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Viticulture is a strategic board game that challenges players to create, cultivate, and expand a vineyard in rustic Tuscany.
Viticulture is a strategic board game that challenges players to create, cultivate, and expand a vineyard in rustic Tuscany.
942 backers pledged $65,980 to help bring this project to life.

Viticulture Shipping Dates and Other Big News

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

About a month ago I (Jamey) sent an update by e-mail directly to Kickstarter backers. If you didn't get that e-mail and/or would like to stay in the loop about all things Viticulture or Stonemaier Games, you can subscribe to our e-newsletter here or Like our Facebook page here (there are some great discussions on the Facebook page about games and Kickstarter). You can also check out our newly redesigned website here, which now includes 28 lessons (and counting) for future Kickstarter creators.

Shipping Dates by Location

All games have left our manufacturing facility in China and are headed all over the world. My goal as I promised on Kickstarter was to get the games to you sometime in May, and it looks like we'll meet that goal for the majority of backers. Here's the breakdown regarding when you'll get your games:

United States: The big shipment of games headed to the US (and Canada) departed today from China and is scheduled to arrive on May 7. The ocean is a fickle beast, so I'll keep you updated on how that works out. But assuming that the tides abide, the games will get through customs no later than May 14 and will be headed towards an Amazon fulfillment center in Pennsylvania. That puts the game in your hands around May 25. For St. Louis backers, you'll have the games a few days later, as we're shipping them in bulk from Amazon and then distributing them throughout the city and at the launch party, which we'll schedule once the games are on the way.

Europe: I was hoping the games would arrive in Europe in April, but we ran into a snag with VAT and the need to register our business in Germany, where fulfillment will be sending games directly to backers. Fortunately, one backer in Germany made a very generous offer to partner with Stonemaier Games so we could get the shipment on the boat to Europe. The boat starts to load on April 9 but doesn't leave port until April 17, and then it's a 30-day journey to Europe. Then the games have to clear customs in Germany, make their way to Leipzig, and then be packed and sent to backers throughout Europe. So you'll still get the games in May, but I was hoping for April. The GREAT news for you, though, is that we're paying import customs when the games arrive in Germany, so any backers within the European Union won't have to pay any customs. (Sorry, Norway and're in Europe but not the EU!)

Canada: The games headed for Canada are on the same boat as the US games, but there are a few extra steps to get the games to the fulfillment center. After the games arrive at Amazon in Pennsylvania, a bulk order of them will be sent to our shipping partners, RIM, who will handle the export to Canada. Fortunately it's not a long trip across the border--the games should arrive to you the first week of June. Like the European Union backers, you won't need to pay any customs since we're shipping the games to you from

Asia/Australia/Brazil: Shipping to Asia/Australia/Brazil is incredibly expensive no matter where we send the games from, so we're sending them directly from China (there is no cost difference between sending them from the US or China, so we figured we might as well eliminate the long journey across the Pacific and back). Thus you should be getting your games within the next week or so, depending on customs.

Retail: The retail version of Viticulture will be in game stores (brick and mortar and online) across the world thanks to our distribution broker, Impressions ADV. Kickstarter backers come first, though--you'll get your games before they're available for the general public to purchase. I will also have special deals on extra copies of the game for Kickstarter backers.

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

Money-Back Guarantee

Our commitment to you from Day 1 was that we deliver a high-quality project that exceeds your expectations both in terms of gameplay and components. If for any reason you decide within a month of receiving Viticulture that it's not for you, you can return it to us for a full refund, no questions asked. Our hope is that you'll play the game a few times within that month to discover the nuances and vast replayability it offers before you make your decision, but as I said, we won't ask any questions if you decide to return it.


The cards in Viticulture are mini-sized, a decision that was made based on a backer vote back during the campaign. I think it worked out well. They're small, but they fit well on the game board and player mats, which is important for this game. For those of you who like to sleeve your cards, here is a link to the type of sleeve you'll need. There are 140 cards in the full Kickstarter version of Viticulture, so you'll need three packs of sleeves.

