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A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
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Hugo Earhart Development

Posted by Jake Parker (Creator)

Anter Boy hit $47,000 last night!  On Monday we were at $40k and I announced our stretch goal to reach $6ok by the end of the campaign. Hard to believe that we'd be bumping up against $50k by the weekend! You guys are amazing, and I'm working my hardest to make this book the best ever.

I'm cooking up some new incentives and rewards, so keep an eye out for an announcement next week sometime.

I wanted to share with you some development art for the Hugo Earhart story. First up, a couple finished pages from the story:

This spread shows a bunch of the characters and vehicles that were the most exciting part of the development process. Below are some of the first Hugo drawings. I loved the idea of a boy flying on a mini sperm whale , and wondered where it would go. And if you're going to have a flying whale, you might as well add a flying pig sidekick.

Once I got more comfortable with the designs I decided to do a final piece of them together.

Hugo encounters a Sylph Woman while on his delivery job and is struck with her beauty. The Sylph were the original whale riders and ruler of the skies before the advent of machined flight. Here's some sketches of her.

And if you know me I love my flying machines so figuring these boltships out was a lot of fun. On the bottom is one of the massive capital ships of the of the Green Army.

Thanks for looking at this and please pass this along with your friends.

Actually, speaking of that, I'd like to know how you heard about this project. Was it directly from me? Word of mouth from friend? Social media of some kind? If you heard about it from someone's blog, post a link to it, I'd like to thank that person.



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    1. Diane HB on

      Heard about you on Jason Brubaker's blog and was immediately drawn in by the art.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Mason on

      I was just browsing around on KickStarter. It was one of the few times I have just aimlessly wandered around the site. I told the story of reading the description and deciding to pledge in the comment section.

    3. Shari Bromley on

      Kickstarter email, as well. And just when I told myself I was going to cut back on backing projects, LOL! No worries, love the art.

    4. Paul Dutch on

      Kickstarter email is where I found out Jake.

    5. Wouter F. Goedkoop on

      Hi Jake, I will be totally honest: I had no idea who you were before I stumbled upon a tweet from Jason Brubaker mentioning your kickstarter project! I'm so glad I did and I thought I was late to the party being backer #291, boy was I wrong! You must have built some fan base over the years and judging by your art it's only fair!

      Just wanted to add that I really value your honesty; towards your art and your audience. Your whole attitude is very inspiring and your project is a real credit to what the internet and art can do to get people together. Many thanks and it's going to be hard having to wait to flip the pages of your book!

    6. Missing avatar

      Courtland LaVallee

      I just happened across this while perusing Kickstarter, but I have all the Flight anthologies and love your art and stories, so this was an easy project to support!

    7. Missing avatar

      Amber Nichols on

      You have Kohl to thank for me seeing it on Facebook! He posted it like a week before you did!!! Reposted it myself! I think it's awesome you are finally getting to do this!!

    8. thmazing on


      Did you invent Hugo before or after Whale Rider? Or, in two questions, have you seen Whale Rider and if so was it inspiring?

    9. Sergio Morales on

      Found it on Kickstarter's comics section, just after having backed another project.

    10. Marian De Kleermaeker on

      Same as Patrice and Tom (tho not the mail) it was staff pick and I clicked to see why: now I know!

    11. Bill Gathen on

      Heard about it on Twitter from @skottieyoung, I believe. My son (almost 8) is a huge Missile Mouse fan and is looking forward to another story. I love all your art and am as excited for the Spacecave One bonus as for the book itself. Love love love sketchbooks...

    12. Tom Jolly on

      Ditto; saw it in a Kickstarter email. Wish I could get my project in one of those! Liked your style and the stories, but never read anything from you before.

    13. Patrice on

      Your project was on the main page on Kickstarter so I checked it. Glad I did! ;)

    14. Robert Sulentic on

      Heard about you from Kickstarter in one of their weekly emails.