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ALAS VEGAS is an RPG miniseries about amnesia, sin, horror and gambling, by 'the godfather of indie-game design'.
ALAS VEGAS is an RPG miniseries about amnesia, sin, horror and gambling, by 'the godfather of indie-game design'.
1,164 backers pledged £24,061 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John M. Portley
      on February 19

      I have yet to receive the PDF, or link to it, nor the book. Based in the U. S., if that helps narrow it down.

    2. John Ickes
      on January 7

      Has anyone come up with any new scenarios for the Fugue System?

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Drew
      on December 29

      Still no sign of mine (Limited edition, plus the Baron) in Alberta, Canada.

    4. James Cowling on December 29

      Not being accusatory (honest!) Just thought it was an interesting data point.

      And that's clever and interesting re: producing less than the full limit in a first run.

    5. James Wallis Creator on December 29

      Not all the numbers in the limited edition have been issued; a few copies have been held back to allow for lost and damaged copies, cancelled orders, and donations to charities (#10 was donated to the Dragonmeet auction in early December, where it sold for £70). This is fairly standard. I know of one major publisher that regularly announces limited editions of 5000 units, and releases 1500-2000. If it sells well, they release more.

      Printers never deliver the exact number of ordered books, there's always overage--for which you will be charged. I've never worked with a printer that delivered fewer than the quantity I ordered. Strange, that.

    6. James Cowling on December 28

      Showed up today in the wilderness of central British Columbia, Canada.

      Four years and ten months after the end of the project. Not even Kingdom Death: Monster took that long.

      It is interesting to me that it the campaign claimed that there would only be as many hardcovers printed as backers, the nameplate says that it is a limited edition of 444, yet only about 370 backers backed a hardcover during the campaign. I guess another 75 people or so added a hardcover in the pledge manager? If so, interesting info for anyone planning a similar project.

    7. Chad Roberts on December 28

      No sign of mine here in Nashville, TN.

    8. Eric Franklin on December 26

      Arrived today in the greater Seattle area.

    9. HotMayoSandwich
      on December 26

      No sign of the book in Maryland, waiting patiently

    10. Mark Argent
      on December 23

      keep the Baron cooped up signing bookplates for that long, and something was bound to happen.

    11. James Wallis Creator on December 23

      I'm dealing with Mark's situation in email. Has anyone else had their bookplate stuck in the wrong book?

    12. Mark Argent
      on December 23

      other than that? perfection

    13. Mark Argent
      on December 23

      got my books! one small problem, though -- the bookplate ended up in Baron Munchausen, not Alas Vegas.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Bowman
      on December 22

      Go my copy earlier his week. Looks great and worth the wait.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jon Edwards
      on December 21

      Woohoo! My copy arrived! Looks fantastic!

    16. Paul Grindrod on December 21

      It arrived (to be fair, it probably arrived a few weeks back but I've been away). Looks good and I'm glad it was finally delivered.

      So, @James - thank you. It's nice to know it wasn't all in vain. But your communication was a major problem. If you ever crowd fund again, remember: delays happen. That's life. Not talking to your backers for months at a time is not a good way to run a campaign.

    17. Willj on December 21

      Book received! Thanks for a beautiful looking product.

    18. Marc Kevin Hall
      on December 20

      My copy arrived today, and looks terrific. (The Baron arrived safely, too - but I would expect no less from him!)

    19. Andrew Kirschbaum on December 19

      I just got my copy. Thanks James for the long, strange ride!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Denehy on December 19

      Both AV and Baron arrived yesterday in Kentucky. Comes via Media Mail, in case anyone is using Informed Delivery.

    21. GREUH on December 19

      @James : Thanks for the answer.
      And for the Tarot deck, I intend to use that one, very ominous :
      (in fact, I very much intend to run a WTNV Fugue game)

    22. James Cowling on December 19

      Any Canadians got theirs yet? Hoping to flip my copy ASAP.

    23. Barac Baker Wiley
      on December 18

      Got my hardcover (and Baron Munchausen), in St. Paul. It remains a thoroughly excellent game and the hardcover is lovely. :)

    24. Steve Burnett
      on December 18

      My copy arrived today (East coast, USA).

    25. James Wallis Creator on December 18

      GREUH: It's a good question, and in all the time I've been testing these rules and showing them to people you're the only person who has raised it. Immediately receive 50 XP points, citize-- wait, that's that other game.

      Face cards of the minor arcana have the values that you can probably intuit from their rank. So the Page is worth 11, the Knight is 12, the Queen is 13 and the King is 14.

      Thanks for bringing this point up. I'll include it in a future update to the Fugue rules document.

