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A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
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Antler Boy Status and More Development Art

Antler Boy just crossed $67,500 this morning! Big THANK YOU to all the new backers this week pushing Antler Boy towards 70k. There's only FIVE days left in this campaign so if you know someone who wanted to back but is putting it off shoot them a little reminder that the clock's ticking.

I wanted to update you guys earlier this week, but I got sick, and my wife and kids got sick, so sleep and rest was in order. But I'm 100% now and working away on the book!

Secret of the Spacecave

Here's the latest Secret of the Spacecave pages:

Hugo Earhart
Story 2

The story is written out and I've begun some concept sketching for a new character:

Antler Boy Development Art

Wanted to show you some art from the making of The Antler Boy story. Here's some of the first sketches of the character and me trying to visually figure out what this story could be about. I knew I wanted to do a fairy tale, but wasn't sure exactly how to tell it. All I had was a boy cursed with a set of antlers and he went up against some monster of some kind.

Out of these ideas the story developed into a tale of an encounter with a witch where the boy helps her and return is given "Blessings upon his head" for the grace granted by him that day. I also knew I wanted to push my style with this story so I drew this test panel  to figure that out:

Well, his blessing turns out to be more of a curse, and at it's core the Antler Boy is about how you deal with bad luck. We're all hit with bad stuff in life and I wanted to tell a tale with how to turn those liabilities into good fortune. When the Antler Boy is faced with a giant attacking the city the cursed antlers turn out to be quite the asset as you'll read in the story.

And lastly, here's the process from thumbnail drawings to final art.

Again, please share this with everyone. I got an email from someone yesterday who just discovered Antler Boy. They had not heard anything about it beforehand and were so excited to have found it before the campaign ended. So there's still plenty of people out there that want this book, but don't know about it yet. If anything just send out a link to this update. That should pique some interest.

Ok, that's all for today! Thanks everyone. Bye!


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