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ALAS VEGAS is an RPG miniseries about amnesia, sin, horror and gambling, by 'the godfather of indie-game design'.
ALAS VEGAS is an RPG miniseries about amnesia, sin, horror and gambling, by 'the godfather of indie-game design'.
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    1. Mick Reddick on November 5

      James has a stand at this year's Dragonmeet convention if anyone can still be arsed

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on November 2

      Countdown to April 21st, when we can expect James Wallis to make another appearance with more excuses.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on October 31

      Guess it will be another 6 months before Mr. Wallis tells us when the soft covers will ship.

      What a frigging joke. So completely unprofessional.

    4. Strand on October 22

      A foaming german backer got Luke Crane (Head of Games at Kickstarter according to his linkedin profile) to admit "AV: @JamesWallis will confirm that it is fulfilling. I have a copy of the book." just the other night on twitter (

      James felt obliged to chime in "Barring further bizarre happenings, books should ship shortly." ( Tweets go on with printer failures, etc., but yes, there are books out there and I am confident, that we will get some ... someday.

    5. James Wallis Creator on October 21

      It's possible your friend saw a physical copy of the game: I gave away a few proof copies at Gen Con, mostly to contributors and to people who have gone above and beyond in supporting the project. (Some print-on-demand printers send actual bound copies as samples; others still send sheaves of loose paper). The only backer to have received a physical copy so far is Eclectic Games, who have the first hardback proof.

    6. Ben McFarland on October 21

      I saw someone on the Far West KS who stated they'd seen a print copy of Alas Vegas-- I didn't think those had happened yet? Softcovers haven't shipped and I missed it, did they? I know we just saw a whole post about hardcovers, but we haven't seen a softcover post yet, have we?

    7. Dominic Mooney
      on October 18

      Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on October 18

      And again, how can you think not communicating with your backers for over 6 months is acceptable in any way, shape, or form?

    9. Joe Bianco
      on October 18

      So I guess the counter is reset.

      Of course so is everything else apparently. Isn't this where we were a year ago? Waiting for a book to be printed? When it's done... again... Will you be hiding out for another 4-6 months without communicating?

      Ah, whatever, soon enough this will be done and finished. Again. Maybe...

    10. James Wallis Creator on October 17

      This is what the duff hardbacks looked like (these were the pics I sent to the printer to register my displeasure). I don't have pics of the pulping because the printer collected the books from the warehouse and is dealing with that end of things, which includes proper recycling of the paper and card. If you assumed I was on an industrial estate near Exeter feeding copies into a woodchipper, I apologise for disappointing you.……
      Vegasm, the novelisation of Alas Vegas, progresses slowly. One thing at a time.

    11. Barac Baker Wiley
      on October 17

      I had forgotten that the unreached stretch goal was for a StoryNexus version of the game. Probably just as well that wasn't released, given that StoryNexus kind of crashed and burned. (Undeservedly, but that's life.)

    12. Missing avatar

      Andy Jenkinson
      on October 17

      Without wanting to sound skeptical, so would I.

    13. Dominic Mooney
      on October 17

      I’d love to see some pictures of the covers and the pulped print run...

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on October 17

      From today's update:

      "questions may spring to your mind. “That bastard Wallis is still alive?” for example, but let’s leave that one aside for the moment."

      No, let's not leave that one aside. I would like to know what your excuse is for not communicating with your backers for over 6 months.

      We all know you were alive, well, and living your life during those 6 months. Your Facebook account proves that.

      How can you think not communicating with your backers for over 6 months is acceptable in any way, shape, or form?

    15. Dominic Mooney
      on October 17

      "The Dog Ate My Homework" and other stories. Coming to a kickstarter near you.

    16. Dominic Mooney
      on October 17

      That was the PDF.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Douven on October 13

      Wikipedia says the the game was released in Dec 2016:

      Seems like I missed something or maybe my neighbour took the parcel...

    18. Andrew Grant on October 9

      Do you think he just logs in to see if we've all gone away yet?

    19. Dominic Mooney
      on October 8

      Last login by James Wallis: Oct 6 2017

    20. Dominic Mooney
      on October 8

      24th March 2017 was when we were shown a proof. Aren't we due another update on how the cat ate the delivery? Or was it the dog and the homework?

    21. Knipoog on September 30

      James, Any communication now would be so polite ;-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Thibodeau on September 28

      Oh, good, apparently I'm not the only person in this situation, I have received NOTHING from my pledge, neither PDF nor softcover, and I'm not happy about it. I'd actually forgotten that he'd supposedly finished the book, because I'd just gotten used to the litany of excuses every few months.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Perreault-Dorion on September 26

      I totally forgot I was a backer for this. I've reported the project and I encourage everyone who hasn't done so to do the same. I know the chances of seeing my book are almost zero, but Kickstarter should be made aware of what's happening.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andy Jenkinson
      on September 26

      @Joe. I have to say, I'm really glad you are moaning in here. Every time I check in - it's like a reassuring "well *someone* still cares, even if that someone isn't JW", and it makes me feel slightly better about it. And the "It's been.... " tally always makes me smile.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan Christenson
      on September 25

      So looking back, should the tagline "bad memories, bad luck & bad blood" be considered prophetic?

