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Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
4,765 backers pledged $309,495 to help bring this project to life.

Building a Better Dystopia with More Commodity Tokens

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

We reached a landmark stretch goal today, $200,000. This enabled us to include 24 extra wood commodity tokens in the game. We're on track for a print run of at least 5,000 deluxe Euphoria games, so that's 120,000 extra tokens! Perhaps by looking at that number you'll realize why it's a Kickstarter exclusive stretch goal. Those little bits add up!

I must admit that I have a bias against wooden cubes. There's a game I love called Agricola that comes with wooden cubes to represent sheep (white cubes), pigs (black cubes), and cows (brown cubes). I've played this game a lot, but every time I have look to make sure I have the colors correct. Aren't cows in real life white, black, AND brown?!

As cost-effective as they are, cubes simply aren't as intuitive or immersive as custom tokens. That's why every structure in Viticulture has it's own custom shape. You're supposed to feel like you're building and expanding your winery--cubes don't do that. Plus, cubes can be difficult for our colorblind friends to distinguish from one another.

Panda Game Manufacturing recently finished tooling the first set of custom tokens for Euphoria, and they sent me some photos to share with you. What you see here are the wooden commodities (food, bliss, water, and energy), the player tokens for morale and knowledge, the progress tokens for the allegiance track (pink diamonds) and the $150k stretch goal "realistic" tokens for gold, stone, and clay. The final glass stone tokens will be solid grey, not clear. Not pictured are the three miner meeples, as we just finalized their shape the other day.

Also not pictured are the 60 star-shaped authority tokens. I didn't know how close we'd get to $250k, so I haven't asked Panda to tool those shapes. The authority tokens are similar to victory points--you start with 10 of them, and the goal is to be the first one to place all 10 (mostly on the board). I'm sure that placing solid wood tokens will be more gratifying than the cardboard tokens, but it's a significant cost increase, so I hope we can push forward to reach the $250k stretch goal!

So here is today's call to action to make sure we reach that goal: Find your favorite dystopian fiction author on Twitter and let him/her know about Euphoria. Perhaps send them the link to yesterday's update with the backstory or a link to the project page. Let them know how Euphoria reminds you of their work (i.e., don't spam them--rather, make a connection with them). A single retweet from the likes of Margaret Atwood or Ernest Cline could make a significant impact on the project. You can list those Twitter handles in the comments below--I'm curious to see if you have common tastes in dystopian fiction. My Twitter handle is @jameystegmaier.

Here is the latest PnP. The only edits made in the last day or so are on the markets.

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    1. S on

      Thanks for your response. That game looks like it has quite a following - already pushing 100k with 27 days left. I didn't know credit cards were not so popular in the EU.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rene Hanke on

      Euphoria is my first Kickstarter backing. This is due to the fact, that I'm from the EU, too, and shipping is normally really expensive. Thank you, Jamey! :-)
      And you need a credit card to back using Kickstarter. Many in the EU don't have those.
      I'm thinking of backing "Goblins Alternate Realities", though, as "Goblins" is one of my favourite webcomics.

    3. Greg Sawchyn

      I'm surprised the tokens are so thick, I thought they would be thinner.

    4. S on

      @andvaranaut Thanks for your answer. I'm fairly new to kickstarter, so I'm learning as I go. I see your point , though. It does get tricky with currencies (and can add up quick). I've only backed a few projects myself, but am always looking for new ones.

    5. andvaranaut on

      @Sean, I don't back many games, but not because I don't want to, but because of the usually huge cost (in postage and potentially in customs) of shipping to the EU. Which is probably for the better, for my wallet at least :)

      Mostly because of that, my experience with KS is limited. I have backed Dungeon Roll (the price point is great even if it gets stopped at customs - which it will be, since I pledged for a pack of 6 with a few friends), and the projects of two webcomics I like a lot, MS Paint Adventures (in an "all digital" reward level, shipping was very expensive) and Diesel Sweeties. I'm passionate for boardgames, so I'm sure I'd back quite a few of them if I was at the USA - or if everybody else learns from Jamey and starts offering awesome deals on EU shipping and customs.

      The game you linked looks interesting, even though the change ratio for the pound is not great (to put it into perspective, right now it's cheaper to pledge to Euphoria at the Supreme level that to pledge to Cornish Smuggler at the barebones level w/shipping to Spain). I'll take a deeper look tomorrow, here it's too late to let myself be sidetracked now ;)

    6. S on

      Are you all backing any other games on kickstarter? Just curious. Kickstarter is such a great avenue for finding unique items. I'm backing this one: It looks fun.

    7. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Michael Great idea! I'll add the top photo to the project page since it has fewer shadows.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Wheeler on

      Would it be worth putting one of those photos on the main page? Their high quality is definitely a selling point and may be enough for some undecided people who might not necessarily check the update pages.

    9. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Julia! Hopefully they'll work in person with proper lighting (and in a 5-person game, he could remove the red or the black).

    10. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      My boss is completely colorblind (everything is shades of grey and brown for him), the second-to-last entry in @Tiago's list... he could only see a slight difference between the red and black but otherwise had no trouble telling the pieces apart from these photos. He said that often, in person, the differences are easy to spot, and if he really kept struggling, in his house, the black pieces would get a central white dot and then he'd be sorted. He also told me that his extreme of colorblindness is had by well under 1% of the global population. (Thanks for giving me an opening to ask about this... I've been curious about his colorblindness for a long time but had no polite way to ask!) I can barely tell the pieces apart in that photo with that filter, but as with all disabilities, people who have it learn to adapt and in this case, become much more adept at differentiating tone/saturation than normally-sighted people are.

