Flint and Tinder: Premium Men's Underwear

by Jake Bronstein

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      Joel Townsend on

      Awesome news!! Cant wait! Thanks Jake for all the hard work and amazing effort you have put into these pieces of clothing all men need. :)

    2. Peter McAndrew on

      If they don't come with matches I don't want them. Just kidding. It would be nice if you could at least send those of us overseas the matchbook covers, but I'd understand if that's impracticle.

    3. Glen Delossantos on


      I mean no offense, but you look and sound like you've aged quite a bit.

      Just know that your efforts go far beyond just making and running a simple business. You're supporting a movement, an ideal, that all of us share. A movement that's bigger than just one man, one team, one factory.

      This project of yours is a huge undertaking and while some of us have been impatient with you, it's out of excitement to see this project succeed. We are all hoping for the best.

      Congrats on day 1. You've done it.

    4. Brady Dahl on

      Congratulations Jake and Team! Looking forward to the end result and becoming a continuing customer!

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      John Laudun on

      Nicely done. I don't care what anyone says: heartfelt always gets me.

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      Britt Miller on

      Very exciting.
      Here's your free plug to those who understand just how important this project is:

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      Willie Dalton on

      SO psyched for you guys, and the product! Huge respect all around!

    8. Carlos Marchand on

      Congrats ! Thanks and bravo for your courage ! Also big thanks to all at F&T... to the awesome video update as well.

    9. Jasonfive on

      They were forced to eat Robin's minstrels... and there was much rejoicing.

    10. Doug and Cheri Sohn on

      Congratulations! You've reached an incredible milestone, and I agree with Carlos that the video is great, really reinforces your original mission statement. Not so sure about Jasonfive's Monty Python reference, tho...

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      Curtis Richards on

      Out of curiosity, since I am super excited to get my new underwear, what is the plan for shipping order? Is it going to be by date of backing, alphabetical, top down (in pledge amount) or something else? Thanks again for actually doing something about a problem and having pride in the good old USA!!

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      Tuco Valenzuela on

      The real question is...are you wearing the product right now? :) You missed an opportunity for a great modeling exhibition.

    13. Susan Eidbo on

      Jake and team,
      My son will enjoy the "men's basics", but it is your values of pride in work, commitment to quality and responsibility, creating American jobs in America, etc., that I appreciate and set you apart. You and these qualities are what we need in this nation right now. Thank you.

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      bladewasp on

      Way to go! Keep up those high standards!

    15. Patrick Foster on

      Will we be getting shipment notifications?

    16. Wayne Nelson on

      Wooo hoo!!!! Congrats on the progress! I was juste jeust telling some new potential customers about Flint & Tinder today! Lookjing forward to great success Jake and Jess!

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      Jeff Gallagher on

      Great video... I have never been so excited to get a new pair of underwear!

    18. Jeron Richardson on

      I saw the video and just wet my pants...so I hope my new ones will be here soon! Congratz!

    19. robert rathmann on

      Hey Jake,

      Nice job. I'm proud of you. Bob (one of your favorite brother-in-laws)

    20. mjc354 on

      These are the most comfortable damn pair of underpants I've ever worn. As soon as I put them on, I immediately regretted ordering only one pair. and not the 12-pack. Now I'm gonna have to order a bunch online and wait even longer for them to arrive =(

      On the plus side, I'm wearing the most comfortable damn pair of underpants I've ever worn, right now.

    21. Matt Lawson on

      I cant wait to get my under-roo's! Sky-Blue :-)

    22. Mariquel & Gaston on

      I see the next american president here! We are glad we helped building this amazing company and help moving forward to a better future.

    23. Ronnie M on

      @Jake, Mariquel & Gaston - I wish there was some project where Flint and Tinder could collaborate with Hickies. I'm very excited about both projects.

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      Akash on

      My black short boxer briefs arrived today. Best fitting underwear of my life. Worth every dollar.

    25. Ryan Emmons on

      Didn't receive what I ordered. Kinda disappointed. Fit well, but with all the wait? best of luck but try to get better

    26. Ryan Emmons on

      Nevermind haha feel great and it was what i ordered

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      Palpitations on

      I thought I knew what nice underwear were before my package arrived today. I was wrong.

