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Explore and survive as a primitive mutant on a derelict starship using all-new rules as the very first tabletop scifi RPG returns.
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Jamie Chambers

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Quickstart & Bonus Adventure Brainstorming


Not a project update per-se, I'd like to use these last weeks of the year to get some feedback/inspiration from you folks. As many of you are long-time fans of Metamorphosis Alpha, I'd like to hear some of the elements and themes that you feel really capture the feel of the game and the setting of the Warden.

After we get the core book wrapped up I'm going to begin outlining and working on the introductory and adventure material. And while I have a few ideas in my skull, I'm interested to read your thoughts on the subject. Anything is welcome, from a full-on adventure concept all the way down to "neat mutant" or "cool piece of tech." I'll credit you for anything that ends up getting used, but in addition I'd like to make sure that what goes forward hits the right notes as we move forward. So if you have any ideas you might like to see in this material, please share!

Quick Project Update: One of the two artists that I've been wrangling got back to me and tells me he can meet the revised dates. Fingers crossed!

... and a Happy New Year


Posting an update for a long-overdue project has been a tricky proposition. While most backers have either hung back in silence or simply asked what's going on, there is a vocal minority that has responded with anger even at big content-filled updates. And having an update without content sometimes feels like sticking my head out of a foxhole when people are actively shooting. Recently, folks have begun contacting friends and colleagues and used words like "fraud" and "charlatan."

I try to focus on the positive and move forward, but damn. I've earned my lumps on this project more than any other in the dozen-plus years I've been working professionally on roleplaying games. So I will again thank all of you, including the most upset of you out there, for making this project possible in the first place even though it's had difficulties I never could have foreseen.

I had originally planned to get a Black Friday (USA post-Thanksgiving date) update together for everyone that included peeks at some final—and very important—art assets going into the book. Those haven't shown up yet. I've had more contributors stumble on delivery dates for this project than anything else I've worked on in almost 14 years. It's frustrating, but in the end we have to work with what's in front of us. Up to this point, backers have seen the early version of 132 pages of the 160-page book.

So What's the Good News?

Backers will have the complete, first-pass version of the book before the end of the month. Everyone who backed the project at any level will have the first-pass version of the book in its entirety, on or before December 31, 2014. I sent another book to press last month and this is the only production I'm working on until it's completely finished.

It's going to be a better game. I've run and tinkered with the engine that drives this game a lot in the past two years. With notes and thoughts and discussion I've made some under-the-hood adjustments that make the gameplay more exciting and engaging but really only a affect a few small sections of the text. (We're talking about interpretations of dice rolls, how initiative is handled, things like that.) Those changes will be reflected in the edits/revision after the first-pass is delivered to the backers.

The book is locked in at 160 pages and I have final print quotes in-hand. I will soon be making a final decision between two printers (one in Texas, one in Minnesota). The revised production schedule is set for Jim to have final approval (or requested last-minute changes) by February 9, 2015 with files uploaded to the printer by the following day.

I have extra help in organizing reward fulfillment and responding to backer requests. Renae has joined me part-time in the office and is handling the majority of the mail order business and is organizing crowdfunding fulfillment so I can focus more time on production. She will be contacting backers before the end of January to make sure that everyone's rewards are properly listed, that shipping addresses are up-to-date, and that other issues are resolved in a timely manner. But you don't have to wait if you have a direct question for her. You may email her using renae (at) signalfirestudios (dot) com.

What's Next?

Backers will see the first-pass Chapter 9: A Mutant Menagerie (critters and robots) by Monday and the adventure "The Petting Zoo of Death" with the "rough" version of the complete book by the end of the month. I will also be offering preview images of other upcoming rewards, t-shirts being the first on the list.

When I get those art assets I mentioned at the beginning of this update, I'll make those available to backers right away.

Backer Preview - Chapter 8 (Full)


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Chapter 8: Storyteller & Referee (Full)



The last "regular text" chapter of the new Metamorphosis Alpha RPG is complete—this chapter being guidelines for referees running the game. I tried to include both abstract advice on running a game as well as specific elements of both the System 26 rules and the flavor of the starship Warden. I hope I accomplished my mission on both sides.

Right now the book is looking likely to come in very close to its original 160 page count from the original outline. Some of the artwork and visual elements are placeholders and will be replaced when we get into the post-production phase coming up soon.

Backers: Immediately following this public update is one just for you that will allow you to download the PDF of Chapter 8. We've got 132 pages of completed book!

Final Character Sheet + Sample!


Happy Thursday, everyone. We're still chugging along over here and working to get the next full chapter uploaded to the backers. But in the meantime, here is the final design of the Metamorphosis Alpha RPG character sheet (barring small tweaks). I've also included an example of the sheet in use for "Spike," our mutated human featured on the splash chapter art by Lindsay Archer throughout the book! She's a rules-compliant character created using the standard generation procedure, so if you need an extra character for a game on the fly you can use her as-is.

Click on the thumbnails below to grab the PDF files! Thanks everyone. Back again soon with more.

Metamorphosis Alpha RPG Character Sheet

Sample Character: Spike