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2 guys, 1 car, and a lot of charm seek what it really means to be a southerner. Is it food, culture, or is it deeper? Read more

Columbia, SC Webseries
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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2012.

2 guys, 1 car, and a lot of charm seek what it really means to be a southerner. Is it food, culture, or is it deeper?

Columbia, SC Webseries
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About this project

First, let's meet the duo...

Will Fortanbary is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina studying Media Arts and Visual Communications. He's a wicked breakdancer, as you can see. His specialties include photography, videography, after effects, sound engineering, video editing, and graphic design. He's kind of a jack of all trades. He's currently working with the up and coming Garnet Report website. More of his work can be seen on his personal web page:

Jacob Carter is a senior at the University of South Carolina graduating in May. He's majoring in Media Arts and minoring in Speech Communication. And best of all, he looks like David Cross. His specialities include photography, videography and post production editing. He's very interested in documentary filmmaking to represent the world around him and is currently working on a documentary on homelessness to be released in April.  Some more of his work can be seen on his Vimeo page:

About the Project...

What could possibly be the best way to describe this project? This project seeks to gain a better understanding of how southeastern culture differs from state to state and also in the end show how they all relate to each other through our final product. This all can summarized by one question: What does it mean to be a southerner?

The identity of our culture is shown in these activities, experiences, and anthropological endeavors that we hope to see city to city. They may be incredibly different but I think we'll also find something that connects all of them. We can't wait to start.

We will travel from Columbia, South Carolina to the border of Mexico and Texas at Alamo. Our cities we'll discover will be Columbia, SC, Atlanta, GA, Mobile, AL, Montgomery, AL, Jackson, MS, New Orleans, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX, Corpus Christi, TX and Alamo, TX. 10 cities in 10 days.

Our end product will be a series of short films and photographs dedicated to manifest what being a southerner means across the southeast. 


Seeing different cultures and what they do is one thing, but actually participating in that culture is what moves and changes us. We'll be filming and photographing each other on camera as we participate in something specific to each city. This could be anything from swamp tours in Louisiana to bull-riding in Texas In the process of filming and editing, we'll be able to show how these connect to demonstrate this idea of southern culture.


Food is awesome. Who doesn't love a hot corn on the cob, or some peach cobbler at a family reunion? Food is different all over the south, and we're going to photograph and video every meal we have. That's about 30 meals, each unique to the location and culture we experience. We're excited for some gumbo in Baton Rouge, and some fried steak in Houston. It'll come together as a video with similar framing and photography direction to connect all the meals we eat.


This one is what we're most excited about. Everyone has a story and everyone will have a definition of what it means to be a southerner. We're looking to interview a handful of people in each city in order to find out their history with the city how it's shaped their culture identity. We will have a compiled video showing the simple definition each person has. However, for our $40 backer and above, you will have access to the full video and photo stories of each individual we interview.

These short films and photographs will be placed on a website for all to see. Here's another fun thing. Before we put them up on a website, you'll have the chance to see them at a viewing party. It'll be exclusive to those who donate, and you'll hear and see some things that we won't show on the website. We'll have food, drinks, and a Q & A with the creators. A sure fun time.

So here comes the big question: What do we need the money for? 

We put together the math like this: Gas + Food + Lodging + Miscellaneous costs for the trip + website costs = about $1800. It's a lot of money and we can't get it together all on our own. We have total faith that you can help us get it done. We've got some awesome incentives on the right, where you'll have a chance to be a part of what we're doing.

In Conclusion...

We're about to embark on a crazy adventure full of a ton of twists and turns when we try to discover these cultures. It's something neither one of us have ever tried and we're excited to embrace these different ways of living and learn more about the rest of the southeast. We are excited to connect these places together into a fun, interesting story that lets us see southern culture in a whole different way. It's time to get back to our southern routes.


  • Primarily, yes. We may stop in smaller cities along the way in order to eat and fill up. Otherwise most or our time will be spent in these 10 cities. There is a possibility for more cities if we get funded enough beyond our goal.

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    An invitation to the viewing party. Food, drinks, and a ton of fun! We'll view the three videos we created, we'll have a Q&A with the creators, and we'll have a prize drawing with some stuff from the trips. You'll receive an invite via email with the time and location.

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    All of the above + credit on the site as a gold backer + a Garnet Life sticker.

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    All of the above + credit as a platinum backer + a postcard randomly from one of the ten cities we visit.

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    All of the above + credit as a diamond sponsor in one of our videos and a special password protected link to behind the scenes videos on the Southern Routes website.

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    All of the above + a DVD copy of the three videos + dinner with Will and Jacob! Yum, yum.

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