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Create a fashion statement with bamboo wood headphones and a colorful, threaded cord. Tangle-free with 6 nature inspired styles!

UPDATE - 11/20

THANK YOU ALL so much for the AMAZING support thus far. We are halfway through our campaign for the funding of Jamboo Headphones and we are pushing ourselves and our backers to new limits by setting a NEW goal of $22,000. Based on the super positive feedback and tremendous support you all have shown, this is a goal that we think is 100% attainable with YOUR help!

With only 16 days left, we are setting a new goal to help continue the expansion and development of Jamboo Headphones. The minimum needed to get Jamboo Headphones off the ground is $12,000, and every dollar after that will aid in improving the headphones, the leash, and expanding your eligible rewards. We have already started our last round of sampling and can’t wait to surprise our manufacturer with an even larger order than expected.

If the new goal of $22,000 is reached, we will….

  • Customize the Jamboo leash
  • Design custom packaging for each style headphone to complete the Jamboo experience
  • Add all of the names of our supporters to the Jamboo website in a collage so you will be able to share the success of our Kickstarter campaign forever!
  • Provide the option of a tank top OR t-shirt for girls/guys (if it applies to your reward)

Please keep sharing our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and make sure to add us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with Jamboo Headphones! #StandOutJamOut!

As always, feel free to email us at with any questions, comments or feedback.

- Scooter, Austin, Racha, and Stephanie 

Hello Kickstarter!

We are here for YOUR help in getting Jamboo Headphones up and running.

What Are Jamboo Headphones?

Jamboo Headphones were created to give customers a unique, style-driven choice in the cluttered headphone market. We strive to produce a fashionable, long lasting and inexpensive headphone that won't tangle, will grab people’s attention, and will give off a natural vibe that fits your personality. It's time to inject some individuality into the headphone market with Jamboo Headphones so that you can #StandOutJamOut!

Jamboo Headphones are made with bamboo wood and woven with colorful thread. Our method of weaving makes your headphones beautiful AND tangle-free. After months of research and product development, we have found the highest quality materials and production processes to assure our customers the highest quality headphone. The earpieces, middle connector, and headphone jack on each pair of Jamboo Headphones are handcrafted with pure bamboo wood and our headphones are hand wrapped with a number of different vibrant threads. For the first time, wearing your headphones has become a fashion statement!

Each headphone is styled around a specific nature inspired theme. We have Rasta, Night Sky, Harmony Tree, Sound Wave, Shine, and Blossom. Just like the songs and genres of music that you listen to, each headphone has its own feel. Now you can vibe to the music AND to your headphones.

Why Jamboo headphones?

Have you ever spent 5 minutes trying to untangle your headphones before actually heading out the door, starting your workout, or waiting at the bus stop? When you finally get them in your ears, do you look around and notice that everyone else has the same pair of Apple, Skull Candy, or “Beats by Dre” headphones that you have?

You are not alone! We've always had a hard time finding the right pair of headphones. What we've always wanted is an affordable, durable, stylish pair of tangle-free headphones that we could show off to our friends. Jamboo Headphones and the headphone leash are the answer we've all been waiting for!

Jamboo Headphone Leash:

Each pair of headphones will come with a custom designed headphone leash. Since Jamboo customers stand out when they jam out- we say why stop there! This leash allows easy access and it provides a constant fashion flair while your headphones hang wherever you want! When you put your headphones away simply coil them in a circle and secure it between the two buttons hooked to the carabiner. You can wear it on your belt loop, backpack, yoga bag, purse, and more. Never waste your time digging out your headphones again. With this leash, your Jamboo headphones will always be handy and flashy!

Headphone Construction:

Each headphone will be manufactured with pure bamboo wood. Bamboo is the most eco friendly woody plant on this planet because of its rapid growth and short life span. We have sampled the headphone and cant stop listening to them daily. The sound quality is amazing while giving you a good bass sound with the bamboo encased ear piece. Our manufacturer has a patented mold of the headphone ear piece (shown below) and is awaiting our order.

