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Luxi turns your iPhone into an incident light meter.
Luxi turns your iPhone into an incident light meter.
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5,220 backers pledged $120,921 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kaizhen on

      I haven't received the reward yet.... Taiwan :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Shinji Kusuki

      I haven't received it yet... Japan :(

    3. Silverback on

      Hello Luxi developers !
      Any news about the LUXI APP ?
      We heard that there would be a new one build ..... but perhaps i have missed the notice ?
      Kind regards

    4. Missing avatar

      Fernando Garcia on

      I got mine today. Carlstadt, NJ. USA. : )

    5. Missing avatar


      Hi...I haven't received my reward!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lam Ka Ho Calvin on

      I have try to check the measurement with using speedlite, but it seems cannot capture the right measurement when the speedlite flash, it just have no response

    7. Randy Becker on

      I submitted a survey on 4/21/13 confirming my address and is still have not received my Luxi :(

    8. Cesar Augusto Guerios on

      Arrived in Curitiba, Brazil \o/ , just waiting for the official app

    9. Missing avatar

      Junho Bae on

      Arrived in S. Korea Thanks!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Felipe Angel on

      ¿Anybody seen my Luxi around here? because mine is not at home. I miss my luxi.

    11. Missing avatar


      Did not receive mine yet :-( (in Spain)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jay Lamb on

      I live 30 miles south of San Francisco and still haven't received mine yet...

    13. Missing avatar

      Remi on

      Hello James,

      I have not received anything yet. (France)

    14. ilya Bykovsky on

      Arrived in Dmd (Russia). Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Fernando Garcia on

      I haven't received it yet. NJ USA.
      Very disappointed.

    16. Jose Olarte III on

      Got mine (Philippines). Been here since 29 August, but the post office where I live is less-than-efficient. Doing the slippage fix now, and will try it out tomorrow.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Still waiting in MA USA. Why no updates or responses James? Disappointed.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ivan Varyukhin on

      Received in Russia. Thanks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Chan on

      It's been a while, and I still haven't received mine yet. (Delaware, USA)

    20. David J. Pierson on

      Just a head-up that I haven't received mine yet either. (Draper, UT USA)

    21. CK on

      Why mine still haven't arrived after a month? No tracking number is bad!

    22. Missing avatar

      Hiroshi Takami on

      Not yet received in the Japan, has anyone else had one

    23. Eddie on

      Just got mine yesterday (Australia, Perth).
      Quite an interesting product, cheers

    24. Daryl Tebbutt on

      Mine arrived yesterday (UK) works a treat, thanks :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ramzi Bendeck on

      Is it possible to track the Luxi package? It has been two weeks since the all-shipped update and I still haven't gotten mine. Any help would be appreciated.

    26. Han Chengwei on

      Hi I finally received the product! but i may miss out the link for the App. Could you please provide the link at Home page for the project?

    27. Missing avatar

      Matteo Casini on

      Got it today, works great. In the next few days i'll test it in the University of Pisa Light Lab.
      I'll wait to see the final app! Thanks from Italy!

    28. Mauro Monti on

      Hi, some news on international shipping? I have received nothing.... (italy)

    29. Richard Burt on

      Got it 3 days ago, works great. Thanks!

    30. Corey Machado on

      Hey I received mine but I ordered the iPhone 4 version. Anyway I can switch to the iPhone 5 version?????

    31. antimix on

      I got it today.

      - What about to write some documentation or post a video about the correct usage of the APP ?

      I tried it but I am not sure of all the functions, especially the calibration.

      Best Regards

    32. Chris Porter

      Received my Luxi. Pity it is the 4 version despite requesting a change several months ago to the 5....

    33. Missing avatar

      Brett Crockford on

      Still nothing .... And now my phone has moved on and if, and I mean if, the luxi ever appears, it will no longer fit the phone. I am sorry to have backed this idea/company.

    34. Missing avatar

      Murray Wilson on

      Got my little package today down here in Australia, it may have been here for a few days as I could not get to the post office. Downloaded the App and had a quick play and it seems to be very good. Thank you

    35. Missing avatar

      Samuel J. Sillitti on

      I see they have all been shipped, but have yet to receive mine. Any ideas?

    36. Jens Hørup Jensen on

      I just received mine here in Denmark. Fits nice and works great. Thanks.

    37. Missing avatar

      Angelo Duff on

      Great! I got mine today here in SG! Fits perfectly! Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rene S Jensen on

      Got it today, Sweden

    39. John Ko

      Just received mine yesterday in Canada....

      Do you think the iPhone 5 version will work for the new rumored 5S? I hope so but probably not since the specs and placement of the flash is different I think.

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam Lathers on

      Luxi in hand in France. w00t!

    41. Andrej Mosat on

      Hi, good manufacturing quality for first trial, I am satisfied with the integrating half-sphere.

      The app has ADS in it? I suppose, there are no other people using this app apart from us, your friends, your kickstarter buddies, your soulmates!

      Please remove the ads.

      Improvement suggestions:
      1. when attaching Luxi to iPhone, it either covers my phone jack or the power button. This can be made better by clipping from top exclusively. Thicker materials will be needed.
      2. the app: I would like to read the absolute readings in large, nice numbers, similar to your Icon in the app-store.
      3. calibration: how do we calibrate? Please add calibration instructions. I have no exposimeter at home, any shortcuts?
      4. instructions how to attach Luxi to phones would be great, use SketchUp for instance.

    42. Jorge De Silva on

      I just received mine! :)
      The exposures are a little bit underexposed, but after some calibration it gives good results. (the iphone camera will always be the problem here)
      The app UI really sucks, hope to see a better version soon.
      I will do a review soon: Luxi vs a real lightmeter vs Lumu.


    43. Dave Walker

      Mine arrive today in Liverpool, UK.

      It works perfectly. Looks great. I'm more than happy with this.

      Great job James :)

    44. Yoshihiro Hirai on

      I got Lumix in Japan. I will test after this . :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Alphateam on

      Got mine yesterday (France), works great on my iPhone5 Thx

    46. Silverback on

      Got my Luxi today ... hopefully the attachment issue will be solved after a night sleep . Hopefully a good App will soon follow. Thanks ....for me a good first backer project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Enrico Ferraris on

      Back in Town today, I found my Luxi in the mailbox (Italy).
      Not yet tried nor opened, still got my LifeProof on.

    48. Paul Mullen on

      My Luxi arrived in Scotland today. No problems yet. Seems to work well but the app it works with has terrible UI. Will wait to see the final app. Well done on getting your product funded and produced.

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