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The Tavoletta™ is a new kind of tablet and e-reader stand designed specifically for when you are lying down.

The Tavoletta™ is a new kind of tablet and e-reader stand designed specifically for when you are lying down. Read More
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John Albano
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John Albano

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About this project

What is Kickstarter?

If you're new to kickstarter, it is a great new way to fund creative projects. You don't just give money, you get something in return. In our case, you would be pre-ordering our product -- so you'll be getting a great value. The Kickstarter FAQ explains it all very well. Please consider helping us bring our product to life.


What is the Tavoletta™?

The Tavoletta™ is a new tablet stand designed specifically for when you are relaxing or lying down. It's perfect for watching movies in bed, reading in your favorite recliner or surfing the web on the couch.

Check out our website for additional photos and information.

Does the world really need another iPad stand?

We think it does. Nearly every one of the iPad stands on the market are designed to hold your tablet up on a flat, stable desk. And that's great when you are using your tablet on a flat, stable desk. We found ourselves wanting to use our iPads more and more AWAY from our desks -- on the couch and in bed. Those stands just don't work in those places.

Using our unique design, the Tavoletta™ will hold your iPad or Kindle straight up-and-down for great viewing, unlike other stands that require your tablet to be tilted back at an angle. And, unlike other stands that rely on perfect balance, the Tavoletta™ is forgiving if you need to, heaven forbid, shift your weight or cough or do any of those other things us humans tend to do that our desks don't. 

What folks are saying so far...

Who are we?

We started out as three guys (John, Craig and Geoff) that normally do other stuff (i.e. write software, build houses, etc). We still do that other stuff, but now we also...

  • meet once a week on the Williams College campus to design and plan
  • make lots of trips to the local fabric store
  • make even more trips to the local hardware store
  • cut wood into shapes that we didn't think were possible
  • argue about colors, texture, gussets and zippers...yikes
  • glue strips of foam together and fill them with sand like a 4th grade science project
  • occasionally super-glue our fingers together
  • know what TPE stands for and what a Durometer scale is
  • can't imagine using our iPads and Kindles without a Tavoletta

When we came up with the idea for the Tavoletta™, we had absolutely no experience with product design or manufacturing at this level. Along the way, we met some really great people that helped us figure things out. Hugh (Meehan Electronics) gave us a crash-course in product design from a manufacturing perspective. Marc (Aero Rubber) and Ed (KTS Associates) pointed us in the right direction for finding the materials we needed. Sue (Touch of Class) is doing the sewing for all of our prototypes and will help us with custom orders. Duncan (Pittsfield Plastics) has been a great help figuring out how to build this thing. Tom (Greenwood Rendering) is helping us to visualize the "finished" product and, we're also talking with the folks at McCann Technical School to see if they can use our manufacturing challenges as an educational experience for their students.

The point is, we've realized that it takes very talented people and a lot of hard work to pull something like this off. We've assembled the very talented people and everyone is working a lot.

Why do we need the money?

To this point, we've invested several months and a couple thousand dollars in the design and prototyping of the Tavoletta™. The next step would be to drop several tens of thousands of dollars on molds and die cutting and minimum orders for the components. Since you'll be getting a great product in exchange for your pledge, it's not really about the money -- it's about finding out if we've created something that people want. We are hoping that the Kickstarter community, through your pledges, will give us the confidence we need to spend the kind of money it will take to bring the Tavoletta™ to life.


  • For starters, we'll support the iPad (1st and 2nd generation) and the Kindle (standard and DX). As other tablets gain popularity, we'll add them to our list.

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  • We wanted our product to look "Italian". Once we achieved that, we thought -- "why not give it an Italian name too?". Now, if google translator hasn't lied to us, Tavoletta is one of the words for "tablet" in Italian. Specifically, it referes to a bar (tablet) of chocolate. Since finding that out, we've started to think that our stand with a nice, rich brown fabric looks quite a bit like a chocolate bar -- but we don't recommend eating it.

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  • You probably noticed in our gallery that there are several different covers. We have been experimenting with many different designs and fabrics (and driving our sewer crazy) but are zeroing in on a final design. We recently stumbled across Joseph Noble fabrics and think they are amazing. So, don't be surprised if that is what your Tavoletta comes wrapped in. That said, if you'd like something unique or something that just fits your personality better, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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    You will receive everything above, with one of our "designer" fabrics -- and you can help us decide what those fabric choices will be.

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    You will get two of everything above -- one for you, one as a gift -- and the Tavoletta™ will make a GREAT gift.

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