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Enhance, elevate, and expand Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking in this expansion pack from Stonemaier Games.
Enhance, elevate, and expand Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking in this expansion pack from Stonemaier Games.
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Viticulture Moor Visitors Expansion

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

Hi! If you subscribe to our e-newsletter, you'll know most of the information in this update. However, many of you don't subscribe to that e-newsletter, and so I want to keep you in the loop about all things related to Viticulture and Tuscany.

It's been a long time since I've posted an update here, hasn't it! I hope you're doing well and that you've enjoyed your experience with Tuscany. If you ever want to talk about Viticulture and Tuscany with other people who enjoy them, there's now a great Facebook group for that purpose.

Moor Visitors Expansion

Last year I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my design idols, Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Caverna, Patchwork, etc), on the Viticulture Essential Edition. It's the second edition of Viticulture with a few small elements of Tuscany included. It's now the official version of Viticulture that we make.

I hadn't planned on designing anything else for Viticulture/Tuscany after the Tuscany Kickstarter campaign, but it's not every day that I have the chance to work with one of my game design idols. So I took the opportunity to ask Uwe if he would be interested in designing a few visitor cards. I figured he might design 3 or 4 cards, and I'd turn them into a promo pack to sell on BGG.

Several days later, Uwe sent me 64 card designs.

I cut some cards that didn't fit well into Viticulture and honed the rest for balance and wording. The remaining 40 visitor cards now comprise the Moor Visitors Expansion, the name of which is both a play on the word "more" and on Uwe's "Farmers of the Moor" expansion to Agricola.

Every card is beautifully illustrated by Beth Sobel, and most of the cards feature Uwe's friends and family. There's also a special card based on this Viticulture-themed proposal story. In addition to the 40 visitor cards--which fit into any version of Viticulture/Tuscany (they're marked with a tiny "MV" icon)--we've included reprinted versions of the Promoter and the Harvest Machine.

The Moor Visitors Expansion has already been printed, and it will arrive in St. Louis in a few weeks (along with more copies of Viticulture and Between Two Cities).

Instead of running a pre-order through our website, we're trying something different: We have an open invitation to retailers around the world to accept pre-orders on their websites and in their local stores. Here's the full story on why we made this decision.

  • LOCAL: If you buy from one of the many friendly local game stores on our pre-order list, you won't have to pay shipping fees, as you can just pick up the expansion from the store in mid-March.
  • ONLINE: If you pre-order from an online store, you can consolidate your Moor Visitors pre-order with other games--everything will be shipped from that retailer to you in mid-March (so by default, the shipping is region-friendly).

Here is the full list of all participating retailers. Just click through to your retailer of choice to place your pre-order at their store or on their website. If your favorite store isn't on the list, just tell them to contact Jamey at so I can add them.

The pre-order campaign will run from February 22-28, though some retailers will still accept orders after that. I just thought you'd want to know about it so you can add even more new visitors to your copies of Viticulture and Tuscany.

More Metal Coins?

One of the questions I'm asked more than any other is, "When will you make more Tuscany metal coins?" My answer has always been that I don't know--I'm not sure if there is demand for the 1000-unit minimum print run we'd need to make.

So I recently created a form on our website where people can officially indicate their interest in future production runs of products like the metal coins. Some of you have the coins, but some of you don't, so I thought you might like to add your input to this form.


Thank you so much for bringing Tuscany to life! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to share them below.

Big Reviews, New Campaign, and Two Questions

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

Hi! A few things happened recently that I wanted to mention to you. I probably won't have many updates related to Tuscany from now on, so if you want to stay informed on all things related to Stonemaier Games, feel free to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter here.

Big Reviews

Tuscany has been reviewed by a few different people (see media page here), and one of the reviewers I was nervously looking forward to hearing from was Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower. I've been watching and listening to Tom's reviews for years, and I really respect the time, energy, and passion he puts into his organization.

So it was with great trepidation that I watched Tom and Zee's reviews of Viticulture 2nd edition and Tuscany (videos embedded below). They both enjoyed Viticulture, saying it was a good game. So far so good.

