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Be a part of the "Fitness For All" revolution with a fun, motivational app and the most affordable fitness band in the market. Read more

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Be a part of the "Fitness For All" revolution with a fun, motivational app and the most affordable fitness band in the market.

About this project

So Why Jaha?

I know you are thinking it's just another band.  But keep on reading.

Our co-founder Patrick is a normal fitness enthusiast and an overall gadget lover.  Patrick like most other owned some kind of fitness band such as the Fitbit, Jawbone, Fuelband, etc.  All of these bands had 2 things in common. They are expensive and also included an app that simply did not do much other than throw a bunch of numbers at you. 

That's where the idea of Jaha came to be. We wanted to make sure that everyone could have access to a fitness band without having to overpay. We realized that motivation plays a big factor in how you would use a fitness tracker so what we came up with the "Fitness for All" model.  

Which meant, an ultra affordable fitness band paired with the world's most interactive and motivational fitness app by using three simple steps: Locate, Challenge, and Motivate. 


Looking for a running buddy, or a workout and training partner? You can set your options to allow for GPS auto tracker to meet up with friends at the last minute or locate running partners, spotters, and other people nearby. After your run, you can access a tracking map of all the paths, roads, and locations your feet have tread.

Join and create challenges at your command. Rivalry challenges with teams or individual to find out who really is the Biggest Loser. Imagine going head to head in a virtual fitness competition with celebrities or being able to burn more calories than some professional athletes that day or challenge your own team to collectively reach one goal. With Jaha challenges, you can challenge anyone, anytime!

We know the goal of these trackers is to help you become more active, stay fit, or ultimately lose weight. With the combination of locating fitness partners, challenges, comparing stats, smack board, newsfeeds, one on one messaging, and automated notifications, Jaha makes sure you stay motivated and reach your goal. Of course, you can make yourself private at any time.

Our band is targeted to retail at $29! Surprised? Yes, because allowing you to enjoy fitness tracking affordably is our priority. But that’s not all, we have researched and studied all of flaws of the existing bands out there, creating Jaha to combine the best features, style, comfort, and functions.

Band Features (*Some require Phone)

We also created an open protocol so other band manufacturers can utilize this app as well, and that means the Jaha community will grow faster and stronger with more users, challenges, and motivation.

Create Affordable Wearable Products

We at Jaha believe in the "Fitness for All" model. We wanted to create a band that is accessible to everyone. That is why we have decided to come out with a band at the price point of $29. We want everyone to join and STAY in the fitness revolution.

Current State

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How The Jaha App Works

Mundane apps that are tied to these expensive bands in the market will usually only track numbers that correspond to your daily goals, steps, calories, and sleep pattern. Pretty much, every time you check your app or fitness band, you’ll be greeted with numbers, which could lead to a lack of motivation. Jaha is different because it can…

Locate Workout Partners Nearby

Jaha allows you to find workout partners nearby if say you happen to be traveling and looking for someone to run with or spot you at the gym or simply just to go up against virtually in one of our many challenges.

Challenge Anyone, Anytime

Jaha challenges are different. Rather than using the typical leaders list that most other bands use. We believe offering different types of challenges that involve more than just numbers is very important along with other features such as our smackboard to motivate each other to work harder to reach your individual and team goals. 

We offer 4 types of challenges.

  • Individual Challenge: Challenge 1 user or many users to try to reach the goal before anybody else does.  There are many unique ways of using this.  One unique way is to challenge your personal trainer so he or she can keep an eye on how you are doing before your next session.  Imagine getting a message from your personal trainer telling you to keep up the good work or maybe to push you a little harder to reach your goals.  What better motivation than that?
  • Team Collaboration: In this challenge, individuals can work together to reach one end goal.  This allows users to motivate each other and push each other to reach your step goal or distance goal.
  • Team Challenge: Jaha allows you to join different groups.  Groups can be anywhere from your family group to maybe even a group with your college alumni in it.  Imagine your college vs. another college!   
  • Celebrity/Jaha Official Challenges: These challenges are official Jaha challenges.  We will work with celebrity and athletes to create official Jaha celebrity challenges which puts you against one of the many athletes we will work with.  Imagine beating your favorite sports players over a 2 week period and being able to show the world that you have what it takes.  

Track Movement And Distance 24/7 Via GPS

  • Ever been curious how many steps you take going to work everyday? Jaha can tell you!  Jaha offers a journal which automatically and privately tracks your daily movement 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We show all this data by checking in when you move around and we show you how many steps and distance you have walked between places.  So now you will be able to track exactly how many steps and the distance of say your daily commute

Jaha App Video

's video poster

Open Protocol For Other Band Makers

  • We also wanted to make our app available to other Band makers out there so we can help them enter into the market without the high cost of development.  We did this with the idea that the more choices out there the more people can live a healthier lifestyle.