What's in the Box

The photo you see at the bottom of this update is one I took of all of the components in the retail version of Viticulture (I'll let you discover the special Kickstarter inclusions when you open the box). I posted the photo on BGG last week and didn't promote it at all, but within hours it was on the front page of BGG, where it remained until they refreshed their queue a few days ago. We're excited that people are excited about the game!

I usually like to end these posts with a question, but given the sheer amount of logistics above, I'm guessing you might have questions for me. Feel free to ask me anything in public or in private (, and I'm happy to answer with complete honesty and transparency.

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    1. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Desmond!

    2. Missing avatar

      Desmond W on

      Just received my copy in Singapore. Thanks for the fantastic job Jamey + Alan. Looking forward to your next project!

    3. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Phil--I looked back through e-mails from Dimerco, and I realized that I've been mixing up two locations. The Amazon fulfillment facility is in Pennsylvania. The port, however, is in New York.

    4. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Phil--I honestly don't know the port name. The company I'm using is called Dimerco.

      The mini size is 44x67mm. The number you see on that link is the maximum card size those sleeves will fit.

    5. Phil Angert on

      Curious where in Pennsylvania a boat is coming (we don't have major ports that I can recall).

      What size exactly are the cards? I ask because the mini-Euro size in the link is slightly larger than mini-Euros I have from another brand.

      Looking forward to the arrival regardless!

    6. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Breaking news from Australia today - my game has arrived and it looks incredible!!
      @Jamey Thank you so much for a truly professionally run KS project. From start to finish, you've been nothing but awesome!! Can't wait to play Viticulture... and to see what's next in store for Stonemaiergames! ;-)

    7. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Julia--I can't promise anything until the boat actually reaches Pennsylvania just in case Godzilla rises up from the ocean depths in the next 2 days, but I'll definitely let everyone know when the games reach port. My shipment company told me a few days ago that we're on track for May 4. Then customs, then trucking to Amazon, then sorting, then individual shipping to backers.

    8. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro


      It's May 1st... is the US boat on track? It's killing me. I am amazed and impressed that the game seems very likely to hit the estimated delivery date. That is REALLY rare in the board game category, and I'll admit now that I was a little skeptical last year. Can't wait to "meet" my Crush Expert card "in person"! :-)

    9. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Jacky--Ah, I see what you're saying. Interesting. For the most part I think we're going to max out the card sheets (these sheets are printed on sheets of 70, 54, or 45, so we use every card on the sheet), but if we ever have some extras, that's a great idea!

    10. Jacky Phoenix

      I am sure you have other Kickstarters in the pipe line.

      If possible in terms of printing cost and other logistic issues, print some blank cards for different Viticulture's card type, so players can created their own cards for the games.

    11. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Jacky--I'm flattered by your comments. Thank you! I'm excited that you have your copy in hand--I'm looking forward to hearing from other backers in Asia and Australia.

      Can you help me understand "option for blank front but backed cards from future KS"?

    12. Jacky Phoenix

      Thanks Jamey...

      Time-Cost-Quality-Commitment = Best project, best kickstarters experience I have...

      What's more you delivered more than I had expected...

      A lot of thoughts had gone into this even the inside box layout, space for sleeves cards. Space for potential expansion.

      Option for blank front but backed cards from future KS would be nice.

      The game look mint.

      Thank you much, looking to get a game in over the weekend.

    13. Jacky Phoenix

      Press enter by accident...from last post...
      I was digging for some blank card to create my own cards or something.

    14. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Jacky! Good question (I was going to address this in the next update). The stickers were a stretch goal (not pictured here) for you to customize your game if you want. There are stickers for every icon and increment in the game, so if you want to Risk-Legacize your game, you can do so. The board and player mats are double sided, so even if you change one side of each one (kind of like 7 Wonders), you still have the original flip side. I'm curious to see how people use the stickers.

    15. Jacky Phoenix

      Writing from Hong Kong here...

      Wow...all I can said it the game its a 'looker'... it look amazing.

