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The Toaster - Mic-enabled Mobile DJ Audio Splitter's video poster

The Toaster lets you hear a mix in your headphones that is different from the mix playing to the audience when you're the DJ! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2013.

The Toaster lets you hear a mix in your headphones that is different from the mix playing to the audience when you're the DJ!

About this project

The Toaster is a mic-enabled audio splitter that uses L and R stereo channels to make two different output channels.

***Update*** - I wanted to post another video that more clearly demonstrated the primary functionality of The Toaster, so here it is!


A while back we Kickstarted a novel audio splitter called the Wiretap.

After we finished making a run of great-quality Wiretaps (and sending them all out - phew!) we realized we had the opportunity to make other splitter configurations, using the same production equipment, by just changing the internal wiring.

One of the ideas we came up with is The Toaster. It sends each of the Left and Right Audio channels to one of the two socket connectors, so you can route the Left and Right channels independently. (Note that each channel connects to both the audio pins on each jack. Technically this is called 'Binaural Mono')

One really popular use for this signal routing is by DJs, who want to be able to output two tracks at the same time.

Toaster Prototype with iPhone 5
Toaster Prototype with iPhone 5

Also, many of the apps they use have a mode called 'Split Mode', or 'DJ Mode', which takes advantage of this routing.

Toaster Prototype with Laptop
Toaster Prototype with Laptop

But in The Toaster we've done that AND kept the microphone connected! This means an appropriately-configured app on your mobile device, or software on your laptop, can let you keep using the mic as well! And it's all in one little splitter. That's legit!

The Toaster uses the same injection molding tools as our previous splitter, the Wiretap, so we just need to raise enough money to pay for a minimum order from the manufacturer. Like the Wiretap and the Rockit, The Toaster is great quality, really durable and tough, with no annoying cables. Thanks to its asymmetry, you can tell which side is which in the dark, and it's bright blue, so it's hard to lose!

(There are probably lots of other mixing/splitting applications for two-channel-output-one-channel-input for mobile devices)

*The Rockit splits 4-pin combo TO 2-pin mic, 3-pin stereo headphones. The Wiretap splits 4-pin combo TO 4-pin combo, 3-pin stereo headphones. You follow?

Risks and challenges

We've got a great relationship with our manufacturer, who was nice enough to send us 10 production-quality prototypes for testing and video shooting. I've personally used the Toaster with a range of DJ apps and it works great. It's super fun to be able to hear a different mix in your headphones. We've also had a large quantity production (of the other two splitters) done by them before, and we've found the quality to be excellent, and the reliability top-notch. We're really confident we can deliver a great product, on time, if this campaign is successful.

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