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Swiss Movement. 20 ATM. Bi-Directional Compass Bezel. Sapphire Crystal. Jack Mason sails into new territory.
Swiss Movement. 20 ATM. Bi-Directional Compass Bezel. Sapphire Crystal. Jack Mason sails into new territory.
163 backers pledged $43,893 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Stewart on

      Woo hoo! Not often I win something, and that pilot watch is a real looker. Super excited to see both it and the regatta on wrist. Thanks Jack Mason.

    2. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hi guys,

      Sorry about the replay - we're not sure what happened with that. Looks like we'll just post the winners here! Drumroll.....

      The 001 winner was Roch Dold - congratulations! As for the other watches that we raffled off, Christopher Stewart was the winner of our A101 and Jeff Suon was the winner of our N102. We will be sure to send those over with your Regatta Timers in December.

      Backer surveys have been sent out, so be sure to fill those out in the coming months. We have officially placed the order - can't wait until December! We'll keep everyone posted on updates.

    3. Missing avatar

      alex gerasimov on

      @mbofie most of the watches in the world are made in the same factory.. this watch is more about design. And unique regatta movement which is Swiss. Unlike seiko and orient it has sapphire crystal and Swiss movement. It will be much robust than what you have. Jack Mason brand will provide warranty for any manufacture defect so I think you are safe here

    4. Tareq Sattar on

      Hmm...I am also unable to watch the replay for the raffle. Just shows a black screen...

    5. Missing avatar

      mbofie on

      I am happy to be a backer for this watch, i am new to horology and kickstarter. This is my first time to back a product on Kickstarter and i hope it will be enjoyable. However, buyer's remorse (cognitive dissonance) has kicked in, and i am not sure whether it was the right decision. I currently have the Seiko SKX009K and the Orient Bambino in my small watch collection (if i can call it a collection :-)) and would appreciate it if those that are in possession of a JM product can assure me that their products at least have comparable quality to what i have at the moment. Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Wes Collins on

      Is something wrong with the 001 raffle video as it will not replay?

    7. Derek Bressler on

      Will we be getting an update now that you guys have been funded for a while and the campaign is over?

    8. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hi Derek! No worries, we're happy to help. The edition numbers will be issued in order of backer number from 002-050 for the Early Birds (001 will be chosen at random out of the Early birds). Edition numbers 051 and on will be issued by backer number for all other pledge categories. As far as the extra colorway, we unfortunately will not be able to add any additional charges after the funding is finished. However, much like our last kickstarter this watch will be released in other colorways soon after the launch at the end of this year.

      Hi Ashley, We're sad to see you go! There should be an option on the main project page to manage your pledge. Within that you should have the option to cancel. If you have any other problems, we'd recommend reaching out to Kickstarter support.

      Hope this all helps!
      Colin and the JM Team

    9. Missing avatar

      Ashley Yang on

      How to cance my pledge?

    10. Derek Bressler on

      Sorry for all the questions but I’ve got another. For the Early Bird numbering of the box set, will the numbers be randomized?

      Also - if $60k isn’t reached, is there any possibility of doing the second color-way anyway (at an additional cost to us) via the survey?

    11. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hey Derek! That difference also includes the specially designed box and booklet in addition to watch and 3 strap attachments.

    12. Derek Bressler on

      I changed my pledge to your new Box Set Offer ($350) but just to be clear are you valuing the bracelet at $100? That seems extremely high, but that is the price difference between the Rubber + Leather Pledge tier and the Box Set Tier.

    13. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hi Derek! We completely understand your concern. We have a few pledge levels that have no backer limit (Full box set, bracelet +rubber strap, and rubber strap + leather strap) We are also able to open some of the single strap categories up to more backers if it becomes necessary. As long as pledge adjustments are made before the project ends we can guarantee you will get the strap attachment you choose. Beyond that we will do our best on a case by case basis to make sure everyone is happy with their choice!

    14. Derek Bressler on

      If the second colorway stretch goal is reached, how if at all will you allow backers to potentially adjust their selections of straps (since they may wish to adjust accordingly if they feel for example that the bracelet they didn't want in silver would be ideal in rose gold or regular gold).

    15. Missing avatar

      dewey le on

      Is this automatic?

    16. Missing avatar

      ERIC TANG on

      I understand some costs are unavoidable, but if they are mainly allocated to overseas customers, it is obviously unfavorable to them.
      So as one of overseas customers, I decided to unpledge the early bird quota. This is a very difficult decision because the design is really attractive. I also hope that anyone who loves this watch can join the early bird and feel happy.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brett MacHugh on

      Kind of happy an early bird unpledged, gave me the chance of number 1!

