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Niche is a performance mapped from a central point.  Each audience member decides a route to see dances in private/public small spaces.
Niche is a performance mapped from a central point. Each audience member decides a route to see dances in private/public small spaces.
26 backers pledged $1,415 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

May 20

At last, a few images from our evening on May 20 at Arlington Arts Center.  My only excuse, I was out of town May 25 - June 3 and every final grant report I had to do needed to be done before leaving town. 

So we had weather luck on May 20.  It was a beautiful evening; earlier in the week it had been impossibly rainy.  Since we had planned for so much to happen outside, indeed fortunate.  What's next?  Taking this idea and planning another performance event with a similar structure in a different venue.  I'll keep you posted.  Sincere thanks to all who got this project going through your kind generosity.

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Rewards keep changing!

I have updated rewards at the higher levels...lots of tickets, classes, and some 'after' gatherings and dinner.  These updated rewards are good deals if you live in the area.  Whatever we receive above our goal will be applied to 2012-13 productions.

Nice weather predicted for tomorrow.  Indeed, we are so lucky!

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Last night we reached our goal.  Thank you so much for your help.  I mean it!  This is terrific to reach this goal.  It is harder and harder to find resources through the more traditional routes of government or foundation grants, much less being able to do a project within a few months time frame.  Yes, you have made a big, big difference with your interest and with your pledges.

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Just added - new and better rewards

For this final push to reach our goal, I have increased the rewards at a couple of giving levels.  So please take a look at the $50 level and the $250 level.  We are truly looking for people to come and see this concluding event at Arlington Arts Center.  If you want to tell a friend, and send out the word, we are very grateful.

In the meanwhile, I am posting a few outdoor images for where we will dance at Arlington Arts Center.  It is rainy today, thus postponing an outdoor rehearsal we had scheduled for late this afternoon.  But onward....we can still continue to work on this project, with different music, different attitude and lots of energy.

you will see:  Emily/Brianne at the grass beside the tennis court
Wayles by the circular playground equipment
Our beginning and ending dances in front of the cement wall
Andrea working on both sides of the front door

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Arlington Arts Center map

I am posting our map for the solos/ and 1 duet at Arlington Arts Center.  We are counting on the weather to be top notch...well, just in case, there are a couple of things planned for inside as well.

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