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Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
Build a city, enhance allegiances, and expand control using worker dice in this dystopian-themed board game for 2-6 players.
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    1. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      James: It's on the back-burner until we finish Charterstone and the new Scythe expansion, but we'll post updates here when we have them:

    2. James Parsons on

      Random question - any potential timeline on a the Euphoria expansion? Thanks!

    3. Mike Malley on

      I just came here to ask that, so I'm glad Jay already had.

    4. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Jay: Probably! It would be sometime in 2016.

      @Tom: Sorry, I completely did not see your comment until now. We don't have those files on our website anymore.

    5. Jay on

      So the Euphoria Expansion would be on KS or no?

    6. Tom Comings on

      Played four times over the weekend and we had a great time. When done, I remembered I had the new cards in my treasure chest. While merging the new ones in, I followed the current links to the print and play version from your website under the Euphoria menu and noticed the full game is no longer there. Currently only the 16 changed recruits are listed. None of the market or artifact cards are there anymore. Can you put all of the files back up please?

    7. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      To make them better and more balanced.

    8. Jay on

      I got he updated recruit cards from the TC. Why are they updated again?

    9. Jay on

      Tried it with 4 players, got a better sense of the game now and strategy, still can't decide whether I like it or not.

    10. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      andvaranaut: Morning Players is hoping to do a Spanish printing of Euphoria at some point, but currently only German, Czech, and French are available. Unfortunately it's not looking like they're able to do separate language packs for backers. I asked them to do it and even offered to pay for it, but they said (very recently) that it's not feasible.

    11. andvaranaut on

      Jamey, do you happen to know whether the language packs will include Spanish, or will they only be on the languages that the game has been published in (German, French and Polish IIRC)? I'm guessing the second option, but hope springs eternal. :P

    12. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Milo: Step 1 is optional. The Engineer card is included in the updated batch of cards, and the change to the market is more of a clarification than a change. If you order the Treasure Chest, 1 pack of updated recruit cards will come inside of the box.

    13. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      OK sorry if this question has been asked before
      so to complete Euphoria
      what I must do ?
      1. print these
      2. I ordered Treasure Chest with come with some new/updated recruit cards

      is that all ?

    14. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator


    15. Christian Herschbach on

      Many thanks for this fast reply! Does this mean that I can purchase it directly at the fair?

    16. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Christian: My European production partner is working on them, and they should be released by Essen Spiel.

    17. Christian Herschbach on

      Hello! Wasn't there the idea to create and sell language packs e.g. with German cards? What happened to these thoughts?

    18. Jay on

      I tried this game with 3 and 5 players so far, I still can't quite put my fingers on it for some reason. Gotta try it with 2, 4, 6 players next time !!!

    19. Anthony Learned on

      *solve stupid phone spellcheck

    20. Anthony Learned on

      I was just pleasantly surprised :)

      I like to slice their puzzles while on long flights. Keeps the gray matter young.

    21. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Yeah, it was really exciting to become a Mensa selection yesterday! Anthony, Mensa is an organization of people with really high IQs. Every year they select a few games to receive the Mensa select designation--presumably games that make you think? :)

    22. Icarus Must Burn on

      Wow. Not sure how Euphoria made it onto the Mensa radar, but this definitely should help raise the awareness of euro-style games among the mainstream gaming public. Congrats!!

    23. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Jeff (and Barry--sorry, I missed your comment before)!

    24. Jeff Suret

      First thanks for the game !
      It is not only fun to play but the quality of the board, tokens ... is really really good.
      A lot of game projects would have to learn from you !

    25. barry morgan on

      really really enjoyed playing this 3 times over the weekend. the learning curve for the first game is steep but definitely worth it.

    26. luccros on

      The guys at The Secret Cabal chat about Euphoria in their latest podcast!

    27. Missing avatar

      Karle Kane on

      @Jamey: Thanks for taking the time to reply and please accept my apologies. Looking back through my inbox I can see that you're clearly correct. I'm not sure where I got the idea from that I was receiving lots of unrelated e-mails.

