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Jamie Tanner Makes A New Graphic Novel, You Get Original Art (and More)'s video poster

Do you like comics/ graphic novels? Want to follow along as one is made & know you helped make it happen? Want to get original art & other cool stuff? Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 14, 2009.

Do you like comics/ graphic novels? Want to follow along as one is made & know you helped make it happen? Want to get original art & other cool stuff?

About this project

Updates: -Amazingly, the funding goal has already been exceeded, but I've got lots more comics and art to give as rewards, so please continue pledging - every little bit helps!
-Kickstarter Q&A - learn more about me & this project.
-The Squid - brand new comic drawn just for this project!
-Lots of bonus rewards and other good stuff in those updates, so read 'em (See that link up there? Click it!)...
-Note: I've heard from folks who are confused by the way Kickstarter works. I think the Kickstarter system is great, but if for whatever reason you don't want to sign up, but still want to pledge and be a part of my project, just contact me directly (email: and I'll be happy to work something out with you.

Thanks so much, everyone! New here? Check out the video above, read the original pitch below and check out the various updates. Hope you'll consider joining me!

Original Project Description: Greetings, internet friends. I'm Jamie Tanner, author of The Aviary, a strange and darkly comedic collection of short comics stories which was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2008. I'm often asked when I'll make another book, and my usual mildly embarrassed response is, "Um... when I can find the time?" Well, I'm looking to change that, and that's where Kickstarter and - most importantly - YOU come in. Basically, I'm inviting you to become a sort of patron of the sequential arts, and I'm offering some great comics and art-related rewards in return...

Making comics is incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it's, well, let's just say quite difficult to earn a living at. But I love making comics, always have, and I've had to just try to make them in my few spare moments. For example, my first book took about 6 years worth of that spare time to make. As time passes, there seems to be less and less of that spare time to go around, so a big goal of this project is to help me afford the time to work intensely on a new book, to stop making excuses, and to make that book in a much shorter span of time. I'm hoping for somewhere around 6 months from start to finish. And I want to include you every step of the way.

So what's in it for you? Besides helping an artist "live his dream", as they say, however briefly? Well, quite a bit. You get to follow along as a graphic novel is made, from beginning to end. From ideas, influences and inspirations to research, sketching and writing to planning, penciling and inking. I'll post weekly (at least) updates of the whole process for anyone who pledges at any amount. And any pledge amount will also get you access to a digital / online version of the finished book whenever it's done - whether it's ever published or not, you'll get to read it.

But if you want to give a little more, you can get a lot more. A signed copy of my first book or a large art print, for example. Or an actual piece of the book you're helping to make - a page of original art from the book! (And for a lot less money than original comic art usually goes for, too.) I'm aiming for around 100-120 pages in length for the book, so there'll be lots of art to choose from, or you can choose a page from my first book, too. There are a bunch of other reward options - just take a look to your right.

What will the book be like? Part of the fun is in figuring that out as we go. But chances are it will be somewhat similar to the other comics I've made over the years - equal parts surreal, silly, creepy, sad, goofy and odd. Take a look at some comics over on my website and see what you think - try Island of the Bears for silliness or The Accommodations of Old Man Small for creepiness. Or take a look at for excerpts and reviews of my first book.

I hope you'll consider getting involved (and getting yourself some art). Another big reason I'm taking the leap into this project is to try to connect with an audience out there for the work I love doing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this,
Jamie Tanner
UPDATE: Week 1 | UPDATE: Week 2 | UPDATE: Week 3 | UPDATE: Week 4 | UPDATE: Inside The Aviary, Part 1 - Comics, Canines & Cocktails... | UPDATE: A New Comic, A Bonus Art Contest, A Few Notes On Rewards & Come See Me In Brooklyn This Weekend... | UPDATE: Squid Winners... | UPDATE: Inside The Aviary, Part 2 - Call Of The Quiet Bird-Man...


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  • You selected
    Pledge $8 or more

    15 backers

    THE DIARIST: You get a small blank sketchbook / journal with illustrated cover (there will be a few different covers to choose from).

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    Pledge $20 or more

    32 backers

    THE READER: You get a signed copy of my first book, The Aviary.

  • You selected
    Pledge $30 or more

    16 backers

    THE AFICIONADO: You get an oversized (13 x 18) art print.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    23 backers

    THE PATRON: You get one page of original art, either from the new book I'll be making, or from The Aviary - your choice!
    Pages from The Aviary vary in size from about 6"x8" to about 9"x12".
    The new book will likely be drawn at 9"x12" or thereabouts.
    (*Bonus for early adopters: the first 13 people to opt for this reward or higher will also receive a copy of a mini sketchbook featuring 96 pages of my sketches, illustrations and drawings.)

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    Pledge $75 or more

    14 backers

    THE COMMISSIONER: You get an original drawing made just for you, of any subject you like.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    13 backers

    THE COMPLETIST: You get one page of original art from either the new book or The Aviary, one signed copy of The Aviary, one art print and one blank sketchbook / journal.

  • You selected
    Pledge $150 or more

    3 backers

    THE CONNOISSEUR: You get an original watercolor painting made just for you, of any subject you like.

  • You selected
    Pledge $200 or more

    5 backers All gone!

    THE CAMEO: You get a cameo appearance in the new book. Send me a photo and I'll draw you (or anyone you specify) into the book in a non-"speaking" role. You will also receive the original art for the page you appear on, as well as special thanks in the book.

  • You selected
    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer Limited (1 left of 2)

    THE CHARACTER: You get a character in the book named after you (or anyone you specify). You will also receive a page of original art featuring this character, as well as special thanks in the book.

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