Then came the Tuscany review. They start off by talking about the legacy-style unlocking system, and they didn't mince words or eye rolls: They thought it was silly. Which is fine. Tom and Zee are very experienced gamers, so they felt comfortable adding in a bunch of expansions at once. I still think that the legacy unlock format creates a unique journey from game to game, and it helps to mitigate information overload if you try to add in too many expansions at once, but most important to me is that people play the game in the way that is the most fun for them.

The Tuscany video lasts about 30 minutes, with Tom explaining how the expansions work a few at a time, then cutting to him and Zee talking about them. Throughout this portion of the review, their responses are largely positive. There are four expansions they don't care for: Patronage, Mafia, Arboriculture, and Formaggio. Tom really seemed to enjoy the other seven expansions, and Zee liked six of them (he didn't like the special workers).

At the end of the review, Tom sums up his thoughts by saying this: “[Tuscany] takes Viticulture from being a worker-placement game I like to one of–if not my favorite–worker-placement game. Period. That’s how much I like it.”

I don't make games for reviewers. I make them for you, and to a certain extent, for me. But I have to say that it felt really good to hear that from Tom.


New Campaign

If you're interested in our other products, you probably already subscribe to our e-newsletter, but in case you don't, we currently have a campaign on Kickstarter (until April 29) for three new treasure chests. They contain premium resource tokens to enhance a variety of games. Feel free to take a look if you want to improve the aesthetics of games in your collection like Agricola, Puerto Rico, Tzolk'in, Concordia, Firefly, and Power Grid (among many, many others).

Two Questions

For those of you who have now played your copies of Viticulture and Tuscany, I have two questions:

1. When you unlocked the Advanced Visitors expansion, the instructions indicated that you could either shuffle those cards into the visitor decks or use them to replace certain visitors that were only situationally good. Which option did you choose: shuffle or replace?

2. If you've reached the point where you continue to play Tuscany but you no longer unlock expansions, which combination of expansions do you play with?

Thanks for your input!

Tuscany AMA and New Project

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

Hi! I'm 99.99% confident that all Tuscany backers have received their game at this point (if you haven't, please let me know!)

Before my project updates taper off, I wanted to try something a little different. I've never done this before on Kickstarter: I'd like to do an AMA in the comments here.

An AMA is "ask me anything." You can ask me anything about...well, anything. You can ask about what happened behind the scenes for Tuscany, any rules questions you might have, or anything about me or Stonemaier Games (if you'd like--I don't mean for this to be all about me. I'm more interested in you and your questions).

The fun part about an AMA is that I have to answer every question, no matter how ridiculous it is.

It's been about a year since we began this journey together, so I thought this might be a nice way to wrap it up. I'll still be here in the future, of course, but I'll try to limit updates to those that are really important for you to hear.

If you'd like, I can also update you via project updates when we have a new project on Kickstarter, like Between Two Cities, our current campaign.

So what would you like to know? Ask me anything. :)

Also, just to make this an open conversation, if you ask a question, you have to answer one other question that someone else asked (or you can answer your own question).

Tuscany Secrets

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

Hi! Something awesome just happened a few minutes ago...I finally sent the last few coin orders to to send to backers in Germany after they were processed into's system this morning. Those orders follow the other rewards I sent those backers last week, as I couldn't bear the the thought of them waiting any longer empty-handed.

It feels great to finally do this, especially because at the very latest I wanted to deliver rewards before I launch the Between Two Cities Kickstarter campaign next Wednesday.

Thank you for your feedback about the glossy vs. matte board. The poll results indicate that the preference for the future is a matte board:

The Secrets of Tuscany

As you unravel Tuscany, you might catch some of the "Easter eggs" we've hidden in the game. I don't want to spoil too many of them, but there are two I thought I'd mention here. You can skip the rest of this update if you don't want any spoilers.

The first is that I make a brief appearance in Tuscany, not as a visitor or mama and papa, but rather as a statue. Perhaps this is weird, putting myself in my own game, but it was intended as a fun Easter egg, not an act of ego.

I had forgotten about the statue until I unlocked the structure expansion and played with it in my Tuscany campaign last week, and I happened to draw it. So I built a statue of myself on my vineyard:

It was based on this photo of me at a company picnic at my last job (I don't know why I thought this was a good pose for a casual photo):

The biggest spoiler in Tuscany is something that only a few people knew about. I alluded to this in a previous update, as I didn't want people to unwittingly spoil it for others in forums. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I would suggest you stop reading and discover it for yourself. I'll just say that you'll find it in the same compartment of Tuscany as the the structure expansion.

