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Make writing, sketching or annotating on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil feel like you're doing it on paper.
Make writing, sketching or annotating on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil feel like you're doing it on paper.
Make writing, sketching or annotating on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil feel like you're doing it on paper.
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    1. Missing avatar

      on September 7

      I did't receive my order.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jayton on August 9

      Received and applied my Paperlike yesterday. Really happy with the screenprotector! The pencil is much more usable for me now and the mat finish is not so intrusive as other mat screenprotectors I used.
      Packaging was good enough, received them in perfect condition!
      Thanks Jan!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ruth Ziethe on August 7

      Hi Jan,
      my paper like arrived this weekend. Since I was so excited I immediately wanted to apply it. The process is easy enough to follow and I am happy with the result. I should note that I tried all this outdoors on the terrace with a lot of wind. Despite all my efforts a few tiny dust particles made it underneath the sheath (none on the actual screen area, though) . Note to myself: if you have a ISO class5 cleanroom and a flow box at hand, use it.
      Writing on the PaperLike is awesome. It's hard to compare to paper, though. I'd simply say it makes writing with the Apple Pencil just the way I always wished it should be. It gives good friction and simultaneously not too much. Also, its somewhat quieter during fast writing I find.
      I do like the matte finish the screen has now as well.
      And now: I'll order another one and try to be smarter when installing :-)
      Great Job, thanks again for inventing this!

    4. Missing avatar

      Carsten Stoelting on August 3

      Hi all, dear Jan,
      First of all thanks for your great communication and your effort to make this product come true....
      I recieved my 10.5 size yesterday. I was aware of the "installation" and it works very well without any bubbles...
      First of all: the touch and feel is great. Especially the "paper like feeling" is great. It's a perfect mockup of real paper!!!! Writing, sketching feels great!!!
      Now the back side ;-'(
      Its true, the foil cause some distractions and the overall appearance is a kind of dull and blurred.....especially if you are using your pad for photos or movies.
      Myself the purpose of my iPad its for business. My favorite app is OneNote where i take all my notes in my meetings. AND FOR THIS P'URPOSE your paperlike is a great product.

      You'll loose brightness and sharpness of your scree...
      But if you are using your pad as a sketchbook, or paper substitute then the paperlike is a must have....

      Well DONE! Thanks.....

    5. Missing avatar

      Sasathorn Phaspinyo on July 31

      The packaging was bent pretty bad. Installed okay though. The refraction is really disappointing. I mean,especially, on area displaying white, it is full of tiny refraction bands of red, green, blue - not usable for me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jayton on July 30

      Hi Jan, i backed for two pieces of Paperlike. Hope I can still get 1x 9.7 and 1x 10.5 version, like I messaged you.
      Regards Jayton

    7. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 29

      Dear Backers,
      anyone waiting for his / her 10.5-inch PaperLike, here some info for you: We wanted to ship last week, but we didn't have enough wet-wipes! These were sent, on time but got delayed by customs, which made my wished Friday-shippment impossible. That said, your PaperLike Order should go out next week latest, as customs can't take longer than that! Again I'm very sorry for the delay, we'll make sure your shipment goes out ASAP! You’ll be notified as soon as your 10.5-inch PaperLike is on its way.

      @Amanda, HF, and anyone having issues with his PaperLike:
      REPOST: I understand some backers have had issues with the delivery and packaging. I want everyone to be happy with his/her PaperLike! So, as mentioned in my last comment, please write me directly if you're having issues with the shipping condition or application of the PaperLike. Many of you don't find the private message option, so alternatively please write me an email at

    8. Amanda Barry on July 28

      Jan. How can I personally contact you? I have a question about my PaperLike.

    9. Missing avatar

      JF Williams on July 28

      Mine arrived with a large crease. Basically useless.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ruben Romo on July 24

      Been using my PaperLike since it arrived--on time as the developer said it would be and in perfect condition--and I've had nothing to complain about. I like the feel of my iPad's surface, not only while using my Apple Pencil, but in everyday use as well. I've never used a screen protector on any of my iPads and won't be goin back. It's been four weeks and I haven't had to stop to clean my screen surface once since the PaperLike has been installed (which is a nice and unexpected perk.)

