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A story revolved around a husband and wife who spend their last night together before he goes off to war the following morning.

I am in the process of raising funds for my next short film which I will direct. This film will be shot in High Definition in Los Angeles, California with cast members from the Screen Actors Guild. We have just officially announced the cast of the film. You can view the cast by clicking on "UPDATES". Your campaign contribution will help us reach our goal to make this a successful, independent short film.

I have started a fund-raising campaign to try to raise $5,000 in 16 days. All proceeds will go to the production of the film. All backers will get an honor for their pledge.

The story of this film revolves around a husband and wife who spend their last night together before he goes off to war in Afghanistan the following morning. It's a human interest story for my Director's Demo Reel and it will also be submitted to the HollyShorts Film Festival. Last year, some of the celebrities to walk the red carpet included; Kirsten Dunst, Jason Biggs, and Demi Moore.

My belief is that true independent films need more heroes and there are people striving to make more independent films. Those that succeed are shining examples to all of us. We would like this campaign to serve as an example for what is possible for all of us. I firmly believe that films are far reaching, as they can take us to realms in which we don't live and engage our subconscious minds where our thoughts are formed. I hope to provide a platform for questioning and discussion.

If you, your family or friends are able to pledge any amount of money to this film production, it would mean a lot to me. Every dollar that is raised for this campaign goes directly towards completing this film. Unless we meet our goal of at least $5,000 by June 13, 2010, your pledge will not be activated.

Jason was recently interviewed by a major Chicago radio station regarding his film, "GONE". Listen to the interview by clicking below:

Jason has teamed up with an incredibly talented Producer/Actor/Writer, Nakoa Christopher-Lee. Nakoa and Jason have worked together on a couple past films which Nakoa wrote, produced, and acted in. Nakoa has had five of his short screenplays go into production and "GONE" will be his sixth. He also has two feature films in Pre-Production. Nakoa has had several top level executives contact him regarding his feature film "Deport," which is in the beginning stages of Pre-Production and will shoot in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles by summer's end. Nakoa is also an accomplished actor who strives to be the best he can be. Nakoa has been an actor in over twenty-five productions, including the movie "Blue", starring Keith David from all of the FRIDAY movies. He has been nominated for best actor in "Holding Hands", which screened in over fifteen world wide film festivals. Nakoa has also stirred up quite a list of raving reviews regarding one of his last films, "Amulett". Nakoa is a writer/actor who thrives on taking chances, while tackling risky issues on screen. Nakoa continues to leave his mark in Hollywood.


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