Still here? Okay. Here's what the spoiler pack looks like:

This is a reference to Risk Legacy, a game that directly inspired the unlock structure of Tuscany. In Risk Legacy, there are lots of little packs of cards and pieces that unlock over the course of a campaign--unlike Tuscany, you have no idea what's in those packs (except for this one).

The cards in the spoiler pack are...different. They don't really fit into the world of Tuscany, but they're right at home in the world of Stonemaier. Here's an example:

If you build this structure, you are subject to a penalty as shown on the structure for the rest of the game. This is in the spirit of the markets of the same name in Euphoria (except in Euphoria, if you build the market, you're exempt from the penalty). The reason you would do this is to get the residual victory point shown at the bottom of the structure card. Yes, that's different than the one-time victory point given on regular structure cards.

These structure crossover cards are meant to be fun--they're not meant to be a permanent addition to the game (though if your group really enjoys them, you can leave them shuffled into the regular structure deck). They will probably only appear in the first printing of Tuscany (all versions). They're not intended to be exclusive, but they do cost money to print, and they're not a core part of Tuscany. I have extra sets on hand to give away as promos.

Since we're going meta today, I'll end with this card from the structure crossover pack:

 Like all the others, this is inspired by one of the markets in Euphoria. Similar to the Statue in the regular structure expansion, I appear on this market/structure. What's that in the background? A copy of Viticulture!

Here's the photo that Jacqui Davis originally used for this art:

 I didn't want Biddy in the same picture as a raging bonfire, so he was removed from the piece. :)

So there you have it, a few of the secrets and spoilers of Tuscany. The comments of this post are a spoiler-friendly zone--this is where you can talk openly about the secret crossover expansion if you'd like.

Updates and a Poll

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

Hi! It's been exciting for me to hear from those of you on Twitter who have started playing Tuscany. I have a few updates and a backer poll for you today.


If you live anywhere but Germany, you should have received your Kickstarter rewards by now. If not, please contact me at

If you're in Germany, I tentatively have good news: An hour ago I heard from my shipping company that the delivery was successfully made to However, I have not gotten any notice from to confirm this. I've contacted to ask for confirmation. If it is true that they've received the shipment, it should only be a few days before they process all the items, and they'll ship everything out next week.

Backer Poll

In general I'm curious about your reactions to Tuscany--the components, the gameplay, the legacy aspect, etc. There is one component in particular that I'm very curious about: The extended board.

Unlike Viticulture's board, we decided to use a glossy coat on the extended board. We thought it would have more of a premium feel to it. In general I prefer matte boards because they don't reflect the light as much, but I thought I'd give it a try.

I've posted a poll on this page of our website for you to weigh in as to whether or not you like the gloss composition of the board. Thanks for your input!

Translated Rules

If you prefer to read through the Viticulture or Tuscany rules in a non-English language, we're very fortunate to have tons of amazing translator volunteers who have translated the rules (and other components) into a number of languages. You can find them here for Viticulture and here for Tuscany.

Stickers and Merchant Card

The stickers for the property expansion we sent to the BGG store sold out much faster than we thought they would--in fact, given how many people requested them directly, I didn't think they'd sell out at all. But now they're gone! So we ordered more from Print and Play Productions last week, and they should arrive at BGG tomorrow or early next week. The following link currently doesn't work, but if the BGG store uses the same link as before, you should soon be able to click on this link to buy the stickers for $1.

The oft-damaged Merchant card (this is the card we slipped into the Viticulture box at the last minute to replace the incorrect Merchant card in shrinkwrap) will soon be sent to anyone who requested it. We had Panda print a batch of only that card and send it to us, and we then sent it to our replacement part helpers around the world. A big thanks to Ben, andvaranaut, Helen, Rogue, and Mathias for their help!

If any part of your game needs to be replaced, please fill out this form and we'll take care of it.


Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the extended board! You can also update the order in which you've been unlocking your copy of Tuscany on this list.