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$3,721 pledged of $22,150 goal
By Jason Houge
$3,721 pledged of $22,150 goal

We're off to a great start!

$2,880.00 for the first weekend. That's a fantastic start! Thanks to Robert Graf, Sarah Detweiler, Suzanne LaPlante, Christine Style, Andrea Fredrick, Cristian Andersson, Matt Larscheid, Dominik Duncsh, Conrad Christopher, Richard Phillips, Ginny and an anonymous donor for your outstanding support. 

For all of you potential backers, this project has not much to do about awareness raising or giving to charities... The money I am trying to raise will enable me to create a  photographic record of the many faces of poverty and near poverty across the country. The end result of the work will speak for its self. It will show life as it is RIGHT NOW - TODAY - for those many people living in poverty. People who are PhD's and swimming in student debt, unable to find work. People like Tony Yang interviewed recently by Business Insider: http://read.bi/JVLK3R

And people who have worked their whole lives in one profession and after a restructuring within their profession, they were made aware that they no longer make a good fit for the position they have worked their whole lives in. People like Lisa Bauer, whom I met in 2010 and is pictured below. She worked for 20 years as a nurse's aid at a nursing home in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Late in 2009, her home went into foreclosure. She was forced to quickly downsize her belongings and moved into a much smaller trailer home. In 2011, after a quick restructuring, she and many of her coworkers were suddenly replaced by younger, less experienced and lower paid individuals. She was able to secure a new position at another nursing home in a nearby town but with less hours and lower pay. After months of struggling with her rent she was evicted from the trailer home and was forced to leave her new job. Now, at the age of 41, she lives with her ex-boyfriend in his elderly parent's home. The two of them hope to find an apartment together to help each other find a way out of their current situation. 

Please, help me complete this body of work that will stand as a record of our current time in history. A time, when a college education can get you no where but in debt, and working hard does not mean you will succeed. For a country that touts its self as being the greatest, richest, and home of the free, the U.S. should never have come to this. And it should never be repeated it in the future. 

Please support my project,
Jason Houge

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