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I've developed a special Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge that turns your NES into a true 8-bit MIDI synthesizer.
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Jarek Lupinski

260 backers pledged $15,045 to help bring this project to life.

Dev Kits are shipping Saturday!

Finally, after some tough R&D, endless hours of testing, and about 15 minutes of box stuffing, the 15 remaining Development Kits of the Chip Maestro are ready to ship! I will be emailing backers tonight asking if they have any updates to shipping info, and sending out the kits Saturday afternoon. Dev Kit backers, please make sure that you either get back to me, unless your address hasn't changed.

I'll post more details about how I'm going to create the remaining 225 Chip Maestros, but rest assured, they will be assembled in a factory, not by hand, so they'll ship out much sooner! That being said, I still want to give the Dev Kit backers some time to come up with awesome new features, so I'll spend the time that they hack their Chip Maestros shopping around for the best PCB fabrication and assembly deals (again).

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    1. Creator DJSymBiotiX on November 5, 2012

      Hey! I received my Chip Maestro in the mail today! Super excited.
      I'm just wondering though, it never came with any instructions or anything. Is there somewhere I can see all of it's functions (like what settings the first set of keys changes and whatnot).
      Thanks a lot!

      Worked the first time I tried it, and I'm excited to start making music with it :D

    2. Creator Justin Rempel on October 12, 2012

      I wish I ordered a dev-kit. Lookin' so fressssssssshhhhh

    3. Creator Robert Kreese on October 12, 2012

      This sounds great! Looks really awesome those boxes! I really regret not ordering a Dev-kit...

      How about setting up a forum (phpbb or something similar) on for the Dev-kit owners. Please let us "ordinary guys/girls" follow the discussions.

      All dev-kit owners: Please post some Youtube videos of you trying the kits etc.