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Luxuriously rugged yet refined Premium Men’s Underwear; Sparking a revolution in American Manufacturing the old fashioned way.
Luxuriously rugged yet refined Premium Men’s Underwear; Sparking a revolution in American Manufacturing the old fashioned way.
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    1. John Higley on

      Today I am sadly saying goodbye to a dozen pair of F&T original briefs I received as a Kickstarter reward. They have been in faithful rotation for all these years. All the stitching is still in good shape, the fabric and seams are in tact. They have given up any real sense of support, otherwise I still love ‘em. Something to be said for using the best materials and craftsmanship.
      — Johnjewels

    2. Anthony Greenwood on

      I want those jeans but in a 42x32??!!!

    3. Joao Gabriel Pereira Schutze on


      Thanks. I'm going to send a note.

    4. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on

      @Joao and IED - It's true, we're not really checking comments over here anymore, but having just come across yours, I couldn't help but answer. Yeah, everything including yours, went out months ago. Many many months actually. Sorry to hear that they somehow didn't make it to you though. If you get a second, drop our customer service team a note at and they'll get you sorted out straight away. I'm going to let them know to reach out to you too, but sometimes it's hard to match emails with usernames through Kickstarter. If you both reach out in opposite directions though, hopefully we'll have contact straight away and your underwear to you shortly thereafter. Thanks so much for your support. We couldn't have gotten even this far without it. Thanks!

    5. Joao Gabriel Pereira Schutze on

      IED, did they answer you? I haven't received my order too.

    6. SK on

      I'm afraid I agree with Matt that the new design in a step backwards. I greatly enjoy the 12 I ordered, and the couple others I ordered afterwards when the blue ink color came out. I wish there had been another tier, like a 24 pack, that I could have gone, because that great price and certain design aspects seem like they won't be back. Anyhow. Best of luck. They're still the best option available.

    7. Steve SD on

      Thanks Kyle. I just scrolled down and noticed that they aren't checking this section any more. Thanks for the tip.

    8. Kyle N on

      IED if you haven't heard from them try sending them an email to

    9. Steve SD on

      Is there an email address I can write to if I have an issue that I would rather not bog this comments section down with? Short version: I still haven't received my order.

    10. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on


      Thanks for the kind words, support, and understanding.

      The way me and F+T team like to think of it (and I know it's a subtle point, but it feels like an important one) when I went on Kickstarter I was saying that there should be an America-made option - and we would like to be it - but not that the end customer should have to buy it because it's American-made. This whole thing only really starts to work again when people buy products because the product itself is something that they love. And more of those products start being made here. That's what we're striving for.

      Obviously no one item can please all of the people all of the time, it's part of the reason we're evolving several styles at once (like Levi's has several kinds of jeans). Being as small as we are though, we can't continuously produce them all at once. We will get there though. And we'll be sure to keep you posted along the way.

      Happy holidays to you and yours as well.


    11. Matt Combes on

      Oh, and happy holidays to you and yours as well. :)

    12. Matt Combes on

      I appreciate the reply, Jake. If in fact you aim to continue evolving the style and colors of your underwear, I'll keep an eye out for something that I can work with, although at some point I would hope that you might settle on at least one permanent line, perhaps with an occasional "limited" style rotated in from time to time -- after all, nobody likes to find a product that they really dig and then turn around to see that they can't get it anymore. I understand that as a business, you need to find what sells best and head in that direction. No qualms there. I guess I'd just like to see an opportunity for the underwear we saw when you launched here on Kickstarter to have its day in the sun and see if it's worth keeping around.

      As to the issue of calling this a "cause" ... this Kickstarter was heavily predicated on the idea that Flint & Tinder would be the only company to manufacture quality men's underwear in the USA. This was a major part of its selling point here and currently on your website as well -- and rightly so. Even if it's not F&T's primary motivation as a company, I don't think it's disputable that most people (Americans, anyway) would view trying to bring manufacturing back to America (and the jobs tied to it) as a cause, and a just one at that. This was not the only reason I or others pledged; we of course were also interested in better-looking and better-feeling underwear than what we've been buying. But it was a component that got many of us on board, simply because besides American Apparel, there are no American-based underwear manufacturers. And now that -- to me -- the aspect of "better-looking" is no longer applicable, then F&T is -- again, to me -- just left holding the mantle of America's only premium underwear manufacturer ... that, unfortunately, currently makes underwear that I don't want to buy. Calling F&T a "cause" is not meant as an insult or as a way of saying that this is the only thing you're about. It's a compliment; a recognition of the role you've played in keeping jobs here in America.

      As I've stated before, regardless of whether you guys have my business, I wish you tons of success. I hope that eventually I'll see something I like enough to want to start contributing to that success again. Thanks for listening to the feedback, though. Keep plowing ahead, Jake.

