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Update #19

Project Status: Smooth Progress


Hey backers!

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your support, and give you an update on progress here in the lab.

So the programming is complete, and we are in the process of assembling the dev kit units. In the meantime, I am designing the box artwork and manuals to be included with every Chip Maestro. In a few days, I will announce the winner of the label art contest, and then ship out the boxes and manuals to be mass-produced. Once these arrive, the dev kits will be ready to be sent out!

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    10 backers

    Backdoor access to all my build logs! I'll also give you my personal contact info, so you can shoot me ideas, comments, criticism, or just ask how I'm doing. Every backer, regardless of amount, receives this info.

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    24 backers

    Ticket to pre-order a Chip Maestro (please read description for info on pre-order tickets)! Get it before it goes on sale to the general public!

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    200 backers All gone!

    Paid pre-order of a limited-run Chip Maestro cartridge! These backers will receive a cartridge from the first batch as soon as they're assembled, hot out of the oven! Backers at this level and above also get their initials (up to 3 letters) silkscreened onto the back of every cartridge that goes into production! Own one of the first of hundreds of Chip Maestros to make their way into the hands of musicians worldwide! Shipping for this reward is included for domestic and Canada, 8$ worldwide.

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    18 backers Limited (7 left of 25)

    Chip Maestro cartridge development kit! Backers at this level will receive a special Chip Maestro cartridge with the programming headers attached, and USB programmers to write their own code for the chips on the board! This package is for adventurous types who want an even greater degree of customization with this already flexible synth. If you would like to get a head-start developing for the Chip Maestro, email me after you place your pledge and I will send out a kit as soon as possible.

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    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    One of 5 Gold Chip Maestro Cartridges! There will be a limited run of 6 golden colored Chip Maestros! The only other Gold Chip Maestro will be given to highest level backer!

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    1 backer All gone!

    My highest level backer will get the full VIP package! I will personally deliver your brand new Golden Chip Maestro cartridge, an NES to play it on, and a MIDI keyboard, then set it up in your home/studio! East Coast backers only please; if you would like to set up some other arrangement, please contact me in advance.

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