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Noon Design turns the beauty of nature into naturally dyed fabrics for designers and artists by using new technology. Think pomegranate and walnuts.

My project is named Noon Design Studio. As far as I know, Noon Design Studio is the only production natural dye house in the US. I am able to naturally dye on a large scale because of my industrial dye machine, which is basically a high quality industrial washing machine that I’ve specifically programmed to use with natural dyes. I am raising money through to pay off the balance of this amazing machine so I can continue to naturally dye textiles for designers, artists and my own projects. Using natural dye is an incredible and ancient tradition that I’ve modernized with this machine. This is my opportunity to make naturally dyed textiles an accessible choice for everyone.

The industrial dye machine allows me to dye many yards of fabric at one time, as opposed to dying in a small pot on the stove. Each dye requires a specific temperature of water held for a specific period of time, which I can program exactly with the machine. This has allowed me to work with apparel and home-furnishing designers who need naturally dyed fabrics or pieces for their productions lines, including dresses, shirts, baby clothing, bags and computer cases. I also work with individuals to dye personal items such as duvet covers, tee shirts and pillow covers.

I love natural dye because of its beauty; it has a luminosity and presence of hand that cannot be reproduced with chemical dyes. I also love it for its sustainability with the earth and its connection to thousands of years of history.

One of the most amazing things about natural dye is where it comes from. It can come from wood, fruit, roots, flowers and even insects. Every color of the rainbow can be produced. One of my favorite dies come from the exoskeleton of a little bug living exclusively on the beaver tail cactus in Oaxaca, Mexico. The shells are harvested and traditionally mixed with lime juice to create a vibrant hot pink or red dye.

Natural dye has a long and rich history stemming from almost every culture. It is important because it utilizes naturally occurring materials to create color without the use of chemicals or salt. A naturally dyed organic textile is non-toxic and safe for everyone. At the end of its life, it can biodegrade back into the soil without hurting the earth.

Almost any natural textile can be dyed naturally, so why shouldn’t it be?

*Shibori= an ancient Japanese method of creating pattern through stitching and folding cloth.

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    Get a cool little Shibori* patterned, naturally dyed and organic cotton patch to stitch onto your favorite shopper, jacket or backpack.

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    Get a pocket sized round mirror backed in a gorgeous Shibori* patterned textile. Perfect for your handbag or medicine chest.

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    A naturally dyed organic cotton tote bag perfect for the farmers market, either solid or Shibori* dyed. Your choice!

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    A naturally dyed, organic cotton scarf that is soft and warm. Size is 8 x 77" and is perfect for men or women.

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    SOLID naturally dyed textile: send me an un-dyed, white or lightly dyed textile of your choice, and have it custom dyed in a solid color of your choice. Ideas are duvet covers, pillow shams, shower curtain, or ???

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    PATTERNED naturally dyed textile: send me an un-dyed, white or lightly dyed textile, and I will naturally dye it with a Shibori* pattern to your liking. Ideas are the same...duvet covers, shower curtains or ...?

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    A private Shibori* and natural dye workshop with me in Chicago. Learn how to make several different patterns through hand stitching and folding cloth, and also learn the ancient tradition of natural dye. The final object is up to you--something gorgeous for your wall? a set of pillows to accent your sofa? We will work together to decide the right project for you before the workshop.

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