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A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
A collection of short stories by Jake Parker, beautifully printed with a hard cover binding.
2,043 backers pledged $85,532 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Roman Pfrommer on

      Still waiting in Germany .... but the hope will die as the last

    2. roy cowing on

      Hello, I have received my book a while back and I wanted to thank you and your family for producing this project. This is why I love kickstarter and the creators that are using it to go direct. I hope you go on to produce many more ideas and make it a sustainable business that is profitable to you. I hope that the logistics becomes easier in the future. Are there any printers out there that are catering to this "one and done" model for KS?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      still haven't received my book. i'm in Canada.

    4. Leif Langsdorf on

      My book arrived today in germany.
      But corners and hardcover front are damaged, too. Looks very used...

    5. Missing avatar

      joe hopkins on

      Received my book.few bumps and dents and didn't receive a sketch card with my $40 pledge.disappointed!!

    6. Nicolas on

      Still didn't get my book... Anyone in Belgium that already got the book?

    7. Christopher Fudge on

      Got my book today. Didn't realize it was hardvocer. It's beautiful.

    8. Bruno Guedes on

      My copy arrived yesterday in Brazil! Didn't get to read it yet, but the awesomeness simply exudes from it! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Arneson on

      Just wondering if anyone in Canada has received their books yet, still waiting for mine.

    10. Pierre Blanchet on

      Hi Jake !
      package arrived today, excellent condition :-) the hardcover is awesome, I love the feel of it - beautiful work, very well done indeed ! and the Missile Mouse books are really cool !
      thanks, it was well worth the wait ;)

    11. Smashmode - Bring Back MST3K on

      Got my book last week. It is exactly what you said it would be great!

      Glad this worked out!

    12. Kylie Smith on

      My Book arrived in OZ today - thanks so much - corners mildly damaged but in pretty good nick. The inside looks fab of course!
      Thanks Jake and Alison - well done!

    13. Michael on

      Got my book today. It's nice, but it's pretty dented. All the corners are damaged, some places so bad that the cover is actually torn. Would be lying if I said, I wasn't pretty disappointed about this :( It's a shame, that a great product gets made and succeds through kickstarter and then gets fucked up in the shipping.

    14. Ralph Nicole Lim on

      Got my book today here in the Philippines! Thanks a lot.

    15. Jimmy Stiers on

      Got my book yesterday in Belgium. Sadly, it has been damaged during transport. But only on the outside.
      But thank you, it looks fantastic.

    16. Missing avatar

      Edgar Hoffmann on

      Just got my copy in London, Uk! Thanks a lot jake, looks great!

    17. Kevin Kortekaas on

      Received my package today! Everything looks fantastic and my son has already torn into the Missile Mouse books!


    18. Missing avatar

      Victor Li on

      i love it!! thank you

    19. Matt Fitzwater on

      Showed up on my doorstep; gonna read it tonight. THANKS!

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Burns on

      Really nice book. Thank you.

    21. John P Sanchez on

      Got it today and its Awesome

    22. Missing avatar

      Drew Jackson on

      Beautiful book, my first Kickstarter that delivered exactly what was promised.

    23. Kent Bingham on

      Awesome book. The printing is top notch, the colors beautiful and the whole package is very professional. Yours is the first Kickstarter project I backed and worth the wait.

    24. Missing avatar

      Design Concussion on

      My book showed up today in AZ! Looks good Jake, good job!

    25. Missing avatar

      Sofia Pham on

      Book came in!!! :D I loved reading Missile Mouse. Only problem was that the cover of the book had a large indention on the bottom :( But the sketches are really wonderful!

    26. Gary Simmons on

      Got my book today. You've done a fantastic job, and I love the robot sketch.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dawei Wu on

      Just got my book. LOVE IT! Great care and craft went into the book - quality paper, beautiful cover, great printing. The colors leap off the page. Also, LOVE the postcard sketch! Is it a sketch? It looks amazing! Lucy Nova is quite a babe.

