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Metamorphosis Alpha Roleplaying Game's video poster

Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns. Read more

Atlanta, GA Games
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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2012.

Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.

Atlanta, GA Games
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Backer Preview - Chapter 8 (Full)


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Chapter 8: Storyteller & Referee (Full)



The last "regular text" chapter of the new Metamorphosis Alpha RPG is complete—this chapter being guidelines for referees running the game. I tried to include both abstract advice on running a game as well as specific elements of both the System 26 rules and the flavor of the starship Warden. I hope I accomplished my mission on both sides.

Right now the book is looking likely to come in very close to its original 160 page count from the original outline. Some of the artwork and visual elements are placeholders and will be replaced when we get into the post-production phase coming up soon.

Backers: Immediately following this public update is one just for you that will allow you to download the PDF of Chapter 8. We've got 132 pages of completed book!

Final Character Sheet + Sample!


Happy Thursday, everyone. We're still chugging along over here and working to get the next full chapter uploaded to the backers. But in the meantime, here is the final design of the Metamorphosis Alpha RPG character sheet (barring small tweaks). I've also included an example of the sheet in use for "Spike," our mutated human featured on the splash chapter art by Lindsay Archer throughout the book! She's a rules-compliant character created using the standard generation procedure, so if you need an extra character for a game on the fly you can use her as-is.

Click on the thumbnails below to grab the PDF files! Thanks everyone. Back again soon with more.

Metamorphosis Alpha RPG Character Sheet

Sample Character: Spike

Meet the Wolfoid: Sample Mutant Monsters!


Today's update includes content and shows off some of the new artwork by Melanie "Pants" Hayes. Read up on the Wolfoid, which includes both a generic pack member, an example pack leader, and notes on how to use the Wolfoid as a mutant animal breed—for use as a player character.

In addition we also have the Eyeball Fungus, a disgusting creature that digests its prey but keeps the eyes to power its mental mutations. Click on the thumbnail below to view or download the PDF sample. (Oh, and ignore the page numbers, they are just placeholders.)

Coming up next! The long-awaited, completed referee chapter and updated master PDF for our backers.

Convention Season Behind ... Finish Line Up Ahead



Convention season is always demanding — the "gauntlet" every year that runs from Origins to Comic-Con to Gen Con to Dragon*Con. It's exciting to take the old, new, and future game offerings out into the world to show them off to the public, though it does make it a lot more challenging to complete pending projects. I tried to make the most of the trip by getting facetime with members of the team that I don't see often, including Metamorphosis Alpha creator Jim Ward, editor Christy Everette, cover artist Jason Engle, ship cartographer and illustrator Jeff Carlisle among others. I also met with our sales coordinator at PSI to discuss print/ship dates through the sales channels. (The book will be printed and shipped to backers prior to this, but we're looking forward to moving it through distribution and into game stores.)

James M. Ward
James M. Ward
Christy Everette & Jamie Chambers
Christy Everette & Jamie Chambers

What About the Book?!

But while convention season has made things more complicated, it has not stopped work on the book. The starter adventure, "The Petting Zoo of Death" was drafted out enough to be run by multiple GMs in the past month and after some revisions will soon be ready for editorial review. In addition, Ben Mund has turned over a preliminary adventure map that (without location numbers) also serves as a player handout. The grayscale version will appear in the book, but a color image will be available as a web enhancement once the book is published since the characters can find a map in the course of the adventure. Here's a sneak peek:

Some illustrations have been re-done and are being re-inked right now. The following are sent-via-phone screen shots of work still in progress by Melanie Hayes.

Eye Fungus
Eye Fungus

We are very quickly coming up on finalized text. In addition to the final illustrations, we are touching up the visual presentation to make it both functional and attractive. Ben Mund made variants of the map frame you see up above and we're going to try and incorporate that into the sidebars so they'll be more visually interesting and on-theme than a black box.

What's Next?!

By the end of next week I'm hoping to have the finished referee chapter for backers to review, and progress made (with the help of contributor Lizard) on the "monster" section of the book. Once those and the starting adventure are finished, we are officially in the post-production phase —making small changes to the text and making sure the visual presentation is up to standards. Next planned update is Friday, September 12th.