    26. Missing avatar

      Martijn Waegemakers on September 25

      Honestly, I've given up on the physical book and I'm only frustrated about the absence of any explanation on what went wrong. The least he can do is hold up his hand and tell us why it all fell apart.

      Anyway, I'll see if I can get my credit card company to refund the price of the Baron Munchausen book as that falls outside the terms and conditions of Kickstarter.

    27. Andy The Sane on September 25

      Whoah! on James Watch - he did actually log in to Kickstarter on 20th September! (Prior to that it was around June).

      I did once walk past him at the UK Games Expo a few years ago, when this game was "only" a year late. At the time I didn't need to ask him about the game as he was posting sporadic updates, unlike now - I would definitely ask him what was up.

      I think that's the thing I'm most annoyed about is the lack of updates, especially when an Australian games publisher announced on their Twitter feed that Alas Vegas was out... Surely James should be the one to announce it. (Alas, after I pressed the Tin Star Games feed, it appears it definitely isn't out)

      I've not delved into the PDF much as I still live in the vague hope I'll get my hardback book.

    28. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on September 23

      Swung by to see what was happening here and was interested in some of the gameplay discussion. Having the current GM's PC fade into the background in their episode does seem pretty weak. I mean, it's an acceptable contrivance when a player happens to not make a session, but that doesn't apply here - that character's player is right there, running the game. And it completely passes up the opportunity to do something more interesting with the character.

      Plus... wouldn't that really suck for whoever's running the final session? The very climax of the campaign, and their character just shuffles about in the background, not doing anything! Dunno about you guys but I would *hate* that.

    29. Dustin Reindl on September 22

      @Joe honestly I've kind of just written this off as a, never again James. Back in 2013 I paid the $20-30 something the 12 pound equivalent was but ever since that drop I know I'll never see it again (not counting hearing how hard it was/is to even get a refund). So eventually I may see Alas Vegas show-up at my door or I might not, either way (especially now hearing Paranoia is having issues) I'll officially stay away from anything having his name in it (KS wise) now and live with the result.

      Luckily I have a job now compared to back then so, I'll just think of it as a bad investment that flopped. (Can't say scam technically cause he has delivered the Ashcan pdf)


    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 22


      I'm getting angry about it and have sent messages, which have thus far been ignores, to Wallis by every channel available.

      I have also reported this project to KS for lack of communication, which is what everyone should be doing.

      KS might ignore one complaint, but a 1000 complaints about this project might get them to do something.

      Also considering starting a GoFundMe page to hire locals to continually harass James Wallis until he delivers. (That's a joke, not a "serious threat", KS, so don't ban me.)

    31. Joe Bianco
      on September 22

      Honestly I have no idea what to do. I've tried everything i could think of short of a lawsuit (which i don't think is a good plan/ appropriate) or traveling to confront him in person (which i think isn't going to help and I cannot afford). A while ago I ran down every lead i could think of, even contacting all the collaborators and guest writers and people involved.... and they all pointed me back at James. So its an infinite circle of suck.

      That's part of why i piss and moan here.... It's the only way i can get my frustration out. And i honestly would like to know / hear how other backers are dealing since i can't just write the project off and ignore the lies and deception.

    32. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 22


      So what do you we suggest we do?

      I'm sick and tired of KS creators not delivering what they promised and think James Wallis should be made an example of what happens when you don't deliver.

    33. Joe Bianco
      on September 21

      Hi there Paul, Resident Doom-speaker and Curmudgeon here....
      Direct pressure means literally nothing to James (or Kickstarter). People have been emailing, tweeting, Facebooking and what not James for as long as this project has been going. It hasn't once gotten him motivated or moving. And the one time it seems that contact got to him he lost his mind and threw a full on hissy fit. See the comment on and around October 29, 2014....
      I do semi-regularly check on his website and twitter in hopes of seeing some good news... but its mostly political and personal whining that has little to do with his responsibilities as a game designer.

      As for what James does when he's not fulfilling obligations to his personal kickstarter, well... He attends lectures (both as presenter and listener apparently), is active on twitter (complaining about Brexit, and people using phrases wrong {such as "take the reigns" instead of "take the reins"} and attends conventions all over the world. In fact he'll be at Speil Essen in October!

