of No Más vinyl, handmade copy of JAMZ N JEMZ, and the above.

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    Personalized outgoing voicemail jam by Javelin, Javelin Poster, and the above.

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    First opportunity to get a signed copy of the CANYON CANDY 10" EP, Playbutton, DVD, Javelin Poster, and Javelin T-Shirt.

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    One-of-a-kind Endless Loop tape, and all of the above.

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    Canyon Candy 10" EP plus choice of either an Original Western Costume piece from the film CANYON CANDY (first come first served) or an Original Boom Box from the actual Javelin Boombaataa (first come first served), plus the Playbutton and the DVD.

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    One time access to Javelin Car Service (we will drive you anywhere in the NYC area in a Crown Victoria), plus one of the following: original Thrill Jockey 12", Thrill Jockey 12" test pressing, test pressing of a Luaka Bop Javelin release- No Mas, Canyon Candy 10", new 7". plus the Playbutton and the DVD

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    Canyon Candy 10" EP, Play Button and DVD, and a cameo in the film. Die with your boots on. Must be in NYC area.

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    Javelin plays your party. You supply the soundsystem and location must be within a couple hours of NYC at a date mutually convenient for you and the band. Plus the Canyon Candy 10" EP, Playbutton, and DVD.

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    Executive Producer credit. Javelin plays your party. Plus the Canyon Candy 10" EP, Playbutton, and DVD.

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