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Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
4,765 backers pledged $309,495 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Euphoria Supreme

Posted by Jamey Stegmaier (Creator)

What's this, an update in the middle of the day? Yes, this is really happening. Brace yourselves.

A few days ago I sent out an update that showed the full-color recruit art. The response was...not good. Part of the reason was that I posted the wrong version of the art. The other part had to do with the way heads were placed on the recruits' bodies and the size of the necks, among other factors.

I take all feedback very seriously, as does the artist (yes, she read through all of your comments, and I kind of wish I could give her a hug, but she's in the UK). So I promised to fixing the full-color art and to find a way to produce "sketched"-face versions of the recruit art, which was a common request from many of the backers who commented on that update.

For the full-color art, you can see the changes below for many of the Icarites and Subterrans. The faces now blend better with the style of the bodies. Background art has been added for each faction. Heads are better proportioned, lighting is better, and the heads are correctly positioned on the necks.

However, if you still don't like the art or if you find the "faceless" art to provide a more immersive dystopian experience, I've gotten a quote from my artist and my manufacturer to add an extra deck of 44 recruit cards in a special version of the game (45 cards fit on a sheet, so the apocalyptic recruits won't be in this deck). We can't use the original prototype sketches because we need to have some element of consistency between the decks--Cliff the Shock Artist (as pictured below--keep in mind that it is zoomed about 400% here) is still Cliff whether he's in full color or sketched face.

Thus there is a new $59 reward level for a special "Supreme" version of Euphoria that includes the following all in one game box: 

  • Euphoria deluxe
  • 1 extra set of 24 custom steampunk dice (purely as collectibles--they aren't used in the game. You can see what they look like in the photo at the end of this update. You will get 4 of each color--there are more in the photo so you can see what each number looks like)
  • 1 set of 44 special-edition sketched-face recruit cards (which feasibly could be shuffle into the other deck of recruit cards, but we don't recommend it)

So here's what you need to do if you want this pledge level:

  • If you are a $49 backer, you can click the blue "manage my pledge" button on the project page, manually update the dollar amount to $59, select the SUPREME reward level, and submit the new pledge.
  • If you are a backer of any other pledge level, follow the steps above to manually add $10 to your pledge amount, but do not change your reward level.
  • If you have already increased your pledge amount for the previous dice add-on, you don't need to do anything. You're now getting more stuff for the same price. (But it would be helpful for you to change your reward level to $59 for tracking purposes.)

400 of you indicated that this was something you're interested in, so although the economies of scale aren't great at that amount, hopefully we can push beyond that. Plus, every pledge increase inches us closer to the upper-level stretch goals.

Last, you might be wondering what this means for the upgraded cardstock stretch goal. There are two ways to upgrade cardstock: ivorycore or blackcore. Blackcore is extremely expensive, and with the addition of these new cards, it is no longer feasible. So if we reach that goal, we will upgrade all cards to ivorycore.

Thanks so much for your input and support! I keep delaying the update about the apocalypse for these more urgent matters, but I'll post it tomorrow.

  • Image 270010 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 270011 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 270012 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 270014 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Brian Roth

      This is an unbelievable kickstarter!! Congrats Jamie! It looks like we will be able to get rid of all of the cardboard pieces!

    2. Missing avatar

      Pseudonymous on

      Quick question; Will the wierder names ["Soulless" "Sir Scarby"] be final or are they place holders?

    3. John Wrot! on

      I think this is a great idea! I look foward to the next 4 days! And congrates on breaking 200K!

    4. Dave Krechevskoy on

      Totally went to supreme.

      It is what backers crave!!! Oh wait, wrong dystopia.

      Also I think from last night I tracked about 25 backers go from Advance to Supreme.

    5. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Ams I'm very pleased. I was a little worried that not enough people would join in, but it all worked out thanks to you all. :)

    6. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Sid Awesome, thank you! I uploaded the updated recruit cards (mechanics, not final art) on the PnP last night if you want to use those:

    7. Sid on

      Thanks for the Supreme edition, Jamey. I upgraded. The reason why I posted about the art earlier was because the project is beautiful and I want it to be the best it can be.

      I've also assembled the Print and Play, and will probably game with it on Monday and Tuesday. :)

    8. Ams on

      @Jamey 401 Supreme backers- and that doesn't include people who said they'd do the add on with the viticulture/model levels- pretty sweet!

    9. Icarus Must Burn on

      @Jamey definitely a story behind the account name on the kickstarter profile, not created just for this project, sorry :-). will post it sometime on a bgg blog post, perhaps.

    10. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @KH Ah, good catch. No, the toast level won't work for this add on, as it is included in the game box. :)

    11. KH on

      "If you are a backer of any other pledge level" includes the TOAST pledge level, then? ;)

    12. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks everyone for your input! Also, I don't think I've said this yet, but @Icarus Must Burn, I like that you made a Kickstarter profile just for this project (unless you've always thought that Icarus Must Burn even before this project, in which case there must be a story there).