      The outside box sleeve made it look so rustic, yet posh.

      The game cards could be smoother, but it's going to get sleeved anyway, it's no big problem.

      THE TOKENS... Omg!! ;)

      But may I ask what are the stickers for?

    16. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks for your kind words, Mark. You all deserve to be kept in the loop every step of the way.

      Euphoria is on track to hit Kickstarter in mid-May. I'll be revealing more and more about it on Facebook and on the Stonemaier Games blog over the course of the next month. Thanks for your enthusiasm about it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Chen on

      Fantastic news! Thanks Jamey, for updating us regularly on the progression of Viticulture. I have backed numerous KS campaigns, and I can confidently say that Stonemaier Games has set a wonderful benchmark for post-campaign supporter service! Keep it up, guys!

      I'm certainly anticipating your next game KS campaign. Any indication when that's likely to happen, Jamey? :)

    18. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Alan--Sure, I sent out the survey back in the fall via Google Doc instead of Kickstarter. I also asked for updated addresses in the e-newsletter I sent out last month. If you have an updated address, please send it to me at Thanks!

    19. Alan Geoffrion on

      Since I've back several projects, I don't remember if there was a survey for this one yet about shipping address. And in the last two weeks we moved into a new house and have a different address. Let me know what I need to do to make sure the game goes to the right place.

    20. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Benny--That's a good idea if I have a rep at Essen (I won't be there this year). I have some solutions I'll send out in an e-mail today that I think will work.

    21. Benny Rytter-Johansen on

      Next time maybe you should also look into the posisbility to deliver the game out at (pick up) Essen.

    22. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Benny! Norway and Switzerland are proving to be particularly tricky. It's quite possible I'll have to send you all your packages from the US.

    23. Benny Rytter-Johansen on

      Hi Remember that you don`t pay VAT to Germany when sending it to Norway... Don`t know how that is within EU...

    24. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      James--I'm glad to hear they arrived! Not much longer on the games for you. :)

      Sarah--Thanks! What other games are you getting in May?

    25. Sarah Reed

      So can't wait for May! Gonna be a big month of various Kickstarter game deliveries, but I'm looking forward to Viticulture the most. I can't wait to get it, play it and then teach it to all my friends so they'll hopefully order it from our game store. :-D

    26. James Cartwright on

      Sleeves and Poster have already arrived, thanks Jamey. Now just waiting 'impatiently for the game to arrive ;-)

    27. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Fred--Geekway to the West begins on May 9, and the US shipment isn't set to arrive at port on the east coast until May 7. Then customs, then Amazon, then to St. Louis. So unfortunately I won't have the games to give to backers at Geekway.

      However, I have my advance copy to demo and play with anyone who stops by at Geekway. Hopefully you can stop by to check it out!

    28. Fred Woodward on

      Do you think you will have copies by Geekway to the West?

    29. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm glad the update was helpful, and I'm definitely excited for the backers in Asia/Australia/Brazil to get their games in the next few weeks (it could even be this week--you should get shipping confirmation from FedEx).

    30. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Fantastic update Jamey. Such a well run project - what an example for others to follow!! I just hope they can keep up. ;-) Really looking forward to getting my copy... very soon. Wow actually a bonus this time for living on the other side of the world. ;-) Also as Jarrah said, I received the glasses and bottle openers about a week ago and they really do look great. :D Thanks again it's been a real pleasure supporting you guys.

    31. Shane Charleson on

      Next week or so? Holy yes!!!

      See, now THIS is how you run a campaign and engender brand loyalty.

    32. Jack Francisco on

      Very classy, Jamey! Talk about backing up your product. Totally first class.

    33. Paul Boos

      Really looking forward to playing this - I am VERY excited. AND thanks so much for you posts on the process,given I have a couple of designs in work myself.

    34. Jarrah on

      Great, looking forward to getting the game! Already received the glasses and bottle openers a week ago (Australia) and they look great.

    35. LordCrash on

      Nice! I'm looking forward to May then. :)