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Seeking funds to complete post production on a fantasy short film.
Seeking funds to complete post production on a fantasy short film.
166 backers pledged $18,664 to help bring this project to life.

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Spring 2017 Update

Posted by Jason Denzel (Creator)
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Hi faithful backers,

Work on Spectre's visual FX continues in a positive direction! Here's the latest:

Animation done! Time to composite.

At this point, the 3D animated "ghast" monster has been fully animated & rendered for all scenes it's present in. The artist working on the project is currently compositing those rendered animations into each live-action shot.  He's about half-way complete with that process. We have weekly phone calls to discuss his progress and ensure things are moving in a good direction. 

Remember, at this point, there's just one artist working on these scenes on a part-time time basis. I'm pleased with the results and eagerly look forward to our weekly check-ins. 

Remaining Work

At this point, the bulk of the film's visual effects are rendered and composited together. Once that's done, we'll do a round or two of minor revisions to clean things up. We still have a few shots that require some heavy lifting to complete. These include some of the wide-angle shots showing debris scattered across a ruined battlefield. Those are no small task, but much easier and more timely compared to the FX challenges we've had so far. 

Once the visual FX are done, we'll need to do sound editing and music, along with color correction and other finishing work. I'll discuss those processes in a future update. 

Until next time...

As always, thanks for your support and patience. Your generous donations have gone directly to this work, and the remaining funds are still set aside to fulfill all backer incentives. 

I hope to have some exciting things to show you in our next update, which will be in July at the latest. Thanks again! |  Twitter

Not Vaporware

Posted by Jason Denzel (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

Happy New Year. I realize many of you are frustrated with the lack of updates or apparent progress on this project, but I'd like to assure you completely that progress is being made and that the Spectre movie project will be completed.  

Why it's taken so long

I've avoided sharing detailed explanations for why this project has taken so long, but I feel like some transparency is necessary. As the producer on the project, the blame ultimately falls on my shoulders, and I sincerely accept that and apologize for it. 

I will say that I've gone through four different VFX artists before finally finding a good match, and each one came with a bundle of drama and excuses. The VFX producer I partnered with to assist me with this project even took one fo the artists to court for failure to deliver work that we paid for. I wasn't involved in the lawsuit, but that illustrates the kind of hassle that's delayed the project. (The lawsuit went to Judge Judy. Yes, Judge Judy, the TV personality. Ugh.....)

But as I shared in my update last year, we finally found the right artist, and he's working on the project regularly. We have weekly calls where I see slow, but steady progress. Although this is a short film, and we only filmed it in 720p (which was a big deal in 2007 when the film was originally shot), there is a lot of complex particle systems, a fully-CG generated character, and a lot of rotoscoping. 

Regular Updates

As a show of faith, I'm committing to updating all of you every 90 days until the project is complete. With each update, I'll send along new screenshots and/or video clips so you can see what we've been working on. 

 Thanks again for your patience, and I'll update you in 90 days or less!


Its coming along...really!

Posted by Jason Denzel (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I realize it's been over a year since our last project update. A lot of has happened and I'd like to bring you up to date.  Good news! It's been a long run, but the end is within sight. Despite the hurdles, setbacks, and frustrating periods, we've made some solid progress on the Spectre short film.  It's still not complete, but our current VFX artist has made a lot of progress and we hope to wrap it up in the coming months. (Cross your fingers!)

I assure you that every dollar donated to support this short film has been saved and used for the project. We're within our budget and I still plan to fulfill all backer rewards. Once we get to that point, I'll reach out to ensure I have up to date contact information from everyone. 

Here are some screen captures I have sitting on my desktop:

The Ghast

Here's a look at a piece of concept art we created for the ghast monster. The ghast is the antagonistic force in this movie, and also one of the biggest challenges to design, model, animate, and render. I have a lot of imagery to share for this monster, and I'll definitely send it all to you as we get closer to finishing the project. But for now, I'll just share this teaser image. This was the primary image used by our VFX artist to model the monster. 

What's Next

I know you've hard this before, and I don't blame you for being skeptical, but I'm going to keep everybody up to date as we near the finish line. I don't have a release date yet, but I'd like to try and shoot for this summer. Let's see how it goes!

Thanks again for all your continued support. 

- Jason

Looking up

Posted by Jason Denzel (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Quick Status Update

Just a quick note to let all of you know that the Spectre project is still very much alive. I know there hasn't been a lot of updates and that falls on my shoulders. But on the other hand, there's been a lot of frustrating events related to the project.  We just released another artist form the project, this time for different reasons than the previous guy. We've brought on a new artist, and he's showing great progress and enthusiasm. We're having weekly calls to review the FX shots.

I promise that as soon as I have a handful of shots to show you, I will start doing so.

Your Donation

In the meantime, know that your generous donations are still being managed appropriately. No money was lost as a result of the artists who were let go. My intention remains to fulfill all the backer rewards near the time of the completed movie. The Spectre swords are in storage and they are ready to go to their new homes as we get closer. 


Nothing would make me happier than to give you a timeframe for the completion of this project. But I'm hesitant to give you one when every date I've been given by my past associates has come and gone with almost literally no progress. I'm closely managing everything as best I can now, and hoping we can start seeing some results. 

Thank you for your on-going patience and support. Feel free to message me or email me with questions.


Alive and Well

Posted by Jason Denzel (Creator)
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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay. The Spectre movie project is very much alive and active. Here's a brief update.

New VFX Artists

The major reason for the long delay was that I really wanted to show you some progress, along with some video clips. Unfortunately, things didn't work out with the Visual Effects artists I hired. I won't bore you with the details, but essentially, we decided to part ways for several reasons. One of e reasons had to do with how long it was taking them to produce shots. Rest assured that I've lost no money in the deal, and I'm happy to announce that I've brought on a new set of artists to work on the movie. These new artists are super excited to work on the project. They've already shown enthusiasm and quality that I wish I'd seen 6 months ago. I'll introduce them in my next update. 

Sample Breakdown

Up above is a very quick sample of the types of visual effects we're working on. It's just an early concept that we're exploring, but you can see how many layers go into something like this. Take a look and let me know what you think. Keep in mind that this isn't the final shot, and we'll probably go through multiple concepts before deciding on the one that works best. 

Animated Graphics

I'm also attaching a teaser image for one of the animated graphics we're working on. Artist Jeremy Saliba--an artist known in part for his work on the Wheel of Time graphic novels--has been helping me develop around a dozen images that we'll break apart into multiple layers and "animate" to produce a stylized set of images. Once I have one of the animated sequences ready, I'll post it in an update. 

 Thanks everyone for your patience and support. I know a lot of time has gone by, but I assure you that things are moving forward in a positive direction. All our funds are allocated to the right places and nothing is out of place right now.  I'm looking forward to working with the new artists, and finishing this awesome film.

Until next time,