    13. Ams on

      @Tom Snail, it's not going to be faceless faceless, but it will be more 'sketch' (like the blown up proto-type displayed in the update)

    14. Icarus Must Burn on

      It goes without saying that you run the best kickstarters around. The ABSOLUTE BEST.

      As Tom and Fernando pointed out, the faces need to be approached as character art, with the photos more as inspiration pieces. My first comments were not a criticism of the artist in any other area except the composited approach to the photo faces. The rest of the artwork is amazing!

      Sometimes bringing in a helping hand for a targeted problem and task can help, thus my very specific recommendation for improving that task outcome. Again, this was not meant to criticize the rest of the game art. Just the compositing approach to incorporating the photo faces, which is problematic and probably too simplistic as others have pointed out.

      I upped my pledge level, not out of a total dislike of the face art, but just to provide more playing experience variety and express my support.

      - Kent

    15. Matt Winkworth on

      PS. I know what I'm doing with my steampunk dice... Steampunk Perudo! STEAMPERUDO.

    16. Matt Winkworth on

      Thanks for making the effort to do this! I didn't have an issue with the art - in fact, I think the idea of using real backers is really neat - but I've upped my bid anyway as I really like the sketch faces too. And the bonus dice. I really hope you make the final stretch rewards (esp. for the card stock upgrade!) - this is going to be brilliant :-)

    17. Brian Leahy

      Jamey, well handled. I didn't have any issues with the art, but admire the effort to placate those who did. The campaign goes from strength to strength.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rene Hanke on

      Huggydyhughug to Jacqui and Jamie. If you ever come to Bielefeld, Germany, I'll give you one in person. ;-)
      Compared to some recent superhero comics, the art is more than sufficiant. :-)

    19. Bernhard Tischler

      Great Jamey great! To be honest, I had no problem with the recruit cards from start, but since I wanted to have a second set of dice it's funny to have another freebie added to it :D

    20. Tyler Martin

      More Hugs to the artist and some for Jamey too. Once again you are proving to be one of the best Kickstarters around. It's things like this, a change that wasn't wholly necessary but you did because you want your games to be the best they can be, that mean I will pretty much support anything you do in the future. I don't think any game has perfect art but in how many games to people get to express their views and be listened. Not many. Thank you for going above and beyond what I have come to expect from most Kickstarters. Supreme for me please.

    21. Fernando on

      As an illustrator, i am with Tom.
      It's very difficult to get a good look mixing photos with a cartoonist style. You should try to include this 48 faces drawing it in the same style that the rest of the illustration. The model bakers face's will still be there, but fitting with the art and style of the game.
      I think this is the only way to satisfice the 48 model backers and the +3000 other backers and future buyers that deserves a professional and consistent graphic design.
      I do really love the artist's work on all the other parts of the game, and i would like to love this cards also.

    22. Tom Snäll

      While I DO think you have an talented artist, I also do need to express a couple of critical comments.

      It’s a big risk to do the recruit art first and then just copy/paste the faces on them.

      As we all should know, the face is not only a face but a representation of the overall body build.

      If you copy/pasting realistic faces of individuals (especially faces that hint on a slightly more robust build), on caricatured bodies with totally different body shape and style than the face, the result will never be good.

      No amount of just “tweaking” will save the day.

      To make the art ok, either the faces need to be sketchier or the bodies more realistic.
      And special attention needs to be put to the body at least trying to match the shape and angle the face suggests.
      Now most of the faces do look just glued on…

      That said, you just earned another 10$ (unintentionally, I hope) while I secure my game with a set of faceless art as a backup.
      I hope the face issue can be solved, otherwise I’ll prefer using the faceless version.

      I hope I didn’t sound too harsh, still love the game.

    23. Steve on

      @Jamey You should have just moved him to the Icarites...Could have explained the smile away with his terrible Bliss habit:p

    24. Ams on

      Alright then, I bid you good night- and as I do, some tongue-in-cheek propaganda

    25. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Ams He is a very happy miner! But he won't be smiling as much on the revised art. He's still happy, but not blissfully happy.

    26. Ams on

      and the guy with the pick axe (not show here, so prob getting fixed" could be smiling because he's the poster-boy for all miners- after all, all the mining meeples are made after *him*. "Working at this job is great, after I put in my 20 hour shift, I get two whole hours to sleep, and two hours to spend in bliss..."

    27. Ams on

      also, just in general- I don't know the guy who is the card for "Tom the Gambler", but I think it is the one with the most complaints- because he's smiling and showing teeth- totally one of my favorites. Specifically because in a world where no one smiles, we can know the one who smiles is only doing it so he can stack the cards in his favor... "come on, what's one more hand, you can do it buddy" *$$$ tehehee mawahahahaha!!*

    28. Ams on

      @Jamey- Yup, Euphorian's got it so good, they don't even notice they use child slavery. I guess when you can't focus on work at all, you don't notice a 3 year old's attention's span is significantly different from that of a 45 year old. "What, you need my 4 year old's services, and in return you'll give me a new DVD? And I get the day off to watch it? It's a deal!" lol :)

    29. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Ams I think that's a very fair assessment. I think it would be impossible for everyone to love every card. But I think if we can make sure that the vast majority of the cards immerse people in the game, we've done our job.

