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A story-focused futuristic sci-fi heist RPG where the crew's successes can be used against them.
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The cosmos can be a brutal and unforgiving place. Take what you can and hope that the karmic backlash ain't too much to fret over.

Welcome to an interplanetary sci-fi setting where morally-flexible space rogues take on a variety of legal, extralegal, and illegal jobs. When the authorities can't catch you, karma might. The galactic scales will eventually balance out and no one can keep flying forever.

Antimatter is a rules-light role-playing game where characters don't have successes and failures. They have successes and antisuccesses. But just as the creation of matter results in antimatter, successes beget antisuccesses and vice-versa.

What Does That Mean?

A pool of outstanding successes and antisuccesses builds up throughout a mission. When a player gains a success, an antisuccess is added to the pool, and vice versa. Once the mission is complete, successes in the pool are resolved as post-mission positive effects (gaining a new ally, for instance). Antisuccesses in the pool are resolved as post-mission negative effects (losing the money gained along the way, for instance). 

The Core Mechanic

Antimatter uses one of two resolution systems. If a character is good at something, they simply decide whether the result of a check is a success or antisuccess. When they aren't good at something, the flip of a coin decides the results.

If you'd like to check out the system in depth right now, you can do so right here!

Here's what a character might look like...

What You Get

This is a one-tier, two-rewards campaign. All backers at $5 or more will receive a copy of the final, digital PDF (along with a printer-friendly version) and will get to have a space captain name of their choice included in a special thanks & space captain name generating section of the game.  Space captain names are subject to approval and a submission deadline.

The final PDF will include:

  • Approximately 30-40 pages of content.
  • All the essentials for creating characters and running the game.
  • Six character types (Captain, Pilot, Medic, Mercenary, Engineer, and Auxiliary) and four specialties in each type.
  • Details on an introductory science fiction setting and the metropolis-class space freighter Neo Vegas.
  • The ability to rob the Black Hole Cartel blind in the mission Neo Vegas or Bust. 
  • A space captain name generator (and special thanks section).


All the text is done and a variety of free-for-commercial-use art (including what you can see here) has already been collected. The whole project is just a few edits and a clean design away from completion. Depending on the success (or antisuccess) of this campaign, a couple art commissions may be an option, but I already know who to go to for those.

As soon as the campaign is complete, I will share the most up to date draft with all backers so you can run the game immediately. The final PDF will likely be ready in about 6-8 weeks.

Stretch Goals

$500 - A random character generator complete with hair styles, outfits, outstanding debts, aspirations, and tattoos!

$2,000 - A professional graphic design layout with all the gritty retro-futuristic glamour I can get someone to squeeze into the dang thing.

About the Author

I'm Jack Rosetree and I am a pretty fairy princess that is good at jumping, archery, chivalry, and knot-tying.  I'm a writer and editor with a passion for gaming and game design in all its forms. This is my latest in a series of rules-light, digital-only RPGs.

Risks and challenges

The text is done. It just needs a little tender loving care from a design standpoint. The largest post-campaign commitment is the writing and designing for the special thanks section. In the event of something catastrophic, you'll already have a draft of the game which is fully playable.

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