      I've seen the comments and agree, the packaging could have provided a little better protection, but, in truth, I was actually surprised at how ready for market the packaging looked when it did arrive. Obviously, had I of bought the PaperLike in a real store, the packaging would have been fine as is. And as most everyone knows, if I had bought it on Amazon, It would have been delivered in a 2'x3' hermetically sealed box with enough air-pads and packing tape to ship live baby chicks along with it... but I digress.

      In the end, I'm very happy to have been a supporter of this campaign. It's a good product that delivers on its claim to improve my iPad user experience and hat's off to Jan for setting the bar for how a good Creator communicates and services his supporters.

    11. Rafael Sarmento on July 24

      Still waiting for mine... it’s been a month already, I’m worried that it will arrive shattered if the other reviews about the packaging are correct. Can’t wait!

    12. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 23

      Short update, anyone asking him / herself about the 10.5-inch PaperLike delivery - We'll start shipping this week. I'm preparing some stuff for the campaign-update announcing this to everyone. Please bear with me.

    13. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 20

      @Robert: That happens to the best of us, don't be hard on yourself or your cat's fur! :-P Regretfully you won't be able to clean the sticky surface of the PaperLike. The next time you can try it in the bath, after a hot shower. The vapour takes down all dust particles and there you'll definitely get the nearest to dustless room possible at home. It's not the most comfortable place to apply a screen protector, but there you might even have the additional advantage of being able to leave the cat outside during the application process. I've sent you a private message, better luck the next time!

      Thanks everyone else for the great feedback and improvement ideas!

      I have great news about the 10.5-inch PaperLike coming, I'll be posting these over the weekend. :-D

      REPOST: I understand some backers have had issues with the delivery and packaging. I want everyone to be happy with his/her PaperLike! So, as mentioned in my last comment, please write me directly if you're having issues with the shipping condition or application of the PaperLike. Many of you don't find the private message option, so alternatively please write me an email at

    14. Missing avatar

      robertshepherd on July 19

      Hi Creators, in a fit of stupidity, I held the sticky side up to the air just in time for my cat to walk past and deposit dozens of hairs into the adhesive. Any suggestions on hoe to fix, other than finding a dust-free room and picking off the individual hairs? Can I wash the adhesive surface with anything to remove the hair and then let dry before trying again (minus cat)?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lynn on July 18

      I got my PaperLike yesterday so here's my status report. Thankfully, my PaperLike made it all the way to Australia intact. However, I can see how it could have been very easily damaged, the screen protector was loose in the thin cardboard packaging without any case.
      The application was pretty tricky, lining it up was the hardest part and it would definitely help to have the strips to pull off the protective films at the home button end. The PaperLike is pretty thin and flaps around, so it's very hard to get it installed straight. There were a lot of bubbles, but with half an hour of very careful pushing, I managed to get most out.
      The refraction and decrease in screen clarity is annoying, but not really worse than other matte/glare reduction screen protector. I've had one on my iPad for the last year, so I'm used to it.
      The paper feeling is nice. It's not as grippy as I thought it would be, but definitely enough to make a difference when writing or sketching. Maybe if it had even more grip, it would be too much. I've only had it on a few hours, but so far no finger prints show up which is great. I hope that whatever gives it the paper feeling doesn't wear off soon, because I'm not looking forward to repeating the stressful install...
      So! I would purchase this again at the Kickstarter price, however: packaging needs to be more stable/protective. If anything can be done to make the application easier, DO IT. It would also be good if 2-packs of PaperLike could be offered for a discount, in case the application goes really wrong you can at least try again.
      Overall I'm happy and looking forward to sketching with more control. Thanks Jan.