    28. Ryan

      Hi Mr. Parker. Just got my book in the mail today. I absolutely LOVE IT! All of the stories were better than I was expecting. But there's one story in particular that has gotten my attention which is Hugo Earhart. As wacky as a boy running postal missions for an unseen master, while riding a flying whale accompanied by talking pig with wings is... I honestly believe that there is a bigger story there to be explored. I felt that out of all of the stories that one really has the potential to become something much larger than a few short stories and I think that how you feel as well otherwise I don't think you would have left it with such a huge cliff hanger.

      I know you probably have like a gazillion other things to do even after you finish sending out all of the rewards and your next work won't be for a VERY VERY long time. But, like you said in the overview page at the end something about that story just feels right and I would hate to see it not expanded upon

      Anyway, I loved the book, hope all your future endeavors go as well as this one did, and cant wait to see what you do next :) *COUGH* hugo*COUGH*earhart*COUGH*

    29. Pequelord

      Hello, some news about the emai with the survey? about the shipment? I need some info to dont be worry about the dates. Best

    30. Gary Simmons on

      Looks good, can't wait!

    31. Missing avatar

      alexia tryfon on

      Hey Jake! Just got our e-mail. In your e-mail i only had a $40 pledge, but I made two pledges and have a receipt for them but only the $40 pledge seems to show here. Shoot me an e-mail when you have a moment.
      Cheers, Alexia

    32. Jake Parker 3-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      If you forgot to add international shipping you can do that here:

      Alexander - I know, got your email and will get a response out to you today.

      Maarten - Sending thos eout today and I'll make sure the backers get priority over pre-orderers

      Thanks for the comments guys!

    33. Sonny Chee on

      Hey Jake,

      I'm a Canadian backer. How do I check (in Amazon?) that I have pledged the extra $10 for shipping?

    34. alexander menchero on

      It's been 8 months Jake.

    35. Maarten Wolzak on

      @jake, I'm worried, you promised to send out a survey for addresses the end of last month, I haven't received any. Did you send it out?
      And can you please ensure all your backers that you be sending them out to your project backers before you start sending them to your webshop customers?

    36. Pequelord

      @Patrice Thanks for the info! :)

    37. Patrice on

      @Pequelord, they didn't ask for shipping address yet. Jake will send a survey asking for the shipping address to all backers at the end of this month.

    38. Pequelord

      Hello I am about to move and i need to make a change of delivery address of my order. what is the procedure?

    39. Jake Parker 3-time creator on

      End of next month I'll be sending out surveys to get all pertinent info from you.


    40. Pequelord

      Hello, I'm moving next month. How I can make the change of shipping address?


    41. Missing avatar

      Design Concussion on

      Totally excited for this! Hi Jake.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bari Olson on

      Jake, you, your talent, and your family, are some of my MOST favorite things! Keep up the incredible work!

    43. Jake Parker 3-time creator on

      Thanks Chris!

      I'm actually hiring a copy editor to go over the whole book. Trying to make this as professional as possible.

    44. Chris Jackson on

      Hi Jake. You've done a sensational job and must be over the moon with the interest and the resultant increase in quality you've been able to achieve. Please interpret what follows in the understanding that I think you've done an amazing job and I'm really looking forward to giving my kids your book. On the pages today there are a couple of typos which - if you've still got the chance - would be worth fixing up. They are in the long dialog box in which the professor (?) is explaining to Crumley why he has come to the Space Cave. (1) The past participle of 'to lead' is 'led', not 'lead' (appears twice in that dialog box); (2) The word 'its' only ever has an apostrophe if it means 'it is'. Otherwise it never has an apostrophe - so there's an apostrophe to delete in that dialog too. I don't at all mean to be mean-spirited in making these comments, which are fully intended to be constructive. You have done a superb job. Thanks. Chris.

    45. Linda Cartwright on

      Thank you for the awesome & fun updates!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dax Pagan on

      Wow. 549 sketches for the books, 10 drawings in the Agent 44 art books, 18 Missile Mouse drawings, and the twelve original drawings (doubling as the card set)... plus the work on the two new stories... your hands will be tired, for sure.

    47. Pierre Blanchet on

      Best Wishes to the Birthday-Boy,; and keep yer spirits up for those 2043 mailings :-)
      Congrats !

    48. David Miles on

      Wow! I'm honored to have been a part of this! Way to go and Happy Birthday, Jake!

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