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A game of lying, bluffing, and truth-telling in the WILD West.
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     Overwhelmed by the stress of the hooligan hootenanny that’s overrunning the bustling town of Bandit Bluff, the resident deputy has up and left his post! Sheriff Croc Holliday is shuffling and hustling to find his next deputy. Looking to fill the vacancy, Croc has decided to put a pool of new recruits to work helping clean up some of Bandit Bluff’s most wanted outlaws and will choose the most dedicated to be the new deputy! A little lying, some stealthy scheming, and the sense to know a good time to tell the truth might just help give a leg up over the rest of the herd. Who will out-law the other applicants to become the new deputy?  

Now with updated logo!
Now with updated logo!

OutLawed! is a social game of bluffing, truth-telling, and out-thinking your opponents. Each player has an identical set of 11 outlaw cards imagined as animals escaped from the zoo somewhere in the wild, wild west. Over a series of rounds, players take turns playing a card face down and making a claim about which character card they played. Players are free to tell the truth about the character played or to make a bold faced lie! After players have played cards and made their claims, all the characters are revealed and each player assesses whether or not they have met their Outlaw’s “apprehend if” condition. Players who were successful add their Outlaws to their jail pile while all other players place the card back in their hand. Lionel Manesworth can only be captured if you tell the truth. The Vixen Twins get nabbed when others are convinced to play the same card during the round. Lawman Croc Holliday will catch anybody who isn’t on the up and up. Once a player fills up their jail, everyone compares their total reward value of apprehended cards to see who has has earned the most rewards and gets to fill the vacant position as deputy of Bandit Bluff.

OutLawed! is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and is designed by Ryan Cowler whose credits include JurassAttack! (Green Couch Games), Super P.L.E.X. (Button Shy Games) and development assistance on Perplext’s Pack O Games(™) series by Chris Handy. 

Check out this LIVE PLAY THROUGH, covering the beginner game and full game with 3 players, recorded at GrandCon.

















 Click the images below to see the full reviews!

"This is hands down the best bluffing game I have ever played. Period." -Jason Slingerland, Building the Game Podcast

"This game is for real, folks. Bluff and double-bluff and triple-bluff, all in a family friendly package." - Paul Imboden, Split Second Games (publisher of Paradox)


"Green Couch Games has a penchant for producing quality, small box experiences, and OutLawed! is no exception. " -Jason Dobson, Indie Cardboard

Cassie Elle fromThe Indie Game Report says, "I had a great time playing this game. It's a GREAT filler!"

 "If you've ever played a Green Couch Games product before, you know you are getting a quality, family game. If you haven't then I encourage you to make this your first one. I guarantee that you'll have so much fun, you'll want the rest of their game library!" -Stuart Dunn, Stuart's Study

Edo from Edo's Game Previews says, "This game is a lot of fun...It's easy to play, it's easy to learn, and I find that it gets better and better the more you've played it."




"I'm particularly fond of the art on the bandit cards, and the designers really nailed the whole "Wild West with Animals" theme of the game. The bandits have enough variety and detail that I really want more backstory for all of them. I really hope we see other properties in this game universe that flesh out these characters." -Gerry Tolbert, MD, GeekDad Contributor



Tune in at the one hour mark to hear thoughts about OutLawed! from Brandon Kempf!

Tyler, The Bearded Meeple compares OutLawed! to Love Letter and calls it a "FANTASTIC FILLER!". Watch the video here:

Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me and The State of Games said:

"Played at GrandCon, Sept. 2016 - Wonderful bluffing and guessing game in the vein of Love Letter, but much better! Kickstarted for my copy."  

Rob Couch, Co-host of Building the Game and designer of Saloon Tycoon said:  

"Played several versions of this over the last year, from early prototypes to the final Kickstarter edition. It is absolutely the best bluffing game I've ever played, and the final version is better than ever. Bluffing drilled down to it's very essence. Every turn is exciting, surprising and fun. I could not recommend this game more highly."  

Ryan Sanders from The Inquisitive Meeple and The Indie Game Report did a great interview with Ryan about the process of making the game that includes some neat before and after art. Read it here.  

The guys from Theology of Games did a new review and the thought the game was GREAT! Read it here.  

Marc Specter of the Grand Gamers Guild turned the tables and interviewed Jason on the 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast! Listen here


 As we get closer to our funding goal, we'll be announcing some sweet STRETCH GOALS to keep the party going. We have plans to add value to OutLawed! that we think you will really appreciate.

We have several stretch goals in mind and we hope to hit them all! But know that just as with our previous campaigns, we won't likely be adding more just to add more. We believe that more isn't always better, especially if it holds up production and delays delivery.  

That being said, we'll be listening closely to your feedback and ideas and will carefully consider all the ideas that comes our way.