    16. Missing avatar

      Handy Wicaksono on July 18

      Hi Jan, I received my reward last week. The packaging is fine, application to iPad pro screen is bit difficult but doable for me.

      I do like the "paper like" feeling when writing on it, however, like many backers mentioned in the comments, it degrades the clarity of the iPad Pro's screen. As I also use the iPad pro to read many e-books, this degradation is not acceptable for me. I have tried PaperLike for a week, however, unfortunately, I am not satisfied with it.

      Anyway, thanks for the effort to make this product. Better luck in the future!

    17. Marc Magnee on July 17

      Hi Jan,
      I received my Paperlike in fine condition. It made it to Hong Kong intact. :-) It works as you described. It's nice not to have the pencil skidding around as it used to. Writing is a lot easier with smaller strokes a lot more accurate.

      Yes I have a few bubbles remaining after installing but that always happens to me anyway. The display is slightly less vivid especially on lower brightness settings but overall I am very pleased.

      I do agree with others about the packaging. It reached me well though slightly bent. I'd imagine with rougher handling by the mail people it could have been damaged. It needs a bit more protection to ensure it arrives in good condition for all buyers.

      Jan, what I got is what I hoped to get. I have no complaints about the product itself at all. Short of installing the cover in an Intel clean room I think it's difficult to avoid a spot or two of dust. Thank you for prompt delivery and honest representation. It's refreshing.

      I wish you every success,
      Marc :-)

    18. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 16

      @John: You must have received a faulty PaperLike. Also you must realise your message is a bit contradictory: "The hole for the camera was created with your basic office hole punch without even taking the care to remove the material that was punched out." How is that even physically possible with an office hole punch? :-P Ok, I won't be giving you a hard time here. :-D I've sent you a private message to sort this out.

      REPOST: I understand some backers have had issues with the delivery and packaging. I want everyone to be happy with his/her PaperLike! So, as mentioned in my last comment, please write me directly if you're having issues with the shipping condition or application of the PaperLike. Many of you don't find the private message option, so alternatively please write me an email at

    19. Missing avatar

      John Butt on July 16

      Just installed the PaperLike after feeling very ambivalent given a lot of the critical comments. Install went smoothly but I noticed that even before I took the cover out of the plastic pouch it already had a few dust spots on it under the protective plastic covers so that was disappointing. I used the tape trick to get the factory installed dust off the cover while I was installing. Still have a few bubbles in the corner where the tabs were. The adhesive seems very weak so I'm not sure how long this is going to stay on especially with the fact that there was dust on the PaperLike straight from the factory.

      I like the feel of the cover with the Pencil and the image quality does not bother me which was my biggest fear being a photographer.

      A lot of the issues appear to be because the brand is so new. The packaging was terrible and my box was squished and torn but luckily no creasing. The adhesive is very weak. The hole for the camera was created with your basic office hole punch without even taking the care to remove the material that was punched out. The wet wipe was half dry and pitifully small especially for the size of the iPad Pro 12.9.

      All in all I would check in with this company again in maybe a year or two after all of this basic stuff is ironed out unfortunately I don't think the PaperLike will last that long. I wouldn't purchase this protector again even at the kickstarter price point given the current issues however.

    20. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 15

      Great feedback guys, I'm happy you're enjoying the PaperLike as much as I am, and congrats for the successful application! :-D

      @Jack I know a failed installation process is frustrating, let us talk over private messages to see what we can do.

      REPOST: I understand some backers have had issues with the delivery and packaging. I want everyone to be happy with his/her PaperLike! So, as mentioned in my last comment, please write me directly if you're having issues with the shipping condition or application of the PaperLike. Many of you don't find the private message option, so alternatively please write me an email at

    21. jack cornell on July 15

      Well, that was a waste of time and money. Very disappointing. Loads of bubbles and altered the image quality.

    22. Thomas Fiello on July 14

      For anyone having trouble with the install, mix a little soap and water in a spray bottle and hit your screen and the cover with that first. It acts as a lubricant without affecting the adhesive so you can take your time positioning the cover.

