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TGT wallets are constructed of soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic.  Order one at
TGT wallets are constructed of premium, ultra-soft, vegetable tanned lambskin and custom designed elastic.  Order one at
TGT wallets are constructed of premium, ultra-soft, vegetable tanned lambskin and custom designed elastic. Order one at
7,521 backers pledged $317,424 to help bring this project to life.


Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for all of you!! I'm going to let you get back to your stuffing, but first I wanted to reach out because there are only four days left of the one of the best experiences of my life. I've got three different factories working on the wallets in New York and New Jersey. There are 5,000 yards of elastic in my apartment right now, and 7,000 tiny TGT labels sitting next to my computer. I've got my man in PA working on 10,000 packages. I've got a team prepared to take order info for 6,500+ people, create packages for you, and fire them out. It's so important to me to get these wallets to you quickly, so I'm doing everything I can to make that happen. I'm working on a Christmas miracle!!  Thank you again!!!       

      As grateful as ever,


PS.  Be sure to check out the new reward levels for the RPJ 2.0, and the Limited Edition leather TGTs before the project closes in case you want the new ones (you can freely edit your pledge and reward at any time). =)


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    1. Shehbaz Afzal on

      Really looking forward to getting my TGT, will make cycling in jeans a lot more comfortable i'm sure.

      All the best

    2. Daniel Suranyi on

      Hi @Jack,

      cool beans, I can't wait until I have my first TGT in my hands... And might even be in time for Xmas, who knows :)
      I am on the $130 reward Level, would the free choices there also include the limited edition Versions?


    3. Jack Sutter Creator on

      @Casey, yup. You will get them all at once. @Marcelo, I send you a survey to get your order info when the project closes, and I expect to ship on December 18th-ish. @Arbor, great luck on your project! @Jonathan, that is tricky, because Kickstarter doesn't let you pledge twice. Others have suggested making two accounts to make two different pledges, and you can use the same Amazon account for both. I know it's a pain, but I'm not sure of another way. @Renyo, no just choose the $32 option if you want pure black leather.

    4. Missing avatar

      Casey Colp on

      I pledged $130 I was just wondering if I would get all wallets at once?

    5. Marcelo Eden on

      I Pledged $45, how do I choose the models I that I want? And when it is going to be shipped?

    6. Brett Karpowicz on

      @Arbor, best of luck in your campaign, but should you really be putting a link to your project on other people's pages?

    7. Pasquale Esposito on

      Hi Jack, Awesome job so far! I can't wait to RPJ 2.0 !!!!!!!!

    8. Jonathan King on

      Hey Jack,

      Awesome job so far! What is the best way to get a LE Stone 2.0 plus one of the other TGT's as the reward level for a Stone is by itself. Sorry if it has already been answered, i did have a quick look.

    9. Renwick on

      So if I want the stone 2.0 with black leather not the diamond cut leather, I select the $42 option?

    10. Arbor Cube on

      Thanks Man! Great concept I loved it at first sight. We're on Kickstarter now and hoping for the same type of support that you've received! Congrats!!!! I can't wait to rock mine.
      ; ) Keep it TGT!

      Best Wishes!


      BTW, check out our campaign, and hopefully send some fans our way ; )…