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Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.
Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.
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Finishing Touches



It had been my hope that we would have the final PDF and press-ready files done before the end of February. Obviously that didn't happen. We have a few final art assets for the book, and while I could have cut them to make the deadline, because the final interior art pieces are tied specifically to backers rewards I didn't want to take that shortcut. We've lasted this long, and a little bit more time to make sure the final elements are in place are worth it.

What are we waiting on? Lead artist Lindsay Archer is finishing the sample character illustrations based on submissions from our high-end backers. Below shows the progress of one of these digital pieces, and she has been posting regular updates via Facebook for those who are interested in seeing how things come along during her process. You can see the rough, digital sketch gain detail as it comes to resemble the artwork backers have seen on the chapter splash pages.

Lastly, graphic artist Digger Hayes has been absolutely swamped and worked multiple weekends for his day-job, preventing him from devoting the time needed for the final cover treatment (including spine and back cover designs). Since Lindsay needed additional time for her pieces, it only makes sense to give it to him as well so the exterior of the book is attractive and looks great on the shelf.

While the artists are doing their work I will continue to fine-tune the interior pages. I will post an update on or before the end of this coming week, including the sample characters as they stand with their matching illustrations.

Lindsay shared interesting thoughts on her blog about production, gratification, and patience. I think it's worth a read. I thank all of you who supported our goal of re-launching Metamorphosis Alpha with a new game system, whether you are patiently waiting or understandably frustrated at the delays. We are a stone's throw from a finished, polished book and I'm excited to be able to deliver it to you.

Revisions & Art


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Early Chapter Revisions, Final Warden Art!



I have survived turning 40 this past weekend, and I'm happy to report that final revisions on the Metamorphosis Alpha RPG book are going well. Those of you who downloaded the Preview of the game via should have received an automated notice that the file has been updated. Any of you who would like to grab it can do so easily (and for free) right here.

What's The Big Change?

When I get through with the important work of getting the book locked down for press I'll write a self-indulgent game designer blog about it, but here's the short version. I made a subtle but hugely significant change for interpreting the dice results. System 26 rules were always intended to be on a sliding scale for how to read the dice depending on tone, mood, genre, etc. Metamorphosis Alpha was originally placed on the "gritty" version where a 1d Trait only had a 50% chance of scoring an achievement on an Easy action and only a 1 in 6 if the action was Hard. Playtesting and feedback made me realize that it didn't allow for enough crazy successes and use of enhancements that match the "wahoo" tone we're going for. The revised referee chapter will reflect a few options for using alternate interpretation methods for those wanting things to have a slightly different tone.

As you see the rest of the book you'll also see some changes in how initiative and armor work, both designed to make things more streamlined and fun.

What's Left?

Short Answer: Final Revisions, Sample Characters, Art, & Cover Design

Slightly Longer Answer: I'm going through a painstaking process of taking a red-pen to each and every page of the book and then going back into the the layout pages and making the changes (including rewording, clarification, etc.). Next week I'm going to show you the sample characters, including any art from Lindsay Archer that's complete to go with them. (We had a lunch meeting yesterday and she's blocking off time to get those finished quickly.) Digger Hayes is going to assist me in doing a final front, spine, and back cover design of the entire book and I'll show you all a sample of that when completed. Also ...

Starship Warden & Sample Deckplans

I'm proud to present a peek at the final artwork of the Warden from Jeff Carlisle that will be featured on the back cover. A B&W line-art version of this same image will appear in the referee chapter when you see its revisions. My most recent email from Jeff indicates I should have the overview deckplans for the ship this weekend!

The goal is to have everything done and present you a final PDF that will match the printed version within a few weeks, and will be able to announce a printing date shortly thereafter. Look for an update by end-of-day Friday with more to chew on.

Thanks everyone! We're in the final stretch.

Backer Preview - Rough Cut Including Adventure


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The Petting Zoo of Death (and Rough Cut)



While there are a few images I wanted to include in the file that aren't in yet and a few small additions (the pre-gen characters being the most noted), I am nonetheless pleased to provide the backers with a file that includes every single chapter of the Metamorphosis Alpha RPG as well as a draft of the adventure "The Petting Zoo of Death."

Over the next 4 weeks we're going to be working hard on revisions and wrangling in the remaining visuals, plus including those sample starter characters (that include 4 provided by backers from this campaign). I'll also show you previews of other rewards such as the t-shirts that will be coming up as well.

We're almost done! I hope everyone enjoys "Petting Zoo." I'll post an update about revision process, remaining art, and more by the end of next week. I hope everyone has enjoyed a Happy New Year!

Backers: Immediately following this public post will be your instructions to download the file.