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Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.
Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.
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Check Your Emails!


Hey folks!

I'm making the final push toward getting every remaining backer their books sooner rather than later, so after this week I'll be putting in a series of orders to my warehouse for them to handle the fulfillment of all domestic orders. (I'll immediately follow up with any remaining overseas orders.)

I'm going to post individual message updates to the "orders" as they exist in the backer website that will reach you by email over the next ten days. If the Shipping Address is not correct, either update it by following the link back to the order or just replying with a correction so I can manually enter it. I want to get everything out the door to everyone within the next few weeks.

I'll keep everyone posted on schedule and get tracking information sent out via the backer website.

Once again, I deeply appreciate everyone's patience—even those who had justifiable concerns. Once we get this stage over with I'll put together a production schedule for remaining rewards (hardcover edition, t-shirts, posters, etc.). Happy Monday!

Next Update: Monday, September 12, 2016

Cruising Speed


Good evening, folks. Not a lot to report this week, other than another batch of books is hitting the mail tomorrow before I head out of state to attend the funeral of a relative. The plan is to get as much of the shipping done on my own in the next few weeks and then turn over the remainder to my fulfillment company to make sure everyone has stuff either in-hand or en route by the time the in-store release date hits. Once that core step has been achieved, I'll bust out a timeline for the additional rewards (hardcovers, t-shirts, adventure, etc.) and give backers first access to bonus content.

By next update I'll also be able to tell you the in-store release date so you can let non-backer friends know when the game will hit local stores. Let retailers know they can order through the distributor of their choice without a problem.

Keep those "I've got my game!" comments rolling in, and let me know if there are problems or if you want to make absolutely sure about your shipping address. Despite the steps I've taken, we've had a little confusion for a few people and I want to make sure everyone's taken care of. Thanks!

Next Update: Monday, August 29, 2016



Good evening everyone. The shipping churns out in a few batches each week. If you've received your book, give a shout-out and let us know! The goal is to use the month of August to get the copies of the core game out to everyone as quickly as possible.

Once we get into September I'll be able to build a schedule for the additional rewards and bonus items.

I'll be rolling out bonus content on the website before and during the game's release, and I'll be giving backers early access to much of it. First up is a monster inspired by my home state of Georgia, much of it covered in a fast-growing vine that overtakes anything that doesn't move or fight back: kudzu. (For reference, see my back yard.)

Click the thumbnail to view/download the terrifying plant mutant: Kudzilla!

I'll be announcing my in-store game events here in the southeast in the near future, and I hope if I swing through a game store near you that you'll come out and say hi and perhaps sit in on a game. I'll make the adventures and characters for these events available to backers before they show up anywhere else.

Next Update: Monday, August 15, 2016

Shipping Has Commenced (And Is Ongoing)


Good evening, folks.

I'm happy to announce that several dozen copies of the game have already gone out to backers, and that I'm trying to get at least three shipping batches out per week. I wish I could a huge flood of backer shipments out all at once, but at least for the next few weeks this is the best I can do under the circumstances. The goal is to make sure all backers (and website pre-order customers) have their core books before the in-store release date in September. 

If you've got your book, let us know and share your thoughts on the final product! I'm sorry for those of you who are still waiting, but please know I'm working to get everyone their products soon.

I've been slipping extra goodies in as many of the packages as possible. These are not directly related to this project and are not considered part the reward you pledged for, but they are a thank you for the support and the long wait you've endured—and I hope you enjoy.

In-Store Events

I cancelled almost all of my convention appearances this year, but with the RPG coming out in a few months I'm getting in touch with hobby game stores in the southeast to arrange at least a few trips out to show off and promote the game. The plan is to put together a few short adventures ideal for 3- to 4-hour play along with a new mix of pre-generated characters. Once those are finalized I'll share these with all the backers in electronic form.

If you have a game store within a reasonable drive of Atlanta (4-6 hours) and think they might be interested in having me come out and run an event, please let me know who I should call.

That's it for this update. Be in touch soon as more and more of you have the copies you've been waiting for!

Next Update: Monday, August 1, 2016

Shipping Begins This Week!


Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

Life has been interesting — my daughter had her bone marrow transplant and had to be re-hospitalized the day after she came home — however, I did make it over to the warehouse and pick up several cases of books so that I can finish getting contributor copies out and begin shipping significant batches of books to backers.

I wish this could be en masse and quickly completed, but under the circumstances this will definitely be handled in batches as best I can with updates to let you folks know what's going on.

I will be using the backer shipping addresses and "orders" on the backer website I made and explained in previous updates. Each backer will receive a confirmation and tracking via the backer site.

For those stateside enjoying barbecue and fireworks I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday, and health and good times for everyone. I'm very excited that you folks will be seeing books in the near future! Take care, and talk to you all soon.

Next Update: Monday, July 18, 2016