Why We Are Different

We believe we are different because of the approach we took in creating our product.  Not only did we take the time to alleviate some of the flaws in the other bands, we also focused on the app itself.  We wanted to make sure the experience our users received was an end to end interactive experience not just another good looking band that sits on your wrist with an app that simply crunches numbers.  We want to give our users the motivation to keep going and have fun! 

Product Comparison

 Development Stage

We currently have a working prototype and we are now focused on:

  • Finalizing the electronic schematics for the final product Improving the user experience and UI design 
  • Fine-tuning the user experience of the app 

We will soon begin the process of: 

  • Pilot production 
  • Product certifications 
  • Production tooling 
  • Packaging design

The Brainstorm

This is where it all started.  A small group of us got together early January and started talking and jotting down some information and rough sketches on potentially how we wanted the band to look like.  Luckily we kept these for historical purposes.

Early Sketches and Prototypes

These were some early prototypes our designer created for us.

Mechanical Drawings

The sketches started turning into reality when we started creating mechanical drawings for them.


This was our very first mockup.  You may not be able to tell but this 1st mockup was made with silicon.  We decided that this was not the best material to use as we felt over time the material would give too much so we switched to TPE.

Mockup Prototype

These are the most recent prototypes.  We are still working to perfect the material and should have this completed by early September.

Band and Waterproof Pod

Prototype Boards

Version 1 - This was our very first prototype.  Notice this does not fit on your wrist.

Version 2- We are shrinking the board down day by day.  Currently this is the board we are working with for development.

Version 3 - Version 3 will be the Band prototype.  At this stage the product will be in a wearable format.

Production Plan

This is an overview of our schedule and production plan so all you kickstarters can take a look and see where we are at so you have full confidence if you decide to help fund us!

Supported Hardware

Initially we will release the app for iOS devices first but we are developing the Android app to release in March 2015.  In the meantime you can sync using the USB Dongle to your Mac or PC.  

Why We Need Your Support

Your support is critical to our long term success. We have put our investment into all the necessary parts to make The Jaha Project come to true such as the designs, prototypes and even the tooling.  However we still do need your help in the final stretch.

We will be taking the funds from Kickstarter to move directly into FCC/CE Certification as well as Production.  The timing of Kickstarter will allow us to move smoothly into the production process with no delays.

Elastic Fitness Belt

As part of rewards we are including a sweat resistant neoprene stretchable elastic fitness belt.  This belt holds all the lose items that would be in your pocket when you are doing any kind of physical activity. We are helping keep the items from jumping around in your pocket.


Stretch Goals

About Jaha

Jaha was founded in early 2014 with the vision that fitness is for everyone. From a dedicated fitness enthusiast to a casual gym goer to just someone who wants to get off the couch and move more, our mission is to start a “Fitness For All” revolution. Jaha fitness app combined with an affordable tracker motivates you by providing more function and feedback. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to create an app and that allows you to locate workout partners, challenge anyone at anytime, and stay motivated at all times. 

Meet The Team 

 Join Jaha Social Media for Latest Updates!

Risks and challenges

1) Jaha is currently working on a prototype. Extra care is going into the material used as well as choosing the correct hardware to make sure all of the stats that are generated by you are accurate. We may have to spend extra cost and time to make sure that the band comes out above expectations.

2) Mass production. The combined experience of our team members offers an extensive background in product development and mass production. Yet, in reality, there is always a level uncertainty in large-scale production and scheduling of shipments. In order to lower our risks, we are partnering with very experienced manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in high end consumer electronics products.

3) Timing. Before we can sell our product to the market, we need to obtain the proper certifications such as FCC and CE to meet industry legal requirements. The certification usually take no more then 4 weeks as we will already have applied for it 2 months before our first shipment is set to go out. We do believe we should pass with flying color however, if the product does not pass inspection then there will be another 1-3 month delay while we look at ways to pass federal inspection.

4) The protocol of Bluetooth 4.0 for Android are not entirely standardized, so even with the funding we may only able to develop the app for certain Android devices. It depends very much on the different Android device manufacturers adopting a more developer-friendly Bluetooth 4.0 solution in order for us to develop an stable app. With the funding we will be investing more into our android development team. We will also work closer to the Google community to keep ourselves update with the latest version of Android development platform. We are glad to see Google is making an effort to standardized the Bluetooth 4.0 platform and we can foresee that Bluetooth 4.0 will soon be as common as the regular Bluetooth and Wifi that is available in most of the smart devices

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  • The battery life is 7-10 days depending on how much you use the band.

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  • Yes it is. The band is good for showering and swimming at the surface.

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  • The band tracks
    Steps, Distance, Calories, Sleep, active minutes.

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  • Currently Windows 8 is an idea. We do need to complete iOS, Android and apple health kit before we can start on windows 8.

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