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Luxi turns your iPhone into an incident light meter.
Luxi turns your iPhone into an incident light meter.
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5,220 backers pledged $120,921 to help bring this project to life.

Update 10

Hi Kickstarters,

The Luxi manufacturer had a couple logistical issues last week, which resulted in an interruption of the production run, but we’ve been assured the whole order will be complete by July 29.

We’ve made the executive decision to get all the Luxis sent here by air-freight as soon as they’re done, in an effort to make up for some lost time. So we’re really optimistic about getting them in the post to you starting the first week of August.

I’ve brought on a great new hire, Jarrod. He’s smart and he’s fast and he’s going to work all day and night to get your Luxi to you as soon as they drop. He’s been practicing post-office sprints and he can address an envelope in 3.2s. (Not that he needs to - they're already done...)

Just look at this eagerness:

In other news, we're drumming up some great PR for Luxi, so we’re as keen as beans to get them done, shipped, and fully-stocked.

Thanks for your support and patience!




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    1. Eric on August 8, 2013


    2. Bill Spencer on August 5, 2013

      Any ETA? just so we know what to expect?

    3. Danny Bruza on August 2, 2013

      have not got mine yet?

    4. Jake Kemper on August 1, 2013

      Not sure what all the BS is from folks. Its not that late, I've been a part of a few Kickstarts and I always have assumed within a 6 month window of stated release. People that think Kickstarter is a store are very misinformed.

    5. Maurizio Beucci on July 27, 2013

      I only hope it will fit the next iPhone generation. I have the chance to change my iPhone once a year, I opt for Luxi for iPhone5, whatever the next iPhone will be, i simply hope the shape will fit anyway. I hate the idea of waiting for so long, missing all the things I wish I already had the Luxi for, and finally being not even able to use it at all.

    6. Jorge Quinteros on July 26, 2013

      To be honest, I totally forgot I had even packed this project. I'll continue to think that so I don't get upset with how ridiculously long it's taken to even receive it.

    7. Nathan Allan on July 25, 2013

      Great! I would rather wait for a product that is working and complete than a half-arsed rush job.

    8. Dale Card on July 24, 2013

      Man, rough crowd. I've seen worse in terms of Fulfillment and communication, this is nothing if you want a quality item. If all you care about is getting a p.o.s. fast, why wast time scouring kickstarter, try Harbor Freight or fingerhut..

    9. Jams Towers on July 23, 2013

      This is ridiculous. I backed this in February. Summer is halfway over. Just send them out.

    10. Katja Hönow on July 23, 2013

      Hey great! Good news!

    11. andrej on July 23, 2013

      I was just thinking about how I'd like an update last night :)

      Excited to try it out :D

    12. Missing avatar

      adam on July 23, 2013

      haha.... if great PR is stringing along customers/backers and making unkept promises then you have defininatly drummed up a lot of it.

    13. James 6-time creator on July 23, 2013


      I called it fulfillment because for all you Kickstarter folks the manufacturer is assembling your orders, packaging, and addressing them for fulfillment. So as soon as they're done they'll be 'fulfilled'.

      I assure you there is nothing fishy about Luxi. It's a great product and we think it's going to be very popular. You can call me on 415.894.0693 or even stop by the office in Palo Alto, CA and I'd be happy to set your mind at ease.


    14. Rik Cameron
      on July 23, 2013

      If you have started "Fulfillment" like your post 21 days ago said why are they still in production? It seams as this post contradicts what you said in your last post on July 2nd, 2013. Not trying to be a stick in the mud but its starting so to sound fishy.