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Indie City TV takes the magnifying glass on Indie game news and the people who make the games!

Give the internet the web series it deserves! 

IndieCityTV is a web series that will be covering the indie game scene through news, interviews with developers, and of course game demos! The goal of the show is to give developers a platform to speak from and to give people interested in Indie games a one stop shop for all the information they would ever need! Imagine X-Play (one of my biggest inspirations is Adam Sessler) mixed with Conan, but all focused on the world of Independent games!   

IndieCityTV will be a mix of news in the indie world, gameplay demos with or without developers, indie game reviews, interviews with developers and some fun competitions in most episodes like Cards Against Humanity, Towerfall, or Spelunky! Episodes will range from 20-30 minutes in length depending on the guest or the news. Every episode will feature something or someone special! In addition to the weekly episode of IndieCity TV there will also be 2-5 minute news segments uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday! Indie game reviews will be sometimes featured in regular episodes, but other times they will just be uploaded as standalone reviews! My goal is to make a one stop show for all things indie on YouTube! 

The pilot of IndieCityTV has already been shot to give you an example of just what you will be funding! My first guest was developer/Musician Whitaker Trebella who was here to talk to us about his mobile game Pivvot!

 Many know me by my Youtube handle "RedPandaGamer" where for 3 years I have devoted my time to indie games through previews, reviews, and Let's Plays! My real name is Jake, and I am about to finish my final year of college here in the City of Chicago for Television production and editing. My goal is to take my education in production and combine it with my love for indie games to make an awesome program for anyone to enjoy! 

Physical Stuff! 

$35 Awesome Poster designed by IndieMaus! 

$45  Super Cool I <3 Indie City T-Shirt! 

 The show will be aired weekly on the official IndieCityTV YouTube channel. There will also be stand alone game reviews and news sections every few days. (A schedule will be posted around launch!)

For guest inquires please email us at

 I have a strong desire to not only give the internet a more quality produced show, but to give independent developers a place to really show who they are and what they are making! 

Upcoming Guests! 

Hats Productions - Organ Trail and Max Gentleman

Whitaker Trebella - Creator of Polymer and Pivvot

Phil Tibitoski - President of YoungHorses - Octodad

RagTag Studios! - Ray's The Dead 

Sean Hoagan - Anodyne and Even the Ocean 

Aaron Filippo - Race the Sun

Trinket Studios - Color Sheep and an Unannounced Game 

MichaelAlFox - Youtube Personality

(More to come)

The money is going to several things:

  • New Camera  - Panasonic AF100 
  • The Production of 16 Episodes
  • Paying Crew Members (Camera, Lighting, Audio)
  • Set Design 
  • Props
  • Opening Animation
  • Graphics (Lower Thirds, Title Cards, etc)
  • Travel 
  • Rewards!

The amount of $3,500 is the very minimum I would need to make the first season of IndieCityTV, (16 Episodes) BUT! If we can raise more I would love to extend the first season to more episodes! 

$5,000 - 10 More Episodes

$8,000 - 15 More Episodes (More Posters!)

$12,000 -  IndieCityTV Website 

$15,000 - More Coverage! (PAX, IndieCade, LAGameSpace)

$20,000 - Full Second Season Funded! 

If you are curious about more of my work here are a few select videos from RedPandaGamer that I am most proud of!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

A lot of the risk factors that IndieCityTV face are the same that most talk shows or web series face. Guests needing to cancel or not showing up, weather not permitting certain ideas, a skit not working out as well or an episode not being finished on time. A big challenge will be balancing this show with my education or other people's schedules. If school becomes too much of an issue I will put more effort into IndieCity TV the show and less into the actual channel itself (standalone news/reviews will be cut out). I also have people in mind that can take over production incase of emergency. Plus the nice thing about a web series is that I am in complete control of it, so with a lack of strict deadlines and streamlined communication with my viewers, through twitter or messages, I can delay an episode or update the people on how long they may have to wait in a worst case scenario.


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