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$4,164 pledged of $32,500 goal
By Jason Van Nest
$4,164 pledged of $32,500 goal

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GREAT NEWS! -- New Project is FUNDED!!!

The best news all year!
The best news all year!

Great News! The updated Kickstarter Campaign for this project reached full funding yesterday at 3:36 PM!!!

After this FAST COMPANY article about our project, we raised over $1000 in three days! Since we have three days left, we proposed a STRETCH GOAL of an additional $1000 to bring a mass-production consultant into the classroom -- to have the students design the final pallet with complete advice about plastic-injection molding techniques.

For those of you that followed us to this new campaign: THANK YOU!!! Some of last years backers even UPPED THEIR PLEDGE from last year -- something that simply melted our hearts.

We'll be back one more time to report more good news as it unfolds!


Profs. Farzana Gandhi and Jason Van Nest

The SodaBIB Project is BACK! We're Home2o!!!


Dear Lovely Folks,

The SodaBIB Project is reborn as Home2o!

Around this time last year, you pledged to help the SodaBIB Project build a prototype shelter out of discarded water bottles -- and in doing so helped us try to stem the tide of plastic streaming into landfills and oceans.

Thank you. The experience was awesome. It turned out our goal was too ambitious, and Hurricane Sandy took the wind out of our campaign.

But now we're back, and better than ever!

This update invites you to consider re-pledging to the effort, now underway at the Home2o Kickstarter Page 

In the past year, we learned a lot from the questions people were asking and the suggestions folks offered. We re-designed the system to better break apart for building materials. We streamlined the business proposal to find partners that can help the idea become a reality.

There are many success to tell you about!

  • Second, We've received an NYIT 2013 Institutional Support for Research and Creativity Grant -- for over $15,000 -- to help us on our way in building a prototype shelter. That's a big vote of confidence from the administration of the Institute, and over half the funds we were aiming for in the last campaign! It challenges us to power on and find the remaining funds to take this idea to market.
  • Finally, many professionals are donating their time and expertise to help this project mature. From web designers, to marketers, to business professors, to graphic designers: many kind, giving, and creative folks have helped us. This is why we're adopting a new name -- Home2o (home-too-ohh) - and a new web presence to be rolled out shortly. Please keep an eye out here for those announcements!

Thanks for your support and kind words in the past. Thanks too for considering supporting our new Kickstarter campaign and further steps to making a difference.


Jason Van Nest 

PS. This year we lost one of our team leaders -- Michele Bertomen -- to an unfortunate illness. We've dedicated the campaign effort, and future shelter, to her honor. For those interested in supporting an architecture student grant specifically in her honor, please contact the NYIT School of Architecture and Design's Dean's Office.

A Note before the Deadline

What a whirlwind month of campaigning.

Professors Gandhi, Bertomen, and I are deeply grateful for the experience of this campaign. In the last twenty-nine days we have been connected to some of the most generous, caring, and charitable individuals in a wide variety of communities.

We have seen our own NYIT community rally around this project with humbling and inspiring grace. Our own students have been so vocal in Tweet-ups and on Facebook to help promote the SodaBIB Project, and students we've never met came to our door to ask how they could help. The Faculty, Staff, and Administrators similarly have gone out of their way to help in ways we never thought to ask.

But in an extended blessing, this campaign has connected us to a larger community of ecologically-active and conscientious folks that were so giving of their time and ideas. We are deeply grateful for the time spent on the phone with new friends sharing great ideas and support.

A Google search for our project reveals a list of blogs (and comments sections) rife with positive coverage and thoughts about how we can move forward. We've taken every bit of press coverage and commentary as fuel to make this project stronger, more effective, and directed towards greater successes.

As the last nine hours of our campaign begin, we maintain a silly optimism about reaching our goal this evening. We've been handing out fliers about this campaign and the USGBC "IMPACT! Award" all week, and still pushing social media. No mater how the next few hours end, please accept our thanks for a great campaign.

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The Last Week's Push!!!

Many supports are reaching out to us to ask how they can help with our last week's push for this Kickstarter campaign -- THANK YOU so MUCH!!!

Professors Bertomen, Gandhi and I are still very optimistic about reaching our goal and are re-connecting with every contact this week to put the word out one more time. There are already so many generous lpedges that will not be realized unless we reach our goal...

Any way that supporters similarly reach out (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is very welcome. Please be sure to drop us an email with your ideas, and we're happy to coordinate, or act on tips.

In the meantime, please also be sure to vote for our project at the USGBC Volunteer IMPACT! Award Facebook site, too! WE'RE IN SECOND PLACE!!! The SodaBIB Project is only 21 votes from the leading (also awesome) project.

As we roll into the last hours of this campaign, we want to once again thank you for your support.


*** WOW *** More great news to report! Today, the SodaBIB Project was named as one of seven finalists for the 2012 USGBC Volunteer IMPACT! Award

The winner will be announced at this year's 2012 GREENBUILD in San Francisco - on the same day our campaign ends! What a day that will be.

You can help us win this award! Please direct your browser to this address:

and vote for the SodaBIB Project! And help spread the word! The more attention we bring the award and this campaign, the more likely both will bring a fresh start in 2013!!!

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