    13. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on


      Like with many companies, colors and styles from our line will come and go from time to time (some will come back, other might not)... most clothing companies do it by season but we can probably move faster than most.

      That said, I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying the 12 you bought and OK with the idea that you might sit this round out. I think we've got a lot of great surprises in store that you're going to love.

      There was one thing you said that I hope you don't really believe - that Flint and Tinder is some kind of cause. Simply put: We want to be your favorite pair of underwear. There's not much too it. We just happen to want to do that from an American manufacturing base is all.

      Hopefully you'll agree that, so far, we've come pretty close to delivering on that promise. And know how much we appreciate your support in helping us to get there. Happy holidays!


    14. Matt Combes on

      I see you've updated your underwear line to version 2.0 ... have to say that while I like the new colors, the fact that you removed all the other colors besides black and white is ... unfortunate. I was a fan of the gray and the green.

      The fact that, rather than give us underwear with high-contrast stitching as you originally presented on this Kickstarter, you instead went further in the opposite direction and removed the only high-contrast element you had left (the fly), and made your underwear look as plain as anybody else's underwear is ... also unfortunate. If I wanted underwear that looked like Hanes, I would buy Hanes. I backed F&T not just because it was to be made in the USA, but because it *looked* different than other underwear ... it had its own style.

      If the feedback surveys you received indicated that less color options and a basic design are what your customers wanted, so be it. Unfortunately, I cannot justify paying over $20 for a pair of underwear that has such limited options, even if it's made in the USA. I'll continue to wear the 12 pairs I pledged for (which do fit and feel great), and if you ever update your line again to include some boxer briefs that actually look like the boxer briefs you presented to us here initially (fashionable, sleek, and sexy), I will be happy to come back as a customer. But until then, Flint & Tinder underwear to me is now, sadly, just a good cause with a bland, boring product. And that's not enough to open my wallet. Best of luck to you.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. SK on

      Wow! The product has barely been out and already there's the new colors I requested (olive and dark blue). Gonna order me a couple of those. Gotta say though, they were a lot more affordable the first time around. i miss that pricing. :(

    17. Missing avatar

      dion on

      I gotta say, I'm a little miffed about not getting my whole order, and then not being able to pick from all of the colours shown on the website for the replacements and THEN having to wait the standard month for shipping, all because of their mismanagement/errors.

      The product quality is nice, but not nice enough to justify the additional expense for mediocre service.

    18. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on


      We're working on international shipping again as we speak and will let you know as soon as we've got it sorted. For some reason though, a huge number of our international orders were getting lost and, well, that's no good for anyone (including the customers we had to make things right with). We will get it fixed though and we will let you know when we do.

      Paul/Kate and anyone else who didn't get their order... Yes, we have sent to all Kickstarter folks at this point. If yours didn't get to you that's not the way we want it and we will make it right. Please contact customer service at ... we've given them the day off for Thanksgiving, but they'll make things right first this in the AM Monday.

      PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer checking this page. Need to reach us for any reason? We want to hear from you, drop us a line at Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chernoff on

      While I'm very happy with the single pair I got through the Kickstarter (backed to try them out, with plans to order more if I was happy with them), I was both very surprised and highly disappointed to find out that Flint and Tinder apparently will not ship outside the US (I'm in Canada) from their main website, despite allowing international orders during the Kickstarter campaign. I understand there was technically no assurance this would be available, but no mention was made anywhere that we would be unable to order from the same places we Kickstarted for later pairs... I'm somewhat left hanging for new pairs at this point, and I'd feel bad having to buy something inferior right after finding such a nice pair of underwear.

      Is there an alternate method for sourcing/ordering pairs that *will* ship to Canada, or is support for this going to be added to the main website in the near future and if so when?

    20. Paul Telford on

      Has everyone received their shipments already? The last update seemed to imply that all the orders were ready to go out. I'm in California and have not heard or seen anything yet.

    21. Lisa G. on

      I wore a pair of my husband's boxer shorts this morning while doing a little cooking and lounging! They're so comfy!

    22. Missing avatar

      dion on

      (And oddly enough I got matches in Canada. Hooray?)

    23. Missing avatar

      dion on

      Evidently there's a bit of an issue in fulfillment. I waited 3 weeks for mine to get to me, only to find 4 of my 6 pairs of undies missing.

      Cute mailer though.

    24. Kate Skarsten on

      I haven't received my order or any confirmation that it shipped or any correspondence asking for a new address or otherwise indicating a problem with the information I provided. Any idea what might have happened?

