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Faith in America: Religious Buildings of the United States's video poster

A photographic trip to all 50 states to document the buildings that stand as symbols of the "Faith in America". (Plus books) Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 19, 2013.

A photographic trip to all 50 states to document the buildings that stand as symbols of the "Faith in America". (Plus books)

About this project

Sunset over SLC Utah and Temple Square
Sunset over SLC Utah and Temple Square


"Faith isn't faith until it's tested" 

I didn't do this project because it was going to be easy or because I was unhappy traveling the world doing weddings. I did this because I asked God a question and the next day this is the idea that wouldn't leave my mind. For 5 months now it has felt like the right thing to do. And me and a few others have worked hard to figure out how to make it happen.

And for a while it didn't seem like it would happen. 
But it did thanks to some last minute series of events that when examined closer seem quite miraculous. 

Thanks to my friend who works with ReservationCounter.Com who saw a great WIN-WIN where they could use a lot of these pictures from this trip around America. I'm more than happy to share with them my complete stock of travel images.

Turns out to be a fitting and symbolic ending to the BEGINNING of this project. A test of Faith... in Faith in America. 

We had so far to go and I was in the midst of drafting a post telling people that the Kickstarter didn't make it but that I was still going to go out on the road anyway even without any funding and I got a text message. Yep... never sent that message.

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Thousands of America's towns and cities sprung to life centered around faith inspiring buildings, they are a part of our history, our culture, and have been an essential part of crafting our people into what we are today. These buildings and the faiths they represent should be celebrated and put in the best LIGHT possible. To accomplish this, I will travel the country to document these buildings and share a beautiful view of America.

I will travel the country to photograph religious buildings in all 50 states I will share this theme with the country through posts and videos. 

You can also read more about the project and read what others are saying over on

-- For twelve months Jarvie will live out of a suitcase driving and flying to every state in the country and take pictures what he finds, "highlighting how all of these religions are about faith." - Emily Clark ABC4

BOOKS: "Faith in America: Religious buildings of the United States" is the main objective of the project. Along with a side project to make a book of the 74 LDS Temples in the US and Canada.

Now that the kickstarter made it happen we will start doing PRE-SALES of the book over on for $60 a book.


$10 for 100 pictures to use as screensavers or backgrounds for computers or mobile devices.

POST KICKSTARTER - I will continue to offer the 100 pictures for $15 at


Prints of Temples and other Religious buildings
Prints of my extensive line of scenic pictures.
And Calenders of different themes.

All available on and


Workshops, One on Ones, Meetups

Keep an eye on

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me:

Church on Princeton Campus
Church on Princeton Campus
Country side church in Montana - Making "ordinary" great
Country side church in Montana - Making "ordinary" great

1. Create faith-inspiring Artwork

2. Document the theme of "Faith in America",
 and the role of religious buildings in that theme.

3. Remind our country of the common ties that got us here and this theme that will continue to help us to move forward; FAITH 

Photographic Goals

4. Document the whole country and bring beauty to the eyes of those that want to see. Art uplifts, inspires, and spreads joy.

5. To Create educational photography content through written posts and videos. 

6. Photograph 50 states and 50 national parks

7. To simply create massive amounts of beautiful photographs. .

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An LDS Temple in Sacramento
An LDS Temple in Sacramento

I'm a Utah-based photographer. I initially studied languages at BYU, but have done photography since 2005 and been full time wedding/portrait photographer for 5 years now. I've traveled a ton, have seen nearly every corner of the globe. I love teaching and I've mentored dozens of other photographers (as interns) who have become amazing photographers as well.

How the Project Started

I was on a road trip and contemplating life and my future as I drove... I prayed about what I should do next, not because I was unhappy (I love my profession) but because I was seeking to step things up to another level. Because I had been photographing LDS Temples as a side project, the idea happened on me to making a book of LDS Temple photos. Because it made so much sense, it quickly morphed into a project to travel the country and photograph all religious buildings. For the last 2-3 months I've been planning this project.


  • First off: Check out my work... The images are my resume.
  • I have a happy successful full time photography career
  • 8yrs of photography and over a half million pictures taken.
  • Well known and respected in Utah and throughout "the internets".
  • Experienced in long exhausting photography road trips
    a.k.a I've spent a heck of a lot of time on the road.
  • Previous experience photographing religious buildings 
    (and landscapes and people)
  • My line of LDS Temple images are sold at and select images can be found at Deseret Bookstores and elsewhere.
  • An open schedule starting September

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(VIDEO) LDS Temple Pics

(VIDEO) Travel Pics of 2012

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC
Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC


If the project gets funding above $70,000 then your cards will be charged (by Amazon) after July 19th. At any time prior to July 19th you may increase your pledge.

If you funded much more than your reward level we will contact you to inquire if you were wanting some additional books.

A Cathedral in Philidelphia
A Cathedral in Philidelphia
A Church in the countryside of New Jersey
A Church in the countryside of New Jersey

Risks and challenges

QUANTITY OF BUILDINGS - I plan on photographing thousands of churches and all 74 LDS Temples (US & Canada) and countless landscapes and towns.
The way to overcome this challenge is just to give myself a lot of time which also helps to allow for flexibility to be in the right place at the right time. I will work hard to not be rushed between locations.