      James also has a nasty habit of making promises he either forgets about, cannot honor, or has no intention of keeping. He promises to do work and then goes silent for months. He promises a copy of Baron Munchausen with expanded content and then says its not feasible and gives a "discount" instead. He promises every backer at the PDF level and higher a copy of Far West... and that project is just SO much worse than this one it's a joke he even offered it ( He has been working on PARANOIA since October 2013 (at least that was when he hinted at working on it in the updates here) and that was delayed because of him and is in fact missing his solo part. SO every time he promises this thing is almost done I have to choke down the rage and impulse to scream at my computer. (And then i Remember that he also said he was going to write a "companion" novel that sort of tackles Alas Vegas in a narrative way that is different but much in the spirit of the game. And I know he said that the novel would have to wait, and I agree that it should be abandoned)

      @Scott.... I have not played through it, but I did read through it all. And the whole thing is... lackluster? There are a lot of weak parts (such as a lot of the "mystery" of the setting and even the pay off isn't quite as powerful as i think it should have been) including the "the dealer character is there, but not really doing anything". I would have much rather some sort of "thing happen" like a kidnapping, a momentary "glitch where that character phases out but reappears later" or anything other than yeah I was there in the background the whole time. Even when it would have made sense for me to do something because i happen to have that skill you needed. I dunno, that's not helpful but it think if you're comfortable running it all go for it. If you have a good group that runs games well and can figure out a good reason their guy doesn't do stuff during an entire act, then go with that. My group only has two out of 5 people who are experienced enough to run a game that has already started.... just my thoughts....

      This got a little too dense and angry. That was not my intent... I guess i get a little overly angry since this was the first Kickstarter I was really excited about. Anyhoo....

      It's been....
      177 Days....
      5 months, 24 Days....
      0.48 years....
      Since James Wallis Updated his backers

    34. Scott Bennett on September 21

      Has anybody played through the Alas Vegas campaign? I am prepping it out now and after having read the first bit am thinking about just running all four parts. I thought that the person playing the dealer would have their character missing for that section but having them 'hang around quietly' seems kind of weak.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 21

      Everyone hit the Report to KS button on the bottom of the campaign page and indicate Lack of Communication. Maybe KS can light a fire under Wallis.

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 21


      Did the article say which writer was contacted to convey the message to Wallis?

      We need to turn up the heat as much as possible on Wallis to get some answers.

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 17

      Everyone needs to hit him via email, FB, FB messenger, Twitter, etc..

      If enough of us hit him from every social media channel available, we might get some answers.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andy Jenkinson
      on September 15

      It makes you wonder what JW *IS* actually doing, when not fulfilling his obligations.

    39. Missing avatar

      Arwel on September 15

      Seems the Paranoia kickstarter is also having problems with James being late and not communicating...

      "The Bad News
      Here at Mongoose HQ, we have all but given up on Ultraviolent. It is hellishly late, every self-imposed deadline Mr Wallis has given us for it has been broken, and now communication has ceased altogether. For the past few months, we have only been able to reach Mr Wallis via another writer (which is a ridiculous situation for grown adults to be in), and the last thing we heard was 'there are only 3,000 words to go'. That was a couple of months ago.
      So the bad news is... we are now considering Ultraviolent to be a dead project.
      Given the delays the Paranoia Kickstarter has endured (almost all of which have come from this one source), along with posts I have been reading on of delays in other projects Mr Wallis is involved in, I do not believe we will ever see it."

    40. Missing avatar

      Dave Convery on September 12

      I've had no response contacting James via email, FWIW. I wanted to cancel the Munchausen order for backers and pick up a copy locally, but have had no confirmation if that's happened or if the email has even been received.

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on September 11

      Time for some direct pressure.

      You can contact James in the following ways:

      Facebook: James Wallis
      Flickr: jameswallis
      LastFM: yojimbouk
      Twitter: @jameswallis
      Xbox Live: @spaaace

    42. Missing avatar

      Justin Mohareb on September 10

      Did the Far West backers get their pdf copies of the Alas Vegas book?

    43. Missing avatar

      Martijn Waegemakers on August 28

      Has anyone contacted their credit card company about the non-delivery of Baron Munchausen book? I'm considering it...

    44. Andrew Grant on August 25

      I'm pretty sure the pictures of the soft covers were just mock ups

    45. Missing avatar

      scott jenks on August 24

      "You may also want to follow: Gareth M. Skarka" lol Twitter's algo is doing a great job if I wanted tedious politics mixed with my failed kickstarter aggravation. PS I thankfully didn't fund Far West

    46. Joe Bianco
      on August 21

      So no word from James around here since March... even after Andy the Sane pointed out he commented on a twitter question that the soft covers ( might be ready... or not. Who knows? Not us. And James hasn't signed in here since mid-July (and even then he didn't comment on Alas Vegas or update us).... So here we are still waiting on this project. STILL.

      It's been...
      4 months, 24 days....
      20 weeks,6 days....
      0.40 years....
      since James Wallis talked to or updated us, his backers....

    47. John Ickes
      on August 17

      Is anyone going to Gen Con and would care to ask James?

    48. Paul Grindrod on August 15

      @Dustin Reindl - at this point it's more likely that the books will arrive through the post unannounced than an actual update will be made using the picture.

    49. Dustin Reindl on August 14

      Do you think James is going to use that same picture here in an update soon?

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