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Jarinus is Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) and Linus Of Hollywood. Help them make their debut album and get some cool stuff!
Jarinus is Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) and Linus Of Hollywood. Help them make their debut album and get some cool stuff!
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248 backers pledged $18,395 to help bring this project to life.

Jarinus Kickstarter Update July, 25, 2012

An update from Texas!! We are gaining ground!

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    1. JNValente on August 13, 2012

      Ye gods what have I done? So long so confused/beered up so obnoxiously improperly written. Please delete - Exterminate, know the drill. Leave the true part (most of it was true) about your billiance. Or shining. Depends how much you fancy Kubrick (me not so much after 2001..well after A Clockwork Orange) and the younger Jack (me a lot, me still tolerating the contemporary - thankfully I mean "still alive" by that - one). See? Não falo Inglês but I know what and whom I like. ^_^ Ç€-)

    2. JNValente on August 13, 2012

      Hey guys, brilliant updates after this (#13 & #14 I think), Just thought this (#12 izzit wazzit? as it werezzy.. nevermind, 1920s silly song unashamedly keeps popping up subconsiously subc..ok i can't spell that either, anyways I thought I might as well one-tenthy use it as it has been plaguing me like some other one mentioning what J rhymes with and that being V and you being J and the rhyme not strictu sensu sensible which is the way of all good poetry) was/seemed the most appropriate update in which to comment "You've been really non-Jarinus busy and so great it has been as far as BfS go. brilliant again!). I think I may be one of the 40 you haven't heard from (heard ad in written e-mail) and I wasn't really worried because I had the Shizz, so september whatever is fine by me, cool by me and I'm regretting not having gone for the name dropping (So cool! but I was barely unbroken enough for the Shizz and maybe my credit card - the one still with credit - is not the same now as it was back in January), BTB you keep getting higher up on my non-literal list of coolest guys ever. And you got me worried that I didn't "hear" from you at all. Hey, I'd support you for all I can afford even if I didn't get any "benefits". I am just worried you may not have gotten the benefits of my largesse, Let's pretend that's what it was. Linus you rock man! Jared you rocked in front of me so I know you do plus I've had a most pleasant Crappy Summer to thank you (and other unmetionables but supercool guys) to thank for. As my greatgrandma used to say: keep in touch. Keep us updated. Stay well, live long and prosp..something or other and I take issue (I would if I could be bothered staying away from beaches & beer - much too hot here in Portugal) with the english-needed thingummy. Knowledge of the language certainly adds a finesse (or do I mean a veneer) of sarcasm & self-dep.humour to the songs, but all my 1% of friends who only understand portuguee are equally delighted with Jarinus and have been coming up with jogos de beber (uh..drinking games? that don't sound very idiomatic) since January. They haven't been cioming up with huge,,what-have-you of money though, Must be so sad to live in the dark ages of unconnectedness I often remark to them..well @ them. Which is usually followed by a stream of abuse, many kegs of beer being obscenely emptied and a burping/belting competition ensuing. Of which you are (I'm sure very gracefully) the patron unholy saints of. Oops, my character(s) seem to be reaching their limit (mamma told me but that was a decade ago). Kudos & Força!!! (I'll m@il you as one of the 40 thieves but not sure I am or you'll get it and thieves is just extrapolating from my individual dark past when I was in kindergarten and knew no fear). TT For Now & all that J..eux Olympiques, Forgive my typos they should know better than to steal my thunderous moment... Ha..Ha..Heee.

    3. Jarinus Creator on July 26, 2012

      Geraldine - please email us and we can help!


    4. Missing avatar

      Summer Dawn on July 26, 2012

      Frosted Wheat... too funny!!

    5. Alyson Hell on July 26, 2012

      Thanks for the update! Mid September, JUST in time for football season!

    6. Missing avatar

      geraldine on July 25, 2012

      Nice update - thanks.

      Um - I can't remember which package I pledged, though I do remember I was to pay for overseas shipping - which I forgot to do or wasn't asked to do. I'm sure you will charge at the shipping time, right ?


    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Allison on July 25, 2012

      Thanks for the update guys. I hope my package arrives before the BFS gig in Manchester so I can wear my Jarinus T shirt to the gig.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kate & Matt James on July 25, 2012

      Nice t shirt :) Can't wait for the album x