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Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. was created to offer the world a better drink.
Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. was created to offer the world a better drink.
68 backers pledged $3,811 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michelle Platt on May 16, 2012

      "Kickstarter is a fine website for people and organizations who actually commit to the rewards they offer for your money. Jack Rudy Cocktail Company hasn't given any rewards out to the 68 backers of their $3,811 to help start their company. They have been reaping the benefits by being written up in magazines, newspapers, and being offered in some fancy cocktail bars. I'm sure their product is good but, they are the worst at business." I posted this to my facebook and I tagged Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., Eatocracy, Zester Daily, David Wondrich, Remedy Quarterly, Saveur magazine, Post Prohibition, and Home Speakeasy.

      Please start making a big deal about this, they are reaping the benefits that we afforded them.

      I also posted this on an image they have on their facebook page.
      "Do you have a coupon code for your kickstarter supporters? We seem to be left out in the cold without a nice beverage. I know I donated $50 and was expecting all those wonderful things promised but, I will take just a bottle of tonic."

    2. Jason Jilg on October 15, 2011

      I started an investment company right out of high school with a couple of friends. Nothing major, we just bought stocks together to start with. Then we invested in local companies we believed in, and our company grew as a result of our shared passion and interest with those we invested in. That shared partnership has allowed me many new options in life. To me Kickstarter and this project was kind of the same thing.

      With that said I also have done enough investment deals to know when I am being blowen off and the other side will not hold up their end of the deal. Seems you have more important things to do then remain in in conact with your supporters, and hold up your end of the bargin. 1 update in over 7 months. Not the effort your sales pitch for the project would have me to believe. Brooks, I have followed your progess on FB and see you are doing great things with Jack Ruby. You also know that several of my friend have be able to try you product (as I told them to when they traveled), but your supporters have not enjoyed the same.

      I hope you enjoyed my $50 and at least got something good with it. Regards, Very Disappointed

    3. Jason Jilg on September 7, 2011

      Any updates, or we you stand on getting out awards?

    4. Beth Niblock on July 18, 2011

      Hey Guys--I think its time for update #4

    5. Jason Jilg on July 5, 2011

      Hey guys, just had a friend say he tried your stuff and loved it!! Just wondering when the Kickstarter backers get ours???

    6. Missing avatar

      Amber Hultgren on February 20, 2011

      Yay I'm so excited you reached your goal and Charleston will get to fully experience the awesomeness you guys produce!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lisa Moerchen on February 18, 2011

      Brooks & Matt- We are super excited about Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., you have an incredible product! Please let us know how we can help moving forward. Congratulations!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Barbara Jones on February 18, 2011

      Way to go Brooks. I wish the best in this new venture. I am sure you will do well

    9. William Burt on February 17, 2011

      You guys rock. Congratulations on moving your vision forward. Keep us posted!

    10. William Burt on January 21, 2011

      Innovation and entrepreneurialship at work. Congrats on a great start!