Headphone Specifications

Frequency response ~ 20Hz-20 KHz
Impedance ~ 16Ω±15%
Drive Unit ~ 6U Mylar, Inner speaker~ Ø10mm
Sensitivity ~ 100±3dB
Rated Input Power ~ 3mW
Cable length – 1.2M
Plug ~ 3.5mm, gold plated
+/- 3dB deviation of two speakers
Use safe and green eco-glue to stick the housing
Oxygen-free copper
3 silicone ear inserts (S,M,L)
Black aluminum housing

Our threading facility has perfected our threading method to hand wrap our headphones. We are awaiting the necessary funds from Jamboo to begin sampling the final shippable product. The thread used will be stronger, smoother, and shinier than regular cotton allowing our thread to stand out and stay put. A special finish will be applied to each cord to ensure the thread color and weave will stay as vibrant as when you first receive your Jamboo Headphone and reduce any fraying.

Our Progress So Far:

  • We have established the bamboo headphone manufacturer, sampled the headphone, and taken care of all the necessary steps required to place our first order.
  • We have another factory in place that will hand thread the headphones and administer two rounds of quality control to ensure that every pair of headphones is perfect! They will then be sent to San Diego.
  • We have a private sourcing company in the US that is helping us every step of the way to ensure the product is of the highest quality for our customers.
  • We have designed the Jamboo Leash and are ready to purchase the first order from the same facility that will be hand threading the headphones.

What We Still Need To Do:

  • Find the correct packaging option for the headphones. Our manufacturer has multiple options to choose from and our private sourcing company will be helping us pick the best one. 
  • Place our first inventory order.
  • Introduce Jamboo Headphones to the world!

What You Will Be Funding:

The funding from Kickstarter will be used for our first round of inventory and manufacturing costs. If our goal is met, the excess money will be used on enhancing the product design and functionality along with better packaging! The extra money will also allow us to provide more headphones for our first order and more styles for you to choose from. 

If you have any questions, send us an email at:

Rewards :

$5 - "Thank You" and a shout out on our Twitter!

$25 - 1 Jamboo Headphone + 1 Leash (Only 50 available)

$30 - 1 Jamboo Headphone + 1 Leash

$50 - 1 Jamboo Headphone + 1 Leash and 1 Special Edition Tank Top

$50 - 2 Jamboo Headphones + 2 Leashes

$70 - 2 Jamboo Headphones + 2 Leashes and 1 Special Edition Tank Top

$150 - 6 Jamboo Headphones (1 in each style) + 6 Leashes and 1 Special Edition Tank Top

$250 - 1 custom Jamboo Headphone + 2 original Jamboo Headphones + 3 Leashes + 1 Special Edition Tank Top (Only 7 Available)

$500 - Help create the next nature inspired headphone for Jamboo and receive 2 pairs + 2 original Jamboo Headphones + 4 Leashes + 1 Special Edition Tank Top! (Only 5 Available)

Special Edition Tank Top

Each Special Edition Tank Top will be available in S, M, L, XL in Men's or Women's.

- Special Thanks to other Jamboo Team Members -

Stephanie Guerre

Stephanie joined the Jamboo team a few months ago as the Marketing and Editorial Director. With a strong public relations background, Stephanie develops marketing strategies, writes all marketing materials and press releases, and oversees all business communications and documents. She presently lives in Chicago and works in project development for a real estate firm. 

Racha Lwali

Racha’s unique artistic persona and Moroccan roots inspired her to co-design the threaded headphone prototype with Austin. Believing in the product from the beginning, Racha dedicated hours of creativity and hard work and was a vital part for Jamboo’s launch. Currently an Aerospace Engineering student at San Diego State University, Racha is also involved with many philanthropic organizations such as Rotary and the Africa Project.

Press / Friends - 



Bored Panda

The Michigan Daily



Blenders Eyewear 

Holy Cool

Unique Daily



Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Throughout our campaign and afterwards, our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We will update you regularly on how our production is going and where we are headed!

We must have the headphones manufactured in one facliity and then have them shipped to another facility where they will be hand woven and packaged. Estimated timing for the completion of the first inventory order is approximately 1 month, but due to the upcoming holidays it may take longer and that is why we have projected a February shipment.

In the unlikely event you have a problem, we are offering a 6 month replacement warranty on all headphones from the day of arrival. The warranty will include any defects in workmanship, function, or materials. Jamboo will replace or repair your headphones at no cost to our supporters! We are not using Kickstarter to make money, but to help fund Jamboo Headphones and create the best product on the market. We want you to know that every dollar raised will be used to enhance our products so you can #StandOutJamOut!


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