      Once you have it in position, set it aside and wait a bit until the water begins to evaporate and the cover no longer slides easily. Then you can start pushing the bubbles and excess water out with a credit card!

      It may have a slight sheen from the soap for a couple days but it will go away and it's worth it for that factory installed look.

    23. Thomas Fiello on July 14

      I received mine two weeks ago. It was a gift for my girlfriend because she does a lot of graphic design work using the apple pencil on her iPad.

      According to her, it doesn't feel exactly like paper but it does provide a friction feeling that gives her much greater control. It's helped her a lot already and she loves it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Christopher Martin on July 14

      Got it too. But boy is it hard to install. I have put on many screen protectors over the years and this is the most difficult - bubbles everywhere - and they don't go away over time! I am going to order another ans see if I can do it better. The functionality seem pretty good but it looks awful.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rob Mullen on July 13

      Got it. Found it a bit tricky to get on properly but it's great! Now writing feels like it should on the ipad. Much greater control.. a great Kickstarter project and a great product. Thanks

    26. Missing avatar

      Fiona Andersen on July 12

      Just got mine today and holy wow it's amazing! I was a little skeptical about how much like paper it could feel like, as I have been so stuck on traditional sketching and haven't been able to comfortable switch to tablet, but let me tell you, it was so comfortable drawing on my iPad with the paper like screen protector. I'm going to need to buy a million more now for when I've overused my first one!

    27. Missing avatar

      Maksimt1 Tabachnik on July 11

      So, mine just arrived, and it was intact.
      I applied the paperlike according to the video, and has a few tiny bubbles, but overall it's even better than what i expected!
      It feels great, and looks ten times better than the smudgy screen protector i had before!
      Thank you so much!

    28. Missing avatar

      Aileen Abigail Apostol on July 11

      Received mine today in good condition. Followed the video on how to put it to my iPad and lucky to have very view small bubbles. I have now more control on writing notes. Though I agree that image quality dropped and the vertical lines are kind of bothering. I'll give myself a period to adjust. Thanks for this, Jan!

    29. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 9

      Hi Denis, here a re-post: I understand that the refraction of the PaperLike might initially be too much for some backers, especially those who've gotten used to using the iPad without any screen protector. If this is you, please hear me out: Give the PaperLike a chance! Leave the PaperLike on your iPad for at least a week, and then decide if the (expected) refraction still bothers you. I'm pretty sure you'll get to appreciate the awesome paper feel, an won't have any issue with the image quality. I must say I personally never had an issue with the PaperLike's minimal refraction, as the paper-feel by far surpassed this issue.

    30. Denis Rojcyk on July 9

      +) Packaging was fine
      +) It is impossible to set it up without bubbles, not to mention dust. But I don't mind it that much.
      ---) The picture quality is terrible. It is a downgrade from the raw retina display. There are rainbow colored horizontal lines clearly visible. It is really disturbing and not very usable, to be honest.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrea Doyon on July 9

      I received my Paperlike and everything is in good condition.
      Thank you I am very satisfied.

    32. R and R Game Night
      on July 9

      Just a follow-up to my good news and bad news post.... There really is more good news here for it did get shipped, arrived and survived a lot of rain in the packaging, wasn't bent or creased. It was more difficult to apply than have patience and work in a clean will be happy with the results.

    33. R and R Game Night
      on July 9

      Good news and bad news... I received mine in the US (only ordered one) while we were out of town. It was delivered and left on the doorstep. It rained, and rained for days. I had a neighbor bring it in after checking on the house. But here is the good news....though it was in paper packaging and very wet... the inside plastic protected it and mine was not creased or bent. But the bad news is that it was very difficult to apply on the glass. My wife put it on as she has more patience than I do :-) She had done our phones and ipads with previous products, but told me this was the most difficult to apply. It fits edge to edge and has no margin for error...and took a long time to work out bubbles and by then trapped dust around the edges which we cannot get out. Good news again does feel better than not having a screen protector and feels better than other screen protectors I tried.

      on July 9

      Hi Jan, hope you recover soon. I am still waiting my PaperLike 12.9" screen cover. How do I know when you have sent it out to Taiwan? Do you have it's tracking number ?