      The 95/5 supima/spandex feels great, the stitching appears to be high quality, the elastic looks like it might outlive me, and the cut on the trunk briefs is perfect.

      My only regret? Only picking up one pair during the Kickstarter. If you maintain this quality going forward, I don't see myself picking up underwear or t-shirts anywhere else. I already plan on ordering another 5 pairs of underwear, and if you add colored t-shirts you can expect another 5-10 orders from me there.

      Keep up the great work! Proud to support American manufacturing, and very glad to get such a high quality product in return!

    28. Jim Brady on

      Simply. Amazing. Underwear.

      Wish I had ordered more... now have to pay full price to get fully stocked up.

      Great Job!

    29. Jeremy Shorr on

      Mine still haven't arrived. Can't wait.

    30. John Burns on

      I cannot wait for my package! I hope it arrives soon! Great job on this project and the creation of an American made product. I look forward to placing my next order.

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      Vernon R Miller on

      My Boxers arrived today. Good job, great quality just what a USA mfg can and should do. Will buy again.

    32. BonusPoints! on

      Wearing mine right now. They are amazing!!!!!!!!

    33. Carlos Marchand on

      Wow! I just received today. So far so good. Going to the laundry first.... Quality looks great. I love the "Made in America" and everything related to. Very happy with my rewards. I love this project which now is a reality. All the best on this amazing initiative.
      Thanks very much!

    34. Adam Teece on

      Wearing mine right now and they are pretty comfy. Glad I got them. We will see how they hold up with a few washes. The style is nice though and I will be seeing how they hold up with a 3 mile run too.

    35. Patrick Foster on

      STILL WAITING!!!! I'm getting super anxious with everyone getting theres....

    36. Missing avatar

      Jason Lancaster on

      Received mine in the mail last week. Wearing a pair today. Hope they hold up well and don't stretch too much!

    37. OrangeCrush on

      I got my 3 pairs last week and I am very happy with the results. I look forward to purchasing many more pairs down the road. That being said, I really wish you guys would update your color selection. I sent you a couple emails on this matter awhile back that gave you some examples of some colors I would love to see. I suggested you go and look at the heathered colors that Prana.com has for some of its men's t-shirt lines. CK has started to make underwear in these types of colors and they sell out very fast. The colors you have chosen are just way too bold for me. Anyways, great job getting everything done! I am legitimately proud that I was a part of this campaign!

    38. Jason Cherun on

      Anyone from Canada get theirs yet? Still nothing here in Toronto.

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      Mario Bertacco on

      I am in California, ordered the 12 pack option, still haven't received.

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      Joe Gassenheimer on

      Still haven't received my 7 pairs yet.

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      Reallyreallypoor on

      Received my V neck and pair of trunk length boxers today!
      Great fit feel and function!!

      ready to buy more!!

    42. Johannes Heine on

      Loving these briefs. Great job!

    43. Micheayl J Ross on

      We love the briefs. Going to order more, NOW!

    44. BART RALL on

      have you mailed mine yet?

    45. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on


      According to our records, your order went out on the 12th and looks to have been recieved at your Clayton MO address on the 22nd. You can see the tracking info here: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking… Is it possible someone else picked 'em up at your house? A loved one perhaps? Let us know via our service@flintandtinderUSA.com address. Thanks!


      We're looking as something similar with you as well. According to FedEx the package was received yesterday: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking…


      Same deal: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking…

      FYI - Sorry for my delay in responding here, but we rarely check-in with the comments on this page. If anyone has anything they need help with, please be sure to use our service@flintandtinderUSA.com address and we'll do our best to get it sorted ASAP. Thanks everyone for your support. We couldn't have gotten even this far without it but we've still got loads of work to do.

    46. Peter McAndrew on

      Jake: I would discourage posting customer information in a public forum like this

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      Todd Bault on

      I have not receive my order yet--any shipping into would be appreciated.

    48. S. Gordon Bram on

      My three trunk briefs are amazingly comfortable and seem to be doing well after a couple washings.

      My only regret now was not having ordered more at the outset and not having opted for the undershirts too...

    49. Chris Stratford on

      My 12 pack arrived today!
      Very comfortable - 10/10!

      Well done to the team!

    50. Chris Stratford on

      By the way I am all the way in Australia and they made it here perfectly.
      I liked the customised postage satchel - nice touch.