    28. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @Karle: I think I've only posted one update on the Euphoria project page about Tuscany, correct? I try to be very careful about respecting that you all just want Euphoria updates. The only updates in the future that I'll post on on Euphoria will either pertain to Euphoria (I'll probably post one update when we launch the realistic resource campaign since those resources can be used in Euphoria).

    29. Missing avatar

      Karle Kane on

      Hi Jamey,

      I'm not interested in your other projects but you keep sending updates about them on the Euphoria KickStarter. If I unsubscribe from the mailing list am I going to miss anything important?

    30. Ams on

      I feel so sad for rule-of-three! Rule-of-three, please tell us how getting your game works out!

    31. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Thanks Luca. I don't see that information here, but it's also in German. :) I'll PM rule of three the tracking number so he can see it.

    32. Luca A. Romeo on

      Jamey, usually when this happens even the surname was reported, if this is the case, you can give via PM to rule-of.three this information so ho can go asking... if don't maybe this "neighbor" is someone involved in the delivery...

    33. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @rule-of-three: Okay, I tracked the package, and German post indicates that it was successfully delivered in Frankfurt on December 19. It says that the package was "given to neighbor," which is something I haven't seen before. That would suggest that one of two things happened: One, it was delivered to your neighbor, and they forgot to tell you about it. Or two, it was delivered to your neighbor, and they kept it. Either way, I would recommend this: Ask your neighbors if they have the game, and if they don't, message me with an alternate address where your neighbors can't interfere with delivery (work addresses work well) and I'll send you a replacement copy. Thanks!

    34. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      @rule-of-three: Thanks for your message! As far as I was aware, we delivered all copies of Euphoria by the first week of January, so it sounds like something went wrong with your order. I'll track it right now...

    35. Luca A. Romeo on

      Where are you from Rule-of-three?

    36. rule-of-three on

      Hello Jamey,

      I have not yet received my copy of Euphoria. Should I begin to worry, or is this still within the time frame for international backers?

      I can't wait to try out the finished game :). Cheers!

    37. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Joey: It's optional. And if you're at 1 morale, you can still pick up workers for free.

    38. Joey van Egmond on

      Guys: if you retrieve any/all workerd, do you have to pay the food if you can? or is this optional and can you just take 'the loss' / moral?

    39. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Just in case anyone here wants to find their way over to Jamey's latest kickstarter. ;-)
      The Tuscany expansion (all eight!!) for Viticulture is now live -->

    40. Luca A. Romeo on

      today it's the day :D

    41. Jamie on

      Yep .. I'm only 1 day ahead of you .. not 3.

    42. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      I think you might have time traveled to the future, Jamie--we don't launch until Wednesday. :) (It's 9:36 here right now.)

    43. Jamie on

      Whats really annoying .. trying to work CDT back to GMT then to my timezone w/out daylight savings so I can stay up to see the next 'big' thing launch .. should have been now ... or 30min ago .. I'm not sure.

    44. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Very cool, Luca! Thanks for sharing that.

    45. Jamey Stegmaier 8-time creator

      Jeff: Indeed, you are correct. I mentioned that on the January 31 Stonemaier e-newsletter (I say that just in case you have the newsletter in your inbox and want to check it out for details). Similarly to what I'm doing with Tuscany, if we do a Euphoria expansion, I'll offer updated components from the first edition to all backers who back the expansion. Definitely Michael the Engineer, and maybe the market tile (the change on it is very slight).

    46. Jeff James on

      I noticed the Official Errata on the website shows the changes to the "Michael the Engineer" recruit card and the "Lounge of Opulent Frugality" market tile. Do you foresee a replacement for these being produced?

      If not, IF an expansion is ever offered, maybe these could be replaced as part of the expansion (although, it would probably be too much to ask for the Special Edition of the card to be replaced)

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