This won't be available in the retail version of the game! When we hit $7000 all backers who pledge for a game will get this cool Active Player Deputy Badge Standee! 

The Badge Card will still be included in the box but with this fun Stretch Goal, the West will be a little less two-dimensional!

More players?!

More backers and we'll make it happen. At $8000, we'll include another player deck to get more would-be-deputies in the game!

 If you've checked out the videos and read the reviews and still want more info, you can check out the First Edition Rules PDF RIGHT HERE! The rules are currently being edited and reformatted for clarity and to match the updated graphic design.  

The rules are hosted on BoardGameGeek and will require a free account to download. But if you like games, BGG is the place to be so head over there now to get plugged into the world-wide gaming community!

If you've read the rules and are still on the fence please check out the free low-ink Print & Play version of OutLawed! This way, you can try the game out and if you like the experience then come on back to pledge for a full production copy!  

We believe in this game and know that if you give it a chance you'll see the love and attention we've put into developing it for game tables around the world. So get on board and give it a go! See for yourself if OutLawed! is for you.  

Get the files here!  

Note: You'll need to print a set of cards for each player. 

If you have Tabletop Simulator on Steam, you can try the game here!


OutLawed! is available world-wide and all copies will ship from within the US! Shipping fees will be added to your pledge level when you select your home location.  

Added Shipping: US- Included, Canada- $5, Everywhere Else-$10

Check out our 5 copy pledge level to save 40% on shipping!  

Note: International Backers will be responsible for any import fees, brokerage or delivery surcharges, or applicable taxes that may be levied after we have shipped your package. However, this campaign is CUSTOMS FRIENDLY. The low price point and small box for this game should not cause any customs fees for backers pledging for 1-2 copies. We have learned that shipping is a costly endeavor and we must try to keep our costs as low as possible to keep our games at an appropriate price point for when they hit retail. 


Ryan Cowler is a gamer, collector of vintage home game consoles, pinball collector, independent professional wrestler, and game designer making his home base in Patterson, California with his wife Samara and 2 daughters. Despite his family and all his interests, he manages to find time to put his creative juices to work on various game designs and loves the process of creating fun and enjoyable experiences that bring people together. This is Ryan's second title with Green Couch Games as he also created the dino-sized battle game, JurassAttack!


Shaz Yong is a full-time freelance artist from Malaysia with a degree in Illustration from The One Academy. Shaz is passionate about using his talents to help bring card and board games to life. His previous clients include ButtonShy Games, LVL99 Games, and Scholastic Publishing where he illustrated covers for young adult novels set in the Star Wars universe! He illustrated JurasssAttack! for Green Couch Games as well. Shaz is also experienced in storyboard design for animation. You can check out more of his work here.

Andy Jewett handle the layout for the awesome looking OutLawed! box. You can find more of his work here.


Green Couch Games is a company founded by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections like our titles Fidelitas, Best Treehouse Ever, JurassAttack!, Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, Wok on Fire, and the upcoming Rocky Road a la Mode. Jason is also a game designer and co-host of 20 Minutes of Filler, a Dice Tower Network podcast.  

We know that you have lots of games to choose from and there aren't enough ways that we can express our gratitude to all of our supporters. It's backers like you that are helping to keep us doing what we do! It's backers like you that are bringing this dream to life. And for that, we say thanks. We hope you enjoy the little games that we contribute to the gaming community that we love so much! 

 Learn more at

Thanks for your pledge and for helping us spread the word! Sharing about the project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and other networks you are a part of goes a long way! 

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Risks and challenges

My experience with our last campaigns has provided quite the learning curve. And so far I have been able to avoid delays and common pitfalls by paying special attention to the following areas and building on previous experience:

Art and Design. The art and design for the game is complete so we'll be ready to print shortly after the close of the campaign. I always like to show you I mean business by paying for the art and design upfront!

Playtesting and Reviewing. OutLawed! has been tested by many different playtesters and even a bunch of game designers. I have sent a bunch of prototypes to a variety of reviewers. I want to earn your trust by providing you with a solid product that has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by folks from varying backgrounds and perspectives.

Past Experience. This isn't out first Kickstarter Campaign for Green Couch Games. Outlawed! is following 6 successful campaigns that delivered on time. Also, having spent many years working in retail and customer service, I understand the importance of treating backers with respect and following through with projects.

Of course, there are always unexpected circumstances that pop up, but I PROMISE to communicate every step of the way and do my best to use creative problem solving meet the challenges head on.

Thank you so much for giving Green Couch Games a chance. As a small company, I truly can't do this without you. I will do my best to thank you by creating great little games that you love to play.

Jason Kotarski, founder of Green Couch Games

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