Flint and Tinder: Premium Men's Underwear

by Jake Bronstein

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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      I'm already down for two hoodies, but how about stocking some knit boxers? I love the ones I received from this kickstarter, but every time I check the Flint and Tinder site, they are either sold out, or only have Small size in stock (and not even my wife wants to see me shoe-horned into a small). I'm really wishing I had stuck w/ 7 pairs of boxers instead of switching to 3 pairs and 2 t-shirts which I never wear because the crew neck t-shirt has the largest neck hole of any t-shirt I have ever worn.

    2. Erich Cranor

      heh. suddenly I'm interested in the t-shirts. (I resort to v-necks because the feeling of crew collars is often annoying)

    3. Missing avatar

      David on

      If you like a big neck hole in your shirts, you would probably love the flint and tinder t-shirts Erich. They also offer a v-neck, if you prefer that style. Same ridiculously soft cotton as the underwear too.