    25. Peter Platz on

      Received mine, look and fit are perfect.
      Great Job, Jake.
      Assuming no major future fuck-ups, and I really don't expect those :-D, count me in as a customer for life.
      I'll definitely consider any other product you guys will offer in the future.
      Again: Great product. I'm happy, won't bother looking anywhere else for underwear from now on

    26. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on

      Tyler, Erik and Josh, so sorry for the mix-ups! Please feel free to send an email to our Customer Service team at They're great and will surely take care of you in a hurry!

    27. Tyler Blair on

      I just picked up my pairs from the post office, I love them, they are very comfortable and an excellent cut. Only disappointment was I ordered 12 pairs and only 9 came :( Is there a plan to ship more out at a later date? I didn't see anything suggesting that was the case in the package.

      But again great product, can't wait to get the last few pairs.

    28. Joses on

      I've had my underwear for a month or so now. i'm digging them. thanks jake.

    29. Missing avatar

      erik on

      Jake -

      I was supposed to have received a 12 pack, but got a 7 pack instead. Is this a partially finished order, or a mistake? There's nothing on the invoice to suggest more is coming so I'm a bit confused. The pairs I got are very nice though!

    30. Josh Harney on


      I have yet to receive shipping confirmation, or any indication that my product is on the way. What is going on? Mid-November is a far cry from July delivery...

    31. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Jake, I may have missed it, but will you continue to make these? I want more. These came at a good time. Most of my Calvins ready to be thrown out or maybe to become oil rags. These are better than Calvins, except the fit is slightly loose. I wash everything in cold so that might be my fault. Anyway, let us know how to order more. I'm interested!

    32. Thom Watson on

      Oh, one other thing, though this puts me in opposition to some of the other comments I've read here: I love that the boxer briefs aren't aggressively branded and logo'ed. Personally, I hate the modern trend in men's underwear to have the wide waistband covered with the maker's brand name or logo. I bought the black briefs, and I think the contrasting white waistband and fly stitching are sufficiently graphically striking; I'd be less happy with the design of the briefs -- though I would still buy them for the fit, comfort and American manufacturing -- if the waistband had "FLINT & TINDER" embroidered into it.

    33. Thom Watson on

      I've had my boxer briefs for a couple of weeks now, and, wow, they're my favorite underwear I've ever worn. I was one of those who was worried when the size chart changed after the project ended, leaving my waist size in the gap between S and M (though to be fair you were said then that if I weren't happy with the size I'd selected, you'd make it right for me). I take back any criticism I leveled then. The briefs are extremely comfortable, fit perfectly, and look sharp. I will happily replace all my old briefs with Flints & Tenders over time. Nice job, Jake.

    34. Missing avatar

      BillD4 on

      My navy blue briefs were actually more of a cerulean, which I like way more. Thanks!

    35. Daniel on

      Got two shirts and they are wonderful. No briefs though. Seems they are out of my size and color so will have to wait a little longer.. Also no matches in my order with the shirts. Maybe they will send them with my briefs.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mister Bojangles on

      Still nothing, should I be getting concerned or??

    37. Aun Koh on

      Just wanted to say that the boxers I received are simply fantastic. Super comfortable. I am so glad I backed this project. I'll shop this brand in the future!

    38. Missing avatar

      dion on

      Should I be concerned that my package is MIA in Canada? I see Australians and fellow Canadians have received their stuff already & wanna make sure I didn't miss something. (I have the worst postal service ever.)

    39. Missing avatar

      David on

      Anyone know how FesslerUSA closing is going to affect F&T's future?

      That is the company that was producing the underwear isn't it? Sad either way.

    40. Mark Bakalor on

      Never! That's funny, though a bit alarming. Had to look it up to remember where in the world it is. If it's a joke, the joke is on both of us. No idea how that could have come from me. Thanks for your help!

    41. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on

      Mark, weird, we did ship to you in CA, but your address from Kickstarter (where we figured out if matches were OK to send) said Macao. Is it possible you used to live there? Was it a joke of some kind? Oh well, regardless, we'll send you some matches now...

    42. Mark Bakalor on

      Macao? I'm in Los Angeles, California. Seems ground shipping of non-strike anywhere matches is easy...

    43. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on

      Mark, sorry for the confusion, it was mentioned in one of our earlier updates...

      Basically there's no legal way to air-mail matches. Even mailing by ground in the US took a lot of special handling, stickers and approvals. So, when it was all said and done, getting the matches to you in Macao was simply not an option.

      Sorry about that. Hopefully the underwear is all that you hoped it would be though. We really appreciate your support. We couldn't have gotten even this far without it. Thanks.

    44. Mark Bakalor on

      Thankfully I finally received my shipment over the weekend but the were nowhere to be found. What happened to " We’ll throw in several boxes of matches too"?