    11. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Awesome! Thanks Julia!

    12. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Marge Piercy is not on Twitter, as far as I can see. :-( Neither is Starhawk (no surprise; she is somewhat inward-facing online.)
      From my @JewelyaZ account, I tweeted to:
      I've no idea if these will end up going anywhere.... here's the tinyurl to the backstory post: feel free to reuse to maybe help that gain some public traction.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rene Hanke on

      Jamey, you think of everything ! :-)
      Just contacted the author of "Romantically Apocalyptic", don't know if Vitaly will post a link, though. Didn't want to be to "pushy"...

    14. Darren Anderson on

      Awesome pics. Looking good.

    15. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Tiago Thank you for your extensive comment! We used a colorblind app and several colorblind playtesters to figure out those colors. They match the dice, which have the advantage of using the contrast between the pip color and the dice color.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tiago Rodrigues


      Firstly, sorry for my english. It isn't my native language. Also, It's not my intension to offend you, and I truly appreciate your commitment to make such a high quality product.

      You pointed out a worry you have to make the game colour-blind friendly, but I've noticed you do have tokens with the same shape on different colours (heads and hearts).

      I'm not colour-blind (as far as I know), but I made some tests using the site (I searched for colour-blind simulator) out of curiosity.

      Here go the results:
      - Protanopia (no red cones)
      - Protanomaly (anomalous red cones)
      - Deutanopia (no green cones)
      - Deutanomaly (anomalous green cones)
      - Tritanopia (no blue cones)
      - Tritanomaly (anomalous blue cones)
      - Rod monochromacy (no cones)
      - Cone monochromacy (one cone)

      I do not know how accurate that site is, but according to it distinguishing the violet and blue may be difficult. Also, red and black in bad lighting may be a challenge. Again, I don't know the accuracy of the site. But because you've shown an interest on making this product friendly for colour-blind people, I though to share the results.

      I've also found this article:
      I didn't read it, but it seems to be about how to develop colour-blind friendly designs. You may be interested for your future projects.

    17. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      A few of you recommended the Agricola animeeples--thank you! I definitely need to get those.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tom Gurganus on

      Wow, this is going to be a pretty game.

    19. The Phantom Piper

      *****(sigh)nevermind, I am just not completely awake yet. I really wish we could edit our posts.

    20. The Phantom Piper

      **for should be from.

    21. The Phantom Piper

      @Jamey . . . I sent you a facebook message with two pictures of the upgraded components for Agricola from Agricola: The Goodies Expansion and from My friends really enjoy the upgraded components.

    22. Jason Fordham on

      @andvaranaut is correct:

      Animeeples are superb -…

      @Dustin, i wanted to eat these Euphoria meeples, too!

    23. Jason Fordham on

      Wooden tokens absolutely MAKE a beautiful game, and these look fantastic.

    24. Noah Rusnock on

      The Agricola Goodies expansion replaces the wooden cubes with shapes :-)

    25. Paul Boos

      Bummer - my favorite Dystopian book (& movie) is Logan's Run. George Clayton Johnson is 83 and William F. Nolan is 85; I doubt they are on Twitter or any other social media site.

      I actually don't read too many Dystopian future oriented books, so I'll have to think more on this.

    26. Josh Ward on

      I have no relationship with but I recommend them for really cool wooden bits! Replace all the cubes! I actually looked into using them for the commodities/resources for my P&P, but it would have been a tiiiiiiiny bit too expensive. (:

    27. Dagda

      Nice tokens. With three days to go, I am less worried about reaching the 250k than that I might add a third game to my pledge even though I am not quite sure what to do with the second one (I will probably use it as a gift someday).

    28. Missing avatar

      Rene Hanke on

      Come on, let's get those 250k! Love those tokens, spread the word! :-)

    29. Miguel on

      Im really impressed with this proyect. Euphoria is goin to be a real beauty in the table. Buy animepples for agricola.

    30. Bernhard Tischler

      Shinyyyyy :-D !!!!

    31. Crystal-Le on

      These look simply AMAZING! This game is going to be SO BEAUTIFUL on SO MANY LEVELS! XD

    32. Dustin Schwartz on

      by the way, in the bottom pic, the bits actually look like Lucky Charms 'mallows, LOL.

    33. Missing avatar

      Raymond Lee

      dystopian future + pastels = even more disturbing future

    34. andvaranaut on

      These look awesome!

      Also, you really should look into getting any of the various "animeeples" packs for Agricola, which substitute the cubes for actual wooden animals - which look way nicer. They are available in Agricola: The Goodies Expansion and in various other sources. Agricola: TGE includes custom wooden bits for animals, vegetables and resources - quite a treat (and very similar to what you are doing with Euphoria :))

    35. Missing avatar


      Awesome stuff. And I know what you mean about cubes, I'm only red-green colorblind and I still have a hard time telling a lot of colored cubes apart if the lighting isn't just right.

    36. Dustin Schwartz on

      Those look super!