    26. Joe Bianco
      on December 18

      So I got my copy and all was in order. I am glad to finally close this part of this kickstarter. I am still never backing anything James has his hand in but... Best of luck to everyone in the future

    27. John Ickes
      on December 18

      Please answer it as a Update so it is easier to find in the future. Thank you.

    28. John Ickes
      on December 18

      My copy arrived today in Chicago.

    29. James Wallis Creator on December 18

      Good question!

      The first chapter after the main text, on page 157 with the tarot of the Magician opposite it, is so much of a spoiler that even its title can be construed as a give-away.
      Drinking Heavily in Vegas contains spoilers.
      Big Board at the Adelphi is clean.
      Alas Vegas: In-Game Gambling is clean.
      Grifts, Scams And... is essentially advice on how to continue playing in the Alas Vegas background after the intended end of the campaign, and is basically one big spoiler for everything.
      Tarot-Jumping Other Games is clean.
      Killing Bugsy Siegel is a separate game, and any overlaps between it and Alas Vegas are probably down to all the times Ken and I have broken bread together.
      Yet Already, Warlock Kings and Remembering Cosmic Man are all clean.
      The Designer's Notes contains a couple of spoilers, but also contains a warning that it contains spoilers.

      Will handle GREUH's rules question later tonight.

    30. johnmcfloss on December 18

      So, which of the Alas Vegas chapters supplementary are specifically relevant to certain parts of the core story?

      ...because I know that one of them is, because within the first paragraph it referred to something that I assume happens in Part 4 of the core story. And I'd like to avoid spoiling myself like that again!

    31. GREUH on December 18

      When solving a basic action, what is the value of face cards (page/knight/queen/king) ?
      Page 21 only applies to contested actions, not basic ones.
      Given the Dealer can set a difficulty of 11 or 12, saying "10" does not make any sense to me, since you only draw one card and Major Arcana are automatical success/failure.

      I've read those rules 5 times already and not found any answer...

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben Erdin on December 17

      Received mine yesterday; South Carolina, US. Book was in a padded (bubble) envelope inside a cardboard box.

    33. Dain on December 16

      Got my copy today. The book looks great, James.

    34. Mark Bruce
      on December 16

      Received my copy in Columbus, Ohio, USA today.

    35. Andrew Grant on December 16

      I think I'm still in shock that this actually arrived.

    36. Christopher Kit Kindred
      on December 15

      I live in Las Vegas and my copy hasnt arrived

    37. John Ickes
      on December 15

      Has anyone is the U.S. gotten their copy yet?

    38. James Wallis Creator on December 12

      I've contacted T0mu by email.

    39. T0mu
      on December 12

      I received the books (Alas and Baron) yesterday...
      bubble wrap —-> 4 corners damaged and Baron pages all bent
      Is it possible to have replacements sent? maybe with a more robust packaging...?

    40. Frank Branham
      on December 11

      As to Tarot decks, I went with this one:…
      It is a gorgeous deck, which is fairly close to Ryder Waite, but does have unique images on every card, and an odd puppet show sort of look.

    41. Rodolphe on December 11

      I've received the HC and the Munchhausen book. Sending them in a bubblewrap envelope is just not serious. The Baron got wounded as he was not riding on a cannonball.

    42. Maurice Strubel on December 11

      I received my HC and the Munchausen book today here in the Netherlands. They both look awesome! Thanks so much for holding on through all the setbacks and finishing this.
      I'm looking forwardto be able to play it.

    43. Andrew Robertson on December 10

      Oliver Hibert's Neon Deck might work, but it's a) $135, and b) maybe doesn't meet the 'art on the minor arcana' test - it seems to borrow inspirations from the (n) Waite (n) art.

    44. Andrew Robertson on December 10

      I've been wading my way through this site - - the previews are *very* helpful for determining which decks might not only suit Alas Vegas but how I see seeing the cards fall.

    45. John Ickes
      on December 10

      What Tarot Deck(s) is/are people thinking of using with the game?

    46. Strand on December 9

      Got it today on my desk, and yes, it is a beautiful book! This kickstarter was one hell of a ride and certain parts I don't want to experience ever again.

    47. Knipoog on December 9

      Not lost anymore, thanks James!

    48. Knipoog on December 8

      Ok, I am a bit lost, I got a book today.
      Is the game coming too?

    49. Marius Bredsdorff on December 8

      I got my copy a few days ago. It felt kind of weird getting it at my new address where I live with my girlfriend. We're getting married in april but four and a half years ago, when the book was supposed to be done, we hadn't even met. Hell, my girlfriend was still living and working in the US at that time.
      "Look honey, it's a thing what I kickstarted and was expecting two years before we met - and now it's here!" :-D

      Congratulations on finishing it, James. Must feel great to get that off your shoulders.

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