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Saving the Honey Bees documentary takes a look at the plight of the bees and offers sustainable solutions to modern beekeeping methods.

In 2006, a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), resulted in widespread and massive losses of honey bee colonies in the United States.

Nearly one million honey bee colonies died in the U.S. over the winter of 2007–2008. CCD has escalated to a worldwide epidemic, affecting bees in more than 135 countries. If our bees continue to die out we will face severe economic consequences and impact on our food supply.

Certainly the damages inflicted on the honeybees by extensive trucking from one mono-culture to the next, sugar and corn syrup feeding, pesticides and insecticides cannot be denied. Attacks by viruses, bacteria, mites and beetles occur when the immune system is compromised.

What is not looked at (yet!), is the weakening of the bee's immune system and damage caused by mechanized, exploitive and insensitive beekeeping practices which are driven by a bottom-line profiteering mentality. This project will promote awareness regarding these issues and present viable solutions.

Gunther Hauk of Spikenard Farm created a honeybee sanctuary before CCD appeared. The main focus of his honey bee sanctuary is the care and nurturing of bee colonies, including plantings of medicinal forage, use of therapeutic oils, and development of sustainable beekeeping methods. Over the last 35 years, Gunther has had no incidences of CCD or Foul Brood in his apiary.

Gunther has been featured in several award winning documentaries including Queen of the Sun and Vanishing of the Bees. With your help, we would like to create a new video Saving the Honey Bees: Hour of Decision that will cover how-to methods for sustainable beekeeping. This is an aspect that is mostly missing from other documentary videos and we believe it will be a tremendous help to the beekeepers who want to have healthier bees.

The DVD will cover basics about which beekeeping practices are especially damaging and part of the causes of CCD, but will also offer sustainable methods proven to strengthen and heal our weakened honeybees. Anyone who keeps bees, or intends to do so, will benefit from the information in this DVD and so will all of us! It is very important for this message of hope to reach as many people as possible. Our lives depend on honeybees!.

Your pledge will help to:

  • Enable the production of a wonderful independent documentary film.
  • Educate beekeepers about sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • Increase awareness about the current state of the bees and the important role bees play in all our lives.
  • Share practical working examples of the work at Spikenard Farm Honey Bee Sanctuary.
  • Increase bee, butterfly and pollinator habitat.
  • Help small scale and hobby beekeepers get started!
  • Increase the overall well being of our honey bees!


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    Access to view pre-production video clips online. This may include early viewing of certain scenes or outtakes which do not get used in the final version of the video. All backers including higher levels will get these updates.

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    A copy of the finished DVD.

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