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Read a strange new graphic novel as it nears completion. Peek behind the scenes and get original art, comics and other rewards!

NOTE TO NEW BACKERS: Be sure to log in & read Update #1!

Greetings, internet friends. I'm Jamie Tanner - cartoonist, illustrator, author of The Aviary. At the end of last year, I launched a Kickstarter project to help me make a new graphic novel. The project was successful, the experience was amazing, and since early 2010 I've been pretty much living my dream, spending most of my time working on this new comic book, which has come to be called THE BLACK WELL. Since I started work on this project, I've gotten great responses from people, including many who missed the original Kickstart, but were still interested in seeing what I was working on. So now that my new comic is nearing completion, I'm re-opening the project for just a little while...

Up to this point the only people who've been able to read THE BLACK WELL have been the wonderful backers of my first Kickstarter project - they've seen everything that's gone into the making of the book, from my initial ideas, influences and inspirations to research, sketching and writing to planning, penciling, and inking to the final finished comics product. It's been really rewarding to connect with readers new and old, and share the work I care most about with them. In hopes of finding some more people who might be interested in reading my comics, I'm launching this project as sort of an extension of that first one. So for 30 days, I'm re-opening the Kickstarter doors.

I'm setting the funding goal of the project super-low: just 50 bucks. So if even one person pledges for a page of art, the project is a go. But that's just a random number, really - there is no specific financial goal for this project. It's just to open the project up for more backers to join, and to hopefully sell some art & comics. Where does the money go? Well, first it goes to the cost of making and / or shipping all your rewards. Then it goes to helping support me while I finish the book - so if you like what you see, please pledge!

What's in it for you? Well, anyone who backs the project at any amount will get access to the private website where you can read THE BLACK WELL - the first two parts are already up, and the last part (in progress now) should be up sometime in November. The first update to this project will give you the info for that site, and you can go read the first 88 pages as soon as you like. All backers will also be given access to all the behind-the-scenes stuff. I'll be re-posting all the backers-only updates from my first project, so you can see how the book developed from its very earliest stages all the way to its finished form. And then, of course, there are all the nifty rewards for pledging, like original art, prints, signed copies of my first book, The Aviary, and more. Basically, this project is a mini-storefront for art & comics, and with anything you buy you can read my new book as it's being made. Sound good? I hope so! (I'll include some examples of the available rewards at the bottom of this description…)

What's THE BLACK WELL about? It's a sort of horror / comedy / mystery hybrid. But the mystery has no real solution, it's not really scary, and there aren't really any jokes. It's a strange variation on some classic horror themes & archetypes, like werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc. But in a, let's just say, idiosyncratic way. Here are some of the characters you'll meet if you care to come aboard:

Want to see more? Click here for sample pages from the book. If it looks like your kinda thing, back this project - that's the only way to read it at the moment, and probably for quite a while. Whatever fate befalls the book, you can read it as soon as it's done. I'm hopeful the book will be published someday, but this project is about creation, not about publication. It's about finding the time to make the work I care about most, and finding & connecting with people who care about it too!

Thanks so much for taking the time to consider this,
Jamie Tanner

(NOTE TO BACKERS OF MY FIRST PROJECT: Don't worry, there won't be anything that you'll miss by not backing this second project. I'll make sure that backers of both projects get access to all the same updates and information. So there's no need to pledge again! Unless you wanted to get additional rewards or something. And speaking of rewards...)

Examples of Rewards:

(Note: if you'd like multiple rewards, just pledge for the combined amount of the ones you want and send me a message. Also, non-U.S. backers are welcome, but please pledge a little extra for shipping. Thanks!)

THE DIARIST: Small blank sketchbook / journal

THE AESTHETE: Small original drawing

THE READER: Signed copy of The Aviary

THE ENTHUSIAST: Small art print

THE AFICIONADO: Large art print

THE PATRON: Page of original art

THE COMMISSIONER: Large original drawing of whatever you'd like

THE CONNOISSEUR: Large original watercolor painting of whatever you'd like


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    THE DILETTANTE: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a little thank-you card.

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    THE DIARIST: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a small blank sketchbook / journal with illustrated cover (there will be a few different covers to choose from).

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    THE AESTHETE: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a small original drawing made just for you.

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    THE READER: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a signed copy of my first book, The Aviary.

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    THE ENTHUSIAST: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a small (6" x 9") art print. Entitled "HIGH FIVE", this print depicts a squid and The Quiet Bird-Man engaging in said high-five.

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    THE AFICIONADO: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus an oversized (12" x 18") art print. (Choice of 2 prints: BE QUIET or HEADPHONE SQUID)

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    THE PATRON: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus one page of original art, either from The Black Well or from my first book, The Aviary - your choice! Pages from The Black Well are 8" x 12", and pages from The Aviary vary in size from about 6" x 8" to about 9" x 12".

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    THE COMMISSIONER: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a large (9" x 12") original drawing made just for you, of any subject you like.

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    THE CONNOISSEUR: You get access to The Black Well & all updates, plus a large (9" x 12") original watercolor painting made just for you, of any subject you like.

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