    18. Missing avatar

      Rob Lisowski on

      Cancelling my pledge as no reply to my previous message about shipping costs and what you would do to help backers with regards to import duties. As much as I love my other Jack Mason watch, the additional costs make this a lot more expensive.

    19. Danny Chung

      @Thomas Campbell
      I can’t trust creator using this type of pricing tricks.

    20. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hey emmanuel - The rubber strap fits wrist circumferences from 155mm - 210mm.
      The bracelet fits wrist circumferences from 145mm - 210mm.

    21. Missing avatar

      emmanuel bro on

      Hi. How is the lenght of the bracelet and of the rubber strap please ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Parker Williams on

      Got me again Jack Mason! Got me again.

    23. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      The book includes a look into the history of regatta racing and the regatta timer, instructions for operating your watch in a race situation, a look into our design process, some reference material on useful sailing skills, and some of our favorite product shots of the watch.

    24. zephyrsaidwhat

      In the box set, what are the contents of the book included? Is it a branded journal, or a book with photos and information about the product/company?

    25. Missing avatar

      Rob Lisowski on

      @Creator. The last campaign you did charge $50 for shipping. Bear in mind that people outside the US like myself will incur customs and duties on this item. There is a means of reducing the costs or us not paying them if you put these down as samples or promotional items due to us investing in this. That way I'm sure that people would not mind paying the $75 if they had no further costs to pay

    26. zephyrsaidwhat

      I’d expect a Kickstarter watch to be automatic at this price point, based on others I’ve backed here. Currently wearing the Tangramatic Nereid Pacific & it’s my usual everyday wear.

    27. Thomas Campbell on

      @Daniel Chng
      if it was an automatic chrono, what price would you be willing or expecting to pay?

    28. Daniel Chng

      Great design and aesthetic... would love to see an automatic chrono of this in the future

    29. Thomas Campbell on

      You state "regards to international ensure that all of our costs are covered ....such as repairs, misdirected packages, etc. "

      So international backers are covering the costs of defective watches, improperly shipped packaged and other costs.

      How does this seem fair? I feel that will push many people away from this beautiful watch.

    30. Martin Design Watches on

      I agree with comments here, that shipping cost is quite high and I am worry it will put many potential backers off. Its a beautiful design with perfectly chosen components of the yacht style. Its very few marine style watches on KS, so I hope your project will reach the target.

    31. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      Yes I agree shipping is extremely high for a compact package. I backed the HalfBike II (yes a bike!!) with shipping the same...

    32. Missing avatar

      William Le on

      Excuse me for my ignorance, but how does this yacht timer work? is it just a normal chronograph?

    33. Mike Clark

      If we are not going to do a special countdown show for the finale and award serial number 1 as a prize (like the JM-D103 that is proudly sitting on my wrist right now) I would love to get #1 as Backer #1, but I'm in the first 50 so all is good.

    34. Missing avatar

      emmanuel bro on

      Hi. Is it possible to get the last number of this 300 serie ?

    35. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      The manufacturer quotes the battery life around 3 years, depending on how often you're using the countdown and timing functions.

    36. zephyrsaidwhat

      what's the battery life projection of this model? I'm an oddity that typically runs down batteries exponentially faster than the usual battery life, so have mainly switched to mechanical/automatic watches but since this is a local company (I'm in Flower Mound) and such a gorgeous design, I'll make the exception :-) Just want to have in mind how often I'll have to get the battery replaced. Also on that note, any future plans for a mechanical/automatic movement?

    37. Missing avatar

      江毓儂 on

      Shipping fees is so high! Too high! This project will be successful or unsuccessful the shipping is a point

    38. Jack Mason 2-time creator on

      Hi guys,

      Just wanted to address a few of the questions that have come up. The movement is ISASWISS Cal. 8270B. It is a Swiss made quartz movement with a yacht timer function. All of these details have been added onto our page.

      In regards to international shipping -- based on our past experience with Kickstarter, we want to ensure that all of our costs are covered as well as incidental costs that could arise, such as repairs, misdirected packages, etc. All of these costs would be covered by this shipping fee.

    39. SK

      If there's no reduced and reasonable international shipping fee, I'm gonna cancel my pledge eventually.

    40. zephyrsaidwhat

      Curious on the movement as well, is this a battery operated movement or mechanical?

    41. CTGd


    42. Paul McMaster

      Agreed Shipping $75 to Spain is OTT.
      Usually no more than half that.
      I feel this may put quite a few off this great watch.

    43. CTGd


    44. Missing avatar


      Plz reconsider

    45. Missing avatar


      I agree the international shipping charges are way too high. I hv backed 08 watch projects but this is the most expensive shipping charge I hv paid .

    46. SK

      International shipping costs are high. The shipping cost needs to be re-considered.