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A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
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Secret of the Spacecave: Part II

Antler Boy Progress

Antler Boy is making steady progress. Flatting work is almost done and I have started on finishing up the coloring. Sent the files on to my book designer and he's putting together a rough pass at the interior. And that's where we're at.


I'm dipping my toe into Facebook and made a Jake Parker group page. I'll be posting a lot of the content I post on my blog on there, but it will also be an aggregate of my tweets and instagrams, and other stuff. Basically, it will act as my social media hub. So stop by, and if you like it. :)

Secret of the Spacecave: Part II

Here's the second installment of The Secret of the Spacecave, where the Professor and Crumley become the first men in centuries to set foot in the Genesis Cave!

Hugo Earhart: An Honest Day's Work

Finished roughs on that and starting the inks.

Ok, that's it for today. See you next week.


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    1. Todd Frost on

      Jake isn't it spelled Religion. I had to ask my wife. Spelling was never my thing. It looks great.

    2. Brandon Olson on

      That looks great. Can't wait!

    3. Ria Little on

      Love the panels!! (and I love that i don't notice those little spelling/grammer errors right away like some people - to me seeing all those errors seems like some sort of horribly distracting super power to have :D )

    4. Chris Jackson on

      hey - I was beaten to it. See my comment in the general area for feedback. Glad you can fix it, Jake - and if that pesky apostrophe can go too, that'd be unreal. Thanks.

    5. Jake Parker 3-time creator on

      Woops! I'll have to fix that/ Thanks.

    6. Dinnsdale Piranha

      Hey! It's looking good.

      Minor error: Not sure if it's too late to fix, but in the first panel of the third page, both instances of "lead" should be "led".

      Looking forward to the completed work. =)