      This amuses me greatly: "But then I thought "distopian world using childworkers/soldiers/slavery" and now I love it."

    30. Ams on

      @Jamey @Jaqui, so I can be extremely picky. I'm high maintenance. If something doesn't hit my sweet spot, I will accept the non-sweetness, but I don't stay quiet about it, especially if others are saying something.

      Jaqui is an amazing artist. As far as I am concerned, she could animate movies or (I hope one day if not already) illustrate a children's book. Since Jamey gave her name, I have both looked through her Deviant art gallery, and liked her facebook page:…

      I know I was on the "critics" side when it came to the art. But this is because I knew Jacqui was good enough to meet the challenges we were throwing out. I guess I took her knowing her awesomeness for granted... so, I guess this is a "sorry if I was harsh" and a "I like the edits and love the new look". Do I like all the cards? No. But I don't like every song by my favorite music artist, either. I love the game board, and I love most of the cards (with a few favorites). And, I hope that Jacqui forgives the internet, and works with Jamey in the future in boardgames.

      And who knows- maybe the cards I like the least will become my favorites. For example, when I first saw it, I agreed with @Pseudonymous, the young fireworker was too much. But then I thought "distopian world using childworkers/soldiers/slavery" and now I love it.

    31. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Josh!

      @Carol Indeed, there are some nice ideas here. :)

    32. Carol Medina on

      @Jamey any plan on what to do with the free space in the card sheet? Some people are giving nice ideas ;D

    33. Josh McIntyre on

      So excited to be a part of this project +$10 from me. Thank you!!

    34. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Applejack I'm happy to take it and then return it to you in the form of Euphorian gold (literally--the Euphorians dig for gold).

      @A Mandible It's okay! Really, it says to me that you and many others are passionately invested in this project, and that means a lot to me. I think about 10 people canceled their pledges today, but 2900 of you stuck with me and gave me a chance to turn things around. Thank you for that chance.

    35. A Mandible on

      I want to apologize for fuming about the art in comments yesterday. I was totally doing that thing where it's easier to vent frustration unconstructively on the internet because you're not face to face with anyone. Sorry, Jamey; sorry, Jacqui.

    36. Applejack on

      24 custom dice for $10? That's a steal right there. The 44 alternative recruit cards are just icing. Take my money! Just take it already!

    37. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Melissa!

    38. Missing avatar

      Melissa Larrison on

      I love the card art. It was great before the changes and now it is even better. Thanks to Jamey and Jacqui!

    39. Dave Meyer on

      but the cards i think could be heavier stock, they'll last longer

    40. Ahzile on

      And many hugs for Jacqui!

    41. Andrew Finke on

      While I do think the updated art work looks better, the old stuff would have been fine too. Faceless critics can be a problem on the internet at times. Don't let it get you down.

    42. Dave Meyer on

      yeah after looking again, i kind of agree with Carol. Sketches are cool and cooler with above backgrounds

    43. Carol Medina on

      @Rogue In fact, I'm one of the "I want sketchs" and I prefer the cards to be of lighter stock. It makes easier to do cheaper expansions :D

    44. HAL-13 on

      @Richard, yes that would be ironic wouldn't it? In a way the card upgrade but not across the board was the sticky issue for me, as I wouldn't have want them with the risk of possibility of colour match issue in the future for expansion (it might not have but I worked in printing a while back and my guess would have been that it would have been extremely difficult to colour). Same media across the board and viable for expansions is the way to go... soooo, pre-emptively to anyone thinking of moaning about the upgrade 'not as awesome as I thought it would be', don't even think about it :-)

    45. Dave Meyer on

      :) gotcha... everyone is so helpful here. you're all the best

    46. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      @Dave, yes.

    47. Dave Meyer on

      ahh i think i prefer the cartoon looking figures. now to confirm something... the $59 pledge will have both decks and dice, correct?

    48. Richard Gray on

      It's my sincere hope that I don't read any complaints about the slightly reduced card quality coming from any of the people that complained about the character art.

    49. Missing avatar

      Pseudonymous on

      @Dave: One mixes photos with the cartoon bodies, seen above with the two sets of eight. The other is a stylized sketch [the large one] which keeps a sort of faceless look and avoids some of the issues with vanity cards.

      The main difference outside of that is that the vanity/standard deck has four extracards [whcih have not yet been revealed] which will not fit on the sheet for the sketch deck. On the other hand, there's an extra place on the sketch deck so there might be a consolation thing done there but it will work fine either way.

    50. Dave Meyer on

      so what is the difference between the recruit card decks... i am not very artistic so I don't know what all the discussion is about.