BURN OUT: Burn out from long trips is a real concern. I have luckily had years of experience on long road trips. I know what it takes to keep me going and excited and creative. Rest days to just work on YouTube videos, lots of meetups with friends and fans including portrait sessions because they make me happy and they give back, lots of scenics (national parks) to just to avoid any burn out from shooting only architecture should do the trick

STORAGE: I estimate over 20TB of storage based on recent figures of up to 80gb a day (timelapses, gopro timelapses from car, flight video, vlogs and other YouTube videos and my normal pictures with a 36mp camera)
That's a lot of HDDs and a lot of backup and extra care to make sure nothing is lost.

TIME: It's going to take a long time to get the needed images to make the two main books. But people will start to see the images long before the completion of the book. Those that believe in the project will help fund the project though some of their rewards will be a long time in the making.

TRANSPORTATION: Working hard on a solution that will allow for travel of sometimes 2-3 people and all my equipment, combined with a solid electrical solution to be able to charge equipment and run computers. It cannot too big so it can be used in numerous urban situations. Safe and comfortable for up to a year on the road (30-40,000 miles) is a must.

The cost of the rewards themselves may claim 30-40% of the funding amount.
Amazon payments and Kickstarter also take their claim on a portion of the funding
Heck gas alone may cost $8-9k
And storage and backup solution for up to 80GBs a day of pictures and video may cost $5-6k
A year of bills isn't cheap either.
There are also additional labor costs associated with the project.
The cheapest aspect of the project is probably food and housing.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yes we will. Choose a reward and then send me a message and give us postal code or city and we’ll figure out the costs and let you know, you’ll just need to increase the funding by that amount. (You can easily upgrade your funding before the 30 days are over)

    Last updated:
  • I will certainly attempt to photograph as many different types of buildings of faith as possible. My aim is to focus on the older buildings that historically brought our country together, suggested buildings and of course photogenic buildings. While there will be many planned stops in each state most of the places I stop will be buildings along the route of my journey and happy circumstance to add a level of spontaneity and a look at the every day church that people in any given community just happen to come into contact with.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, please send me locations and I’ll add it to a Google Map. I want to have thousands of spots on the map so that when I have open time I can check the map and be able to see what is near and suggested. I’ll usually choose a suggested place above others.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, I didn’t want to overwhelm people with too many at the launch. I will consider adding others that may be popular. So let us know if there is a reward that a bunch of people may want. Specially if it’s having a workshop in your area as I’ve only made one for Utah so far.

    - More workshops

    - 3 day road trip adventure"

    - Smaller prints

    - Lunch/dinner meetings

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    DONATE = A big huge thank you and the peace that comes with knowing you helped support "Faith in Amerca"

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    DIGITAL IMAGE PACK = 100 different Jarvie images sized and ready for use on Computers, Cell Phones and Tablets.
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    EBOOK = The digital version of either of the coffee table books. +Digital Image Pack

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    CALENDER = A beautiful wall calendar. + Digital Image Pack + Shipping

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    Either Book + Digital Image Pack + Book Signed + Early Fullfillment + Shipping

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    This is for anyone wanting a book from out of the country. In fact you can choose ANY REWARD that requires shipping and fund under this option.

    This reward DOES NOT INCLUDE PRICE OF SHIPPING - message me and I will inform you of the shipping costs to your country. You have until July 19th to add that shipping cost to the total of your kickstarter pledge.

    In my opinion this is the fairest method. The other option was to overcharge everyone for shipping under a largely unfair generic cost.

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    5 Books + Signed + Digital Image Pack + Either Calendar + Both E-books + Digital Image Pack + Shipping (Perfect for gifting)

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    I will organize a workshop during my trip in the US/Canada anywhere that 4 people select this reward. You may come to any of the options or remove the pledge prior to the 17th of July.

    1. SLC = Weekend of Aug 30-31st
    2. Bay Area, CA (Early January)
    3. You Decide

    All other Workshops will be announced in Kickstarter Updates and in the FAQ

    I will also give you one of the two books from this project.

    As the title says we will focus heavily on FLASH photography... FLASH during the day, FLASH at sunset, at FLASH twilight and FLASH during the night. All with small speedlights.
    I will talk a lot about the principles that guide my photography and show the way I interact with my clients to put them at ease and make for a relaxed and creative environment for photoshoots of everyday people. We'll eat meals together and have time for Question and Answer.

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    ULTRA SPONSOR - For a couple of people who believe highly in this project they can be an extra special part of making it happen.

    They'll get an ULTIMATE GIFT PACK so they can have one of everything and be able to give gifts to all their friends. PLUS they get to spend a day with me at the religious building of their choice which will for sure included in one of the two books. We will take the best possible pictures of the building. I will assist and teach YOU to take the best possible picture. YOUR image will be featured in the book with special credit as the photographer, along with a bio and special thanks for being instrumental in making it happen.

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    A big thanks to a friend of mine and huge friend of the Faith in America Project. Now we can make this project a reality. This means I'll be doing extra pictures and spending extra days photographing images of landscape and cityscapes throughout America and even pictures of popular hotels that will be able to have access to.

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