    35. Jeeb Ishak on July 8

      Get well soon, Jan. Got my Paperlike and extremely disappointed with the packaging as it is bent at the edges. Haven't installed it yet, as I'm not sure if its still usable being bent like this.

    36. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 8

      Also anyone who's waiting for an answer to a private message, I expect to answer you tomorrow. Now I need to sleep.

    37. Jan Sapper 2-time creator on July 8

      Thanks everyone for the feedback. Sorry for not being active on the wall in the last days. I've been sick and taking medication. (I don't trust myself when taking medication. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

      I understand some of you have had issues with the delivery and packaging. I want everyone to be happy with his/her PaperLike! So, as mentioned in my last comment, please write me directly if you're having issues with the shipping condition or application of the PaperLike. Many of you don't find the private message option, so alternatively please write me an email at

      Unproductive (and unfriendly) comments on the wall won't help anyone here. And hey, I wouldn't do this project if I wasn't 100% convinced it's an awesome product that gives you back the control when drawing instead of a slippery screen.

      Please be patient (and at least friendly), this is our first rodeo. :-)
      Again thank you all for your support and for being part of this!

    38. Missing avatar

      on July 8

      Ok Jan
      Your hearing the reports but not saying anything - seems like another kickstarter piece of shit - it's getting to the point of not backing a kickstarter and wait to see how it goes - as a super backer - it seems less then 10% of what I backed really live up to what I was supposed to receive

    39. Missing avatar

      Sumer on July 8

      Hey received my paperlike today.
      I live in Mumbai, India
      The packaging was really flimsy and the corners are all bent. It will not stick on if I try to apply it onto the iPad.
      I've tried messaging you privately with no reply.

      Please help

    40. Missing avatar

      Leroy Campbell on July 6

      My experience is similar. I didn't have as many issues with application (though I still have a few bubbles). It really feels nice. I have better control with the Apple Pencil (using Paper by 53 and GoodNotes). But…

      …more importantly, is the annoying moiré effect I'm seeing. I'll try to live with it for a day at least. I'm not sure I'll make it. I can see repeating lines of red, green, and blue pixels. It's a downgrade from the Retina display. I'm just not willing to give up screen clarity.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Farmer on July 6

      Reading the comments at least gives me a little more solice that I am not alone! Although delivered safely, the application is almost impossible. I bought two and destroyed the first trying to get a smooth application. The second is so-so. I will see if I can live with the bubbles, which are excessive and seem to occur even when there are no bits of fluff. Even then it seems impossible to stop the slightest spec of dust sticking during apllication.
      The effect is good but with the application issues I could not recommend it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Gregory Louis Richard on July 6

      I won't beat the proverbial dead horse here. But my experiences are the same: Beat up box. More bubbles than I have ever experienced with any screen protector application. In my opinion, other matte anti-glare screen protectors give the same drag and feel. Maybe if two were included or the packaging was more protective, I could have tried again. But the application had so many issues, I could not live with the application.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sullivan Owen on July 6

      I opened mine last night and was super disappointed, I had a banged up box with several creases in the lower portion. Knowing I was probably going to be unhappy, I cleaned, dry wiped, dry wiped again and again. I watched the video but still millions of bubbles, the creases were super obvious and I was underwhelmed. I pulled it off immediately as the bubbles were impossible to get out and super distracting.

      I'm using Pencil by 53 which has great drag on the glass so I'll stick with that while I learn to get used to the Apple pencil on glass but if this is what screen protection is like, I don't think it's for me. Image clarity and responsiveness are much more important, not to mention seeing through hundreds of bubbles. As a small business owner, I don't expect a refund or even a new one though. We all took a chance on a new product, it needs work but I know the funds went into producing the product and I'm sure they'll continue to work on it. Best of luck!

