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A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
2,043 backers pledged $85,532 to help bring this project to life.

Lucy Nova Development Art and More

Antler Boy is at $57,600 which means we are sooo close to unlocking the new story!

It could even happen today if everyone tells a friend about it. When I made that goal I honestly thought we'd be hitting it at the midnight hour of the campaign. I can't believe there's 13 days left and we are just $2,400 away from hitting the $60,000 mark. Thank you, each of you, for backing this. I've got a great idea for the new story and you'll love it.

I've started drawing the sketches for the $40 and up backers. Going into this I didn't expect to have this many backers pledging at this level. So the task of sketching something for each of you is daunting, but I'm up for it! And today I did the first 16 of them. These will be placed in the book with something not permanent so you can take it out and put it up somewhere without damaging the book, or leave it in there. Up to you.

I originally wanted to draw in each and every book, but if I'm not getting the books back from the printer until September there's no way I'd get these all out to you by the time I said I would.

Almost done with the $250 rewards. Here's a photo of the Professor from the Secret of the Spacecave story:

Lucy Nova Artwork

Wanted to share with you some Lucy drawings and sketches from the years. Below is a couple of pages from her first story:

One of the things I wanted to with the Lucy comics was to infuse them with all the stuff I like about those DK Eyewitness books, with cross sections, diagrams, and little asides about her world. Like when she gets swallowed by a giant alien:

And here's some sketches of her and the creatures in the story:

After I finished the first story I felt like her design was too realistic and I wanted to stylize her a bit. Below you can see her evolving to a more caricatured look.

And lastly this is the first page of her second story. You can see her form is more simplified now.

Ok, that's it for today. You guys rock! Keep spreading the word and getting eyes on this book.


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    1. Teesa on May 4, 2012

      I love these updates, I like seeing your process through each story/characters.
      As far as the sketches, I love the idea of being able to remove it from the book or keep it.

    2. Jake Parker 3-time creator on May 3, 2012

      Patrice - Ooooh, it's tempting, but not a priority right now.

      Suzie & bl0m5t3r - glad you feel that way!

      Graham - Cool! Hope that helps you out. Good luck with it.

      Jordan - Small likelihood. Book is chock full as it is, now it's time to just make it the quality better. Besides I want to save new stories for another book!

      Tom - Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep that in consideration.

    3. Tom Jolly on May 3, 2012

      I don't know about everyone else (of the $40 supporters), but I wouldn't mind waiting a few months past your deadline for the sake of getting the sketch inside the book instead of on a separate sheet of paper. I'm okay either way, but that's just my preference. Thanks for an awesome project, I'm really looking forward to it.

    4. jordan on May 3, 2012

      What's the likelihood that if you reach $70,000, you would do another Lucy Nova or Space Cave story?? We've got almost 1700 Facebook friends we can harass for the fourth time about supporting!

    5. Graham Williams on May 3, 2012

      I love the step showing the evolution from "too realistic" to a "simplified" and "more caricatured" look. I am working on drawing a picture of my son in his baseball uniform and my wife told me last night, "the next thing you should do is a caricature version of him in his baseball uniform". So, this is a great example of the before / after transition, and it would also be a great topic for a web tutorial or online class.

    6. FutureElements on May 3, 2012

      Very cool stuff. This will be a great book.

    7. Jake Parker 3-time creator on May 3, 2012

      Thanks guys, really glad you like the updates.

      Jordan - Yes! Those were clipped from the story.

    8. jordan on May 3, 2012

      Is the above Lucy story (w/ the cool diagrams) in the book?

    9. bl0m5t3r on May 3, 2012

      such amazing updates, they bring a smile to my face every time i open one! keep up the good work and i'm proud to be backing this project. its going to be an amazing book, im very confident in it. GL!

    10. Suzie Q Sailaway on May 3, 2012

      Is it weird that the updates in and of themselves feel like rewards? Eheh. :)

    11. Patrice on May 3, 2012

      Great update! Those sketches looks awesome! I know you have lot of work ahead for you but a second opening for the 250$ tier would be nice! ;)