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$871 pledged of $6,000 goal
By Jack Lawrence
$871 pledged of $6,000 goal

Trying New Tactics

Hello, everyone. Jack & Jewelz here with your latest update. The video below pretty much says it all, but to sum up, here's a few points...

Everybody who has donated, we love you, and thank you. However, with just $140 tallied up, and a $6000 goal at the end of the next 21 days, we're thinking of some new strategies for this campaign.

The first of which is an elaborate hoax we've devised. Via our facebook page we are running a contest, with it's own prizes. We created a website called with emergency information about a spreading viral epidemic. 

Nerve-flu, or neurological influenza, is actually the disease from within our film that caused the mass hysteria that led to the collapse of modern society. A disease which ended up being a lie and never really existing.

So, like in our film, we are recruiting our fans and followers to help us spread the rumor of this deadly outbreak. However, we aren't out to cause a mass panic.. just seeking some publicity. Navigating the website will quickly reveal the hoax and lead to information about our film and our Kickstarter campaign.

The primary objective in the contest is distributing "Outbreak" flyers, with the person who sends us the most creative photo or video of themselves placing around flyers and promoting this rumor, winning a poster & a t-shirt.

You can view the main contest page here:

Basically guys, it's time for us to get creative and start really thinking outside of the box if we have hopes of completing this fundraiser successfully.

Additionally, if anyone would like to help us send promotion of this campaign into overdrive, here is a download of our complete press/media kit: (Right Click > "Save Link As")

The kit has everything you could need to help promote us, including high-resolution photos, our press release, film info, bios, and web-banners.

As always, thank you for your pledges and for all your help. Keep spreading the word!

It's not over til' it's over!


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