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The 2nd Beethoven Comic graphic novel. Not Ludwig, but Alister, a normal 20-something who recently discovered he has telekinesis.

Last year I wrote six comic book issues (which I self-published in one graphic novel) about Alister Vaughn, a normal guy who discovers he has telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind. Alister decides to patrol the streets of West Palm Beach as a crime fighter, and is dubbed "Beethoven" by the media when they find out he enjoys taunting criminals with classical music before he hands them over the police.

Since I did not know an artist I assembled actors and actresses to play the parts of the characters I had created. I then photographed the scenes and digitally altered the photos to make them look less real and more "comic-booky."

Recently, I began filming the second book which follows Alister to a Leviathan Myth concert. In this book we discover Alex Bruder, the lead guitarist for Leviathan Myth has a dark past that has caught up with him as a shadowy figure confronts him after one of his shows.

Along with this book I have recorded a five song album for Leviathan Myth. The plan is to release the book and album together. The money raised will help with the publishing and producing costs of the books and cds.


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