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$5,654 pledged of $20,000 goal
$5,654 pledged of $20,000 goal

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    1. Chris Blanchard on March 15

      I still love this idea. When Savage Worlds first came out, one of the settings I wanted to convert to it was TMNT and Other Strangeness. This game speaks to me. I look hopefully for a second attempt at this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Iriah on March 14

      Maybe do some heavy promoting on RPG podcast and YouTube gaming channels and give it another try.

    3. Kurt Kandy on March 13

      I have full confidence in this setting and Mr. Blair... eyes peeled for the next run.

    4. Kurt Kandy on March 13

      Still spreading the word... (Won't shut up about it). Please give this another go!

    5. MidnightBlue
      on March 13

      Definitely a great idea. I've got a host of mutant/anthropomorphic games. Always happy to see a new take on them.


    6. Kurt Kandy on March 13

      This has all of my interest right now. The other Savage world KS seem so one trick compared to this idea. Hoping for an eventful 19 hours for Kung Fu animals

    7. Missing avatar

      W.Alexander on March 12

      I'm sad to see the state of affairs here, I was really interested in this and if I thought raising my donation by twenty bucks would help, I'd do it, but at this point that doesn't seem likely.

    8. Kurt Kandy on March 12

      This is going to be great... Spread the word guys

    9. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on March 11

      @SeeleyOne: We'll see how the next 48 hours go. Kickstarter *can* be a good measure of interest in a project, but sometimes it boils down to timing too. There's another big SW Kickstarter that just launched, *and* a new Torg KS launching later this month. Sometimes folks just have limited resources, so even the "indication of interest" rubric isn't assured.

      Hopefully, KFW will see the light of day in one form or another regardless. The Playtest one-shot I ran was awesome. Mr, Blair, come what may with this particular Kickstarter, I hope you know you're a remarkable designer. Keep being awesome and I believe KFA will find a well-deserved audience.

    10. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on March 10

      I set the goal at $20k so I could start a proper line with this that would support itself (cover the art and writing) over a longer term.

    11. Missing avatar

      on March 10

      Why was such a high initial goal chosen? Many Kickstarters fail, but should have succeeded, only because the initial goal was so high.

    12. Kurt Kandy on March 7

      You guys.. are a delight. This past week I have been searching and purchasing old TMNT and OS books, after the bomb, and Ninja's and superspies.. getting prepped for some mutant fun when my raven loft group finally get the bad guy. Reading these books and thinking of how to teach the rules seemed rough so I was thinking of just using Savage worlds (my Favorite) and then ... last night I searched to see if anyone else is a kindred spirit and BOOM .. you sir... please feel my admiration! and the backing POWAAH of Buck Shot Badger with his Legendary Sa Tjat Koen! ahem.. this has to happen! I love all of you backers as well (making it weird) ( enjoy)... dreams.. really do .. come true. GoodNIGHT Neverland

    13. Michael Schell on March 1

      Hmmm, this looks like something that will go well with what I had in my for Savage Rifts. I also am reminded of the one trailer for what was probably meant as an April Fool's prank from CN in which they updated Hong Kong Phooey into a more modern and slightly more serious incarnation by having the title character sort of being a physical representation of one of the classic forms of Kung Fu.

    14. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 26

      It's made with settings like ThunderCats in mind!

    15. Timothy Davis on February 25

      How well do you think this book could handle a setting like.... Thundercats?

    16. Bryan Lee Davidson on February 18

      I ment Duck Tales.

    17. Bryan Lee Davidson on February 18

      Duck Takes Woo ooo! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on February 14

      @Jason L Blair: Awesome, and thanks for the quick reply! :-)

    19. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 14

      @Cameron Lyle
      I am using SW Deluxe as the base and tweaking the rules presented within that. I'm charting my own path with the fighting rules changes in KFA.

    20. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 14

      @Timothy Davis Gargoyles is *great* KFA inspiration!

    21. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on February 14

      On an entirely different note, I do have a question for you Mr. Blair... Scuttlebutt is that we're getting both a new edition of Savage Worlds *and* an official Martial Arts Companion this year. Will KFA(StW) be using SW Deluxe or the new SW version, and are you charting your own path for martial arts or planning on using/suggesting whatever the Companion winds up offering? Interesting logistical challenges, possibly, just because of the way the timing works out...

    22. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on February 14

      @Timothy Davis: You know, I don't really see a reason in the world why you *couldn't* do Gargoyles. Since the rules give you the freedom to assign whatever traits you want to your species, you just need to decide what's important as commonalities amongst Gargoyle-kind. There will probably be specific rules or suggestions regarding interfacing with the race creation rules, but even if you wanted to skip those altogether there's nothing saying the GM can't allow the New Power (Flight) Edge as a freebie, for example, even if you're not using Arcane Backgrounds.

    23. Timothy Davis on February 14

      It wierd, but reading the document kept me thinking of not only the various settings and shows I grew up watching as a kid, but also newer ones like Kung Fu Panda. To bad setting doesn't cover Gargoyles as well. Loved that show.

    24. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 13

      After the Bomb fans are more than welcome here! And a crossover with Rifts SW sounds awesome.

    25. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on February 13

      @Jason L. Blair: We'll just have to do our part to spread the word and get the project funded! I already know a few Savage Rifts folks who've backed KFA(StW) because they want to recreate old Palladium "TMNT/After The Bomb" stuff, so I suspect you're going to see a lot of pledges from non-traditional trajectories as well as the communities you might expect. :-)

    26. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 13

      Thank you for the kind words on Streets of Bedlam. I *loved* working on that book. SW is my favorite system for bashing into cool, new shapes.

      $20k is a tall order. And we'll see if it gets there. But, looking back, asking for more on SoB would've given it a longer, healthier tail of releases. I didn't want to repeat that mistake.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on February 13

      Love your past work, Mr. Blair. "Streets of Bedlam" is one of my favorite Savage Settings - the combat/damage rules are a fantastic example of what SW can do in the hands of a creative designer. $20,000 is a tall order, but I'm all in.

      I'm excited to see what this project has in store for us. Put the White Bull in its place, and hopefully the rest will take care of itself! :-)

    28. Jason L Blair 3-time creator on February 12

      Yes, it is. This art was commissioned for the final book as well as the campaign.

    29. Justin Stevens on February 12

      Is the art work presented in the campaign information indicative of the final artwork?