    45. Jason Cherun on

      I am in no way related to Jake or have any financial gain from giving a false review. The boxer briefs are AMAZING!! Super comfortable, don't ride up when you don't want it to and overall I'm very happy. Currently in my underwear drawer, I have Calvin's, Zegna, Diesel and a few pairs of Ginch Gonch so I'm not comparing my boxer wearing experience to some shitty fruit of the looms. BUT, I do have a few points of criticism. Some people have mentioned about the stitching. I agree, the contrast stitching would have made the look that much better. Another thing, which actually my wife brought up is, they look too plain. I don't need them to be plastered in graphics or a tacky Hilfiger flag on the waist band, but maybe something on the waist band even if it's the just the logo somewhere small. Just needs something. Will I buy more, absolutely!!

    46. Josh McKenzie on

      Ok, crisis averted with the shipping and received my 12 pairs of underwear today (awesome branded packing sleeve by the way).

      So far I've worn a pair of the boxer briefs out tonight and they are so damn comfy that it hurts to write the following....I'm not a fan of the colour change to the stitching at all, down right shattered that this has been changed. As comfy as they may be, they just don't look 'premium' without the high contrast stitch (as per all the images provided & what made me sink my cash into this project) and with no label/brand on the outside to compensate, it looks like I'm wearing something generic from Target (don't know about US Target, but here in Australia it's pretty sub standard).

      Not sure if this has been covered, but what was the reason for this change? Personally I think it gave the underwear character and made them unqiue.

      If you do happen to make a batch that have the high contrast sticth, I'll be happy to purchase more (maybe a little extra discount for us KS crew). Also, no survey email has been sent to me. Would appreciate getting this.


    47. Jake Bronstein 5-time creator on


      I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed and no, I don't take it personally at all. Quite the opposite, I think feedback is going to the key to our rapidly iterating.

      Speaking of which, did you get and fill out the survey we sent on Friday? Your feedback there goes right to our development team and while, most boxer buyers look to have had a different experience with them, it's important that we factor in your thoughts as well in a quantitative way (it asked you to rate some stuff that's going to be hard to surmise from your posting here).

      About the sizing though, you should know F+T is designed to shrink to fit. And, as it was our first time ever making this fabric, it's actually fairly substantial shrink that takes place (8x10 in the body in some cases, meaning the garment will get almost 10% smaller). We took that into account though when cutting the pieces.

      Try opening one, giving ‘em a wash and seeing how they fit first. If you're still unhappy, give us a ring at I'd love to see what we can't do to get it fixed straight away.

      Thanks again for your support, we couldn't have gotten even this far without it.


    48. Missing avatar

      Jason on


      I have to be honest. I'm not really impressed. I received my Classic Boxers and T-shirts over the weekend and I have to say they are pretty sub-standard. Perhaps those that ordered the boxer-briefs and the briefs are happier but if you're using the same stitching process, I'm not sure they will be.

      I'm typically a Calvin Boxer man with one or two pairs of Tommy Hilfiger in the mix (given as gifts) and the Flint & Tinders just don't stack up. Heres stack up here's why:

      1) Stitching. Your process is about 90% accurate. I've got over-stitched seams on all three pairs of boxers indicating your QC is lacking. I'm not wild about your choice of stiching either. Its more of a 'sweat-shirt' bulk machine stitch than a 'premium' underpants stitch. Had been shopping at store, this would have turned me off right away.

      2) Supima Cotton. Time will tell how it holds up. The weave is fine for the t-shirts but as material for boxer shorts, its not ideal. It feels chinsy vice 'premium'.

      3) Boxer Cut, I ordered the XL based on the sizing recommendation and I feel like I'm swimming in them. I love the free-feeling of boxers but with these, I might as well be in a kilt. If your taking feedback, and I hope that you are, I recommend re-evaluating your sizing cuts for larger sizes.

      On the plus side, I'm a big fan of the waistband, I find it very comfortable.

      Anyway, please take this as constructive feedback and not a personal attack.... I think you're onto something here but I don't think you're quite there yet.


    49. OrangeCrush on

      I have now had some time to really put my underwear to the test and all in all I am very happy with the quality. The fit is great and they are amazingly soft. The only thing I cant comment on is how well they hold up over the long haul but given they are made with Supima cotton, I am confident that they will hold up just fine. I will definitely be placing additional orders through the website in the coming weeks and months. Its time to try the t-shirts now. I absolutely LOVE CK's classic crew neck t-shirts. Its the only white t-shirt I have worn the last 15 years running so it will be a bit weird wearing t-shirts from a different brand but I am definitely willing to give them a try.

      All in all I am very proud to have put my support behind this project! Hopefully this is just the beginning for F&T.

    50. Josh McKenzie on

      Just sent an email to the email address given.

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