    44. Jeffin Andria Prabowo on July 6

      Just got mine and luckily it was in perfect condition. I was using cheap matte protector before and I'm replacing that one with Paperlike. My review is:
      1. Yes, lots of bubbles. Luckily I always watched when people at the store are putting protectors, so I know how to pick up the edge with clear tape aftr application, and clean the dust within the bubble, one by one. Now it's perfect.
      2. Apple pencil texture: more like paper than my old matte protector, but not that much difference.

      3. My biggest disappointment: SCREEN QUALITY. I am a designer and I'm really noisy about image quality. I can clearly see there are repeated rainbow lines on my screen, especially on white. My old matte screen was not crystal clear, but at least there's no line. Now, it's like seeing mini corrogated paper texture or concorde paper texture on my ipad. I was expecting a great visual :(

      I don't want to be mean, but it's hard for me to like this. I liked my old matte protector better and it's has 1/3 price than this. For you who wanted nice image, you can try another protector. But if you need a protector with more teeth on it, you can buy this one. Thanks Jan and wish u all the best.

    45. Martino Wong on July 6

      I received mine a couple of days ago; I second the shipping issues, mine had a folded corner and a couple of marks here and there; non deal breakers but annoying, I think a rigid case would have solved the issue. On a second note, I would suggest including some stickers with the screen protector, the kind that you use to get little particles from under the screen protector and many other screen protectors ship along (I used some leftovers I had and they saved my life with a bunch of specs of dusts and little hair).
      Apart from this, I really do like the paperlike, I feel it really makes it easier to write and the image quality doesn't feel impaired at all

    46. Missing avatar

      Bae Hyo Shin on July 5

      Just received mine today. The package corners were destroyed when it arrived and the product is really unprotected in the thin box. Still, I tried out the protector with the damaged corners just to see if the toothy feel is nice. It is not very different from the matte screen protectors, but is definitely toothier than others. Image quality doesn't drop much and handles reflection better than other matte screen protectors. It feels weightier, which I think gives more control when sketching, but I think it adds strains when using for note-taking because of added friction. It feels like using color pencil on paper - good and bad depending on what you use this for.

      There are so much bubbles happening though... and two of the four corners are completely destroyed and doesn't even stick to the screen. Overall, I think I would have enjoyed using this a bit more than other matte protectors if it came without any damages. Its not a ground breaking experience but still an improvement as I sketch a lot. Notetaking felt better on other screen protectors to me, but it might be just because I am more used to it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Art Shirley on July 5

      I had a similar experience to what others have posted, though mine seemed to survive shipping better than others.
      I had many small bubbles that I could not smooth out using a credit card.
      I found the surface to be more rubbery rather than paper-like. I expected the display to look a little duller, but also found the iPad to be less responsive which I did not expect.

    48. the playsets team on July 5

      I'm having the same issues as others. Beat up shipping box, many bubbles that won't come out even with careful installation, a bent corner from shipping that won't lay flat. I also do not find the experience to be like writing on paper, it feels just like other matte screen protectors.

    49. Missing avatar

      Paul Russo on July 4

      Shipping packaging was horrible. Mine arrived bent and creased. Tried to use it anyway and have nothing but bubbles and specks because of it. Not only does it not feel like paper, it makes my iPad LESS responsive. Drawing with the Apple Pencil now feels like drawing with a magic marker. Sticky and not precise. I wish I never removed my previous matte screen protector. I would like my money back. Poor execution all around.

    50. David Winograd on July 3

      Jan, I can't find the contact me anywhere.
      I carefully installed on a 12.9" iPad Pro and have a ton of bubbles and imperfections that can't be pushed out. It feels great but looks horrid.
      Send me an address and I'll send you a picture.
      It also took a